Where do you do your groceries?

Ultimo Orange Supermarket 

“It’s OK because it’s really close-by, and it’s cheaper than all those convenience stores. Sometimes they have cheap boc-choy and mushrooms, but mostly the produce isn’t good, and it doesn’t stock the things I need.”

Sydney Fish Markets

“It’s funny, I live in Ultimo but I never think to go here. Maybe if the entrance was more inviting for people on foot, I might remember to buy fish more often." 

Paddy’s Markets

"Well, it’s definitely the cheapest place to get produce. Also the most fun. The plastic bags bug me though – it’s hard not to leave without 10 plastic bags that you said no to, but somehow ended up with anyway." 

Coles World Square

"Sometimes I stop by on the way home from the city. I try not to shop at Woolworths or Coles but sometimes it’s the only way. Carrying shopping bags from the city to Ultimo is pretty exhausting though.”

IGA Haymarket

“This place is crowded and hard to find things in. Don’t go there for the produce, but you can get some good stuff if you’re into Asian groceries. And the homewares are cheap –  Chinese crockery, woks, pans, mortar & pestles, all that.”

Broadway Shopping Centre

“This is the most obvious option for me – free parking, lots of different stores… but Harris Farm’s delights are sending me bankrupt, and I regularly get disoriented and confused in the car-park maze. If I walk there … it’s a mean uphill journey, with heavy green bags, back into Ultimo.”

IGA Pyrmont

“I never go here! But I really should. I guess it’s a bit of a trek back into Ultimo, but I bet is has better produce than the IGA in Haymarket. It looks big.”

Pyrmont Farmers Markets

“I wish I got up early enough to remember to go down there…”

This beautiful pic was taken by @simonfoodfavourites
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Wenty Park Games - PYRMONT ULTIMO WINS 2011 CUP!

For four years running, the power duo of Glebe + Forrest-Lodge has taken out the Wenty Park Gumboot Cup at the Wentworth Park Games.

The Wentworth Park Games is a local sporting championship; a hotbed of inter-suburb rivalry. The competition is based upon points accrued from activities such as wine glass racing, gumboot throwing, forcing small children into uncomfortable feats of tug-of-war, dog intelligence tests, and, most importantly, the mongrel dog races on the Wentworth Park greyhound racetrack.

So last Sunday (16 October) Ultimo, Pyrmont, Forrest Lodge and Glebe locals had the opportunity to race their pet dogs on a real live dog racing track, as they do once a year in October.

All out hilarity ensued. 

But the BIG NEWS is …  

Although Glebe + Forrest Lodge performed admirably throughout the day and achieved about 1039 points (or something like that) …

PYRMONT ULTIMO STOLE THE SHOW and WON the event with a kick-ass score of 1065 points!

There was lots of whooping and whistling and inappropriate swearing from the stands, the loudest and most obnoxious coming from a large Penultimo crew.

Jamie Goatweed Parker MP gave out the prizes to the fastest dogs, and to the best suburb ever.
The MC kept calling him Damien, it was awesome. 

And, wow… it was such bloody good weather. We couldn’t have asked for better. The sausages ran out for a while, and then so did the bread, but the cake stall kept on going strong. The event was even complete with an irritating (possibly self-appointed) MC who really, really shouldn’t have been put anywhere near a microphone. It was perfect.  

Here are some happy snaps from the day. 

The Race Master, getting ready to start the heats.

Emergency ice-cream, on call all day.

Serious discussions to be had about the vintage midget speedcars

As tends to be the pattern in these matters, most owners took after their dogs.
We mean that in the nicest possible way.

Originally we had high hopes for the Ultimo pooch, Oscar, third from the right. He trained hard, and his owners had him prepped and revved up to run. As can happen in these mass sporting events, the crowds can get rowdy and disruptive, and Oscar was more interested in barking at the dogs behind him, than actually running.

As you can see, in the “Mini” category, Oscar was hardly alone. Few made the distance.

As predicted, the “Maxi” dogs were faster.

Mostly too fast for our amateur photography skills.

Sometimes they ran in the opposite direction.

This sort of chaos generally produced odd looking human-dog collisions.

But everyone survived unscathed, as far as we know anyway.

Oh! And last weekend Penultimo was also celebrating its first birthday, so after the Wentworth Park shenanigans, we went home to Ultimo and had an Ultimo cake. Complete with grey bricks. Magic.