If you like a good challenge – or are just looking to torture yourself – level up your puzzle game with these new “Hell”-level puzzles from Beverly Enterprises! Sure to bring you hours of frustration, these latest offerings come at affordable price points and range from 108-300 pieces (which may as well be a scale of how much hair you’re going to pull out working on these). Current patterns include rice, soybeans, crocodile skin, and… nothing but transparent, colored pieces.

If you ever want to distract Miles from everything else around him, give him a Rubik’s cube challenge. I asked if he could arranged every side into a checkerboard pattern Without solving the cube first. It’s been going on for a while now. He just ran upstairs to ‘consult’ his other Rubik’s cube.

Oh hey, he did it.

Oh man, now he’s attempting to do the same thing with his 4X4 cube. What have I begun?



These nine unrelated images, put together, become puns on a certain theme! The challenge is to name all nine of them, and fill in the blanks on the ‘answer’ at the bottom. Once you’ve figured out a couple of them, it’ll be easier to figure out the theme!

Your Clue: What kind of puzzle would The Hungry Reader give you, if it wasn’t about food? 


Umihara Kawase - Michika’s Challenge!

Michika goes head to head with the unique puzzle platformer Umihara Kawase! Can she get all the fish in her backpack before she’s turned to fish food? Watch and find out!
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Umihara Kawase (海腹川背) is a series of platform games, starring a nineteen-year-old Japanese school girl, Kawase Umihara (海腹 川背 Umihara Kawase), who has somehow become lost in a world of mutated salt-water and fresh-water creatures. She wears her school uniform along with a bright pink rucksack. The Umihara Kawase games’ main distinction are their tranquil fish and bird infested worlds and the rope physics, which defines the gameplay.
The name is written as four kanji characters: umi, hara, kawa, se meaning sea, belly, river, back. This is an extraction from a Japanese kitchen idiom “Sea fish are fat in the belly; river fish are fat in the back.”.

anonymous asked:

If you guys could be best friends with one of the members, like, not dating or in love or anything, just really best friends, who would it be?

I would love to be friends with Minseok - watching him making coffee, watching soccer with him, just sitting around and talking, or going shopping… He’d be such a chill best friend and I would love that. And yet he still has so much energy to play around and doesn’t care how old he is or how he’s supposed to act.

- Admin J

I’d want to be friends with Luhan. He’s such a goof-ball, and he’s always so full of energy. Plus, we both enjoy challenges, puzzles (RUBIKS CUBES FOR THE WIN!), coffee, shopping, PLUS he and I can sit and fangirl/boy about Manchester United and play with our cats. :P

- Admin A

IndieCade #ScreenshotSaturday Showcase

Trials of Azra by Onion Core

“Trials of Azra is a puzzle platformer game where you play as Sam, a kid with newly discovered necromant-like powers. Defeat your enemies with magic and control their bodies to solve challenging puzzles!”

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Could I have a ship, please? 5'1" with pixie-cut black hair, hazel eyes, freckles, and a sweet face. INTJ/Aries/Ravenclaw. I try to act calm and laid-back, but I'm lowkey (sometimes highkey, lol) competitive and a huge perfectionist, and I care a lot about everyone and everything around me. I'm pretty clever, curious, and spontaneous, so I love challenges, puzzles, and surprises. I also love animals, cooking, horror movies, running, hiking, cheesy jokes, and awkward flirting. ;D Thanks!

I ship you with :

1p!Australia ; Jett Kirkland

- He isn’t perfectionist like you he just does things

- he’s very competitive and would like you, being competitive

- he’s pretty laid back until adventure comes around

- He’d love your cheesy jokes

- and hiking all the time with you

Solve this puzzle at Krazydad

Challenging Killer Sudoku

Fill in the blank squares so that each row, each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all of the digits 1 thru 9.

The dotted lines indicate areas which also contain a non-repeating set of digits. These squares can be added together to produce the sums shown in the clues.

This Wikipedia Article has some useful tips.

“I look for what needs to be done. After all, that’s how the universe designs itself.”

– R. Buckminster Fuller