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I love your HP posts but I've seen you hate on HP too many times. I'm not saying you can't criticize what you love, but you seem to hate everything about it. I've only seen you put down any element brought up outside of a joke. The jokes are on point, but I don't feel like constantly defending the series to people who supposedly like it. Calling it "overrated" was the 10 pound barbell that broke the camel's back. As a salty person, I get it's fun to find flaws in everything, but have a snack/nap

we fucking love harry potter, i’m frequently reading the books (or rather listening to them on audio, gotta love that adhd) and occasionally rewatching the movies/playing the videogames. i think the characters are fantastic and the world, whilst non-sensical, is really colourful and vibrant.

i’ve been to the themepark, i own literally over a dozen pieces of ravenclaw merchandise, i went to see the fuckin play despite how garbage everybody said it would be, and yeah, it had issues, but i fuckin loved it

but i’m not here to defend its shitty aspects, or talk about its great things, because everybody already knows those things. everybody already talks about how wonderfully ron develops over seven books, how complicated characters like wormtail and dumbledore are.

my point is that genuine criticism is more valuable than blind defence, and it makes the fanbase stronger, and even helps to develop the shitty things about it. look at Cursed Child – it gave Snape something good to actually do that we can all agree was an action based in morality rather than selfishness. if you don’t think that was a direct result of us criticising snape’s character and the way rowling tried to redeem him then, well, i don’t know what to tell you kiddo.

i can think something is fantastic and also think it is overrated. a big example would be the webcomic “Homestuck”. everybody fucking raved and ranted about it, and it’s true, it was fantastic and really funny and some of the art was fuckin gorgeous. but like… it’s not that big of deal, not compared to the attention it got.

i think people blindly defending harry potter proves that it IS overrated. let people criticise its flaws without telling them they’re not real fans, which is essentially what y’all are doing.

at the end of the day, does it matter what i think about harry potter? i consume all the media related to it, and will eventually pick up the newer books/go see the newer movies, etc. etc.

spookyprime replied to your post : Honestly how big is babay wildbreak. Is he tiny…

I figure they probably start out as big and heavy as a sewing machine and just get bigger from there

Heavy little sewing machine that armadillos into a spherical alt when you pick him up and stays that way for, like, ten minutes. Then cautiously emerges in order to gnaw thoughtfully at your sleeve. Sees Breakdown and beeps frantically until you put him down and let him roll to his carrier. Then run like hell because BD is about to mash you for touching his kid.

also; imagine the Gay Vamps w/ their dozens of adopted wolf children, but ofc cus these are VAMPIRES they can absolutely do the batty shifting AKA they can shift into bats of course

for ref purposes, here’s benny / bernardo’s bat:

[a bechstein’s bat which has the best and most benny look on its face]

aaand heres tommy / thomas’ bat:

[a brown long-eared bat]

and just. imagine this vampire dads doing their thing, taking a midnight flight or something and trying to sneak back into the house

and then one of their wolf children BURSTS out of the room and decides to play around w/ their pops and just puts tiny bat benardo right in their mouth


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I read the FAQ and didn't see anything about sending good vibes. I saw your Meet the Artist meme on DeviantArt and thought it was super cool that you put down "sensitive guys" on your likes. I don't see a lot of posts where folks admit to that sort of thing and seeing it is heartwarming! Keep up the phenomenal work. You're a wonderful human being (and don't let anyone tell you otherwise) :>

Ahaha, I’m always open to sending and receiving good vibes!

As for the Meet the Artist, you found my old one from 2k16 but it still stands. Toxic masculinity is a horrible thing, teaching young men to basically alter their behavior to the point where they wreck themselves mentally and emotionally. Have you seen the thread about the little boy who wanted a butterfly painted on his face, but his parents thought it was “too girly” and forced him to pick something different? Imagine having masculinity so fragile that you’re threatened by a butterfly. Give me a man who cries openly when he’s sad. Give me a man who isn’t scared to say he’s afraid. Give me guys who are vulnerable, and instead of showboating or hiding it away they actively seek to improve themselves. Really in all honestly I shouldn’t even have to put “sensitive” in front of “guys”, but we’ve gotten to the point where what should be the normal human thing is now the outlier thing and that upsets me.
So I’m glad that you enjoyed that. I’m happy we’re calling it out as a society now, I’ve seen dudebros in highschool embrace their emotive sides since we graduated and they’ve become better boyfriends/husbands/people in general because of it.

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It's interesting to see people try to put you down for you're investigative methods, but still come to you're blog, and look at you're receipts. It's obvious that they are invested too 😏.

Haikus about ten boys I loved:

You want all of me
I can’t give that to you now
My soul is too free

My love burned for you
almost as much as Whiskey
(Put the bottle down)

You say that I am
Your someone but I think you
Have just been lonely

Sometimes I still read
The papers to hear your words
I forget your voice

This is getting fun!
Not sure where this is going
But I am here now

I hate when the lights
Come on and everyone leaves
Won’t you stay longer?

Whenever you want
To come home I hope you think
My arms around you

After everything
I hope you think well of me
I think well of you

Everyone said you
Were always by my side until
The one night you weren’t

You whisper things in
My ears after midnight but
Never at daylight

They say you shouldn’t
Go dancing with the devil
I’ll kiss him instead?

You made me believe that
Someone can be made just for you
And I thank you

An idea I have in mind that I desperately needed to do. No shipping please. :T

Jason is the kind of older brother who will pick you up and carry you into the kitchen while you scream “put me down put me down put me down” and drop you into the garbage can saying “okay I’ll put you down” and Damian is the kind of younger brother who falls victim to this multiple times

D&D Gothic

- your dm asks you to make a Constitution saving throw in the middle of a sentence. You roll an 11. She finishes her sentence and does not speak of the saving throw again. You taste blood.

- you put your die down on the table for a second. When you return, it isn’t there. No one has even heard of a four sided die.

- it’s midnight and you’re so involved in the campaign you don’t even notice the tiny bones mixed into the bowl of Doritos. You barely notice the blood in your friends’ mouths.

- you’ve been in this dungeon before. You’ve been here before. Every floor is the same but the dm keeps saying “oh I’m so excited for this next floor!”

- your campaign notes keep changing. You know this wasn’t the plot you wrote…it can’t be. No one was supposed to die here. No one was supposed to die in this arc. Your next door neighbor dies of a heart attack the day after the session. You thought no one had moved into that house yet.

Having a Toddler With Tom Would Include:

anon request: can you do another Having a Baby with Tom? I loved it! Maybe like with a toddler or something

this was fun to write!!!! I’m getting some requests done but i have had a few ideas come to mind and I’m quite excited to start writing so lots to come!!

requests are open:))

Originally posted by peters-mjs

having a toddler with tom would include:

- tom is his favourite.

- when he gets home from filming your son mitchell is always the most excited to see him. 

- more excited than you and tessa.

- they play the spider-man a game they created. 

- basically tom runs around carrying your son from door to door since he is ‘webbing’ around new york city. 

- yes tom is singing the old spider-man theme song. 

- “spider-man spider-man does whatever a spider can" 

- his tongue would stick out as he focused on carrying mitchell and the lyrics. 

- "mommy mommy look!” your son would shout as he would run out of the shared bathroom with tom. 

- he would come out with his hair gelled back and a large smile on his face. 

- “mommy come here darling” he would mock tom in his horribly adorable british accent. 

- “are you mocking me mitchell" 

- tom would pull out his queens accent.

- tom would grab him and throw him over his shoulder as he looked to you.
- "y/n come here darling" 

- tom would pull you in for a hug and then kiss your forehead.

- "daddy put me down!" 

- you and tom would laugh as he pressed his lips to yours. 

- the noise of two lips moving together would be made.

- "mommy why does it sound like macaroni and cheese being stirred.”

- tom let out a loud laugh and you joined in.

- “let’s go make mac and cheese mitchy" 

- tom would carry the boy over his shoulder.

- mitchell would wanna help make the food and tom being the softie would let him. 

- mitch would pour in the milk and tom would do the powder cheese cause it could get "messy” if mitch does it. 

- lets leave it to tom. 

- “good job daddy!" 

- "are you kidding me tom" 

- mitch and you started laughing as tom would stand there looking down at the cheese all over the floor. 

- "tessa!" 

- tessa comes running in trying to lick up the mess. 

- "tess!” tom would scold her but not but won’t stop to the situation.

- mitch loves toms dog. 

- at first you weren’t sure what tessa would be like with a child but she is the most loving around mitchell and she is so protective of him. 

- “tom clean it up!" 

- "yeah tom clean it up!" 

- you and tom both looked at your son in shock. 

- did he just

- tom was about to burst out laughing

- mitch thought his face was red with anger. 

- "tessa get daddy!”

- mitch went running down the hall with tom chasing after him. 

- “ill get you mitchell" 

- you just shook your head at the two children in your house.

mobbed - boyfriend!tom

Summary: You comfort an upset Tom after he’s mobbed at the airport.

He’d only been gone for three days, but you still smiled happily to yourself when you heard your boyfriend close the door to your apartment from where you were sitting in your bed reading. You looked up when the sound of his footsteps alerted you to his presence in the doorway of the bedroom. Your face fell a bit when you saw the tired, upset look on his face.

“Hey,” you said gingerly, unsure of what was wrong.

“Hey,” he responded, giving you a half-hearted smile as he dropped his duffle bag to the floor.

You put down your book and watched tentatively as he took off the suit jacket and pants he’d flown in, throwing on a still-warm freshly washed t-shirt out of the laundry basket on your floor and climbing into bed next to you under the covers in his boxers. He scooched over to your side of the bed and lay half on top of you, his head resting near your right collarbone. He let out a big exhale as his hand slid under the big sweatshirt of his you were wearing to grasp at your hip, his thumb rubbing your left side gently.

Not wanting to pry, you just let him lay with you. You ran your left hand slowly up and down his forearm strewn across you. The fingertips of your right hand brushed along the ridges of his ear before sliding into his hair and rubbing his head soothingly.

A couple minutes later, just as you thought to yourself that he may have fallen asleep, he muttered, “I had a bad day.”

“What happened?” you coaxed.

“At the airport this morning…there were so many people asking me to sign stuff when we were going in. I was so tired, and they kept shoving cameras in my face and things to sign and it put me in a bad mood, and I was trying to be accommodating but I couldn’t get to them all. I knew people were going to think I was being an ass if I started ignoring them, but…I just didn’t want to be there anymore. I just wanted to be by myself and no one would leave me alone.” A deep sigh. “And now I feel guilty and I’m mad that these people can make me feel guilty when they’re the ones intruding on my life.”

You sighed. “I’m sorry, baby.”

“S’okay. Just makes me feel shitty.”

It was far from the first time something like this had happened. It made you sad to see how much it affected him each time, but there was no changing it - people would always do as they pleased, and this was his life.

“I wish there was something I could do to help you,” you said softly, your fingers still massaging his head and roaming his arm and shoulder.

“You’re doing it,” he murmured simply, and turned his head to press his lips to your skin.

You were glad your presence could comfort him in some small way, and also baffled by how the simplest of words from him still managed to give you butterflies.You squeezed his bicep in acknowledgement and sunk down a bit farther in the bed, and he re-nuzzled himself against you, all cozy.

Several minutes later you were still caressing his hair and staring at the ceiling when Tom rolled to the side off you a tiny bit, just enough so he had room to prop up his elbow and rest his head on his fist, looking at you.

“You look really pretty today,” he said, twirling a stray strand of your hair around his index finger. “I meant to tell you that when I walked in.”

You laughed softly. “Thanks.”

He let the hair strand fall and put his hand back on your side, sighing. “Coming home to you…..I’m just really grateful to be able to do that.”

You reached your hand to his cheek and rubbed your thumb over his cheekbone. “I feel pretty lucky every time you do.”


so we feel bad about the ordeal this morning for Tom’s sake but it provided some solid writing inspo sooooo

xoxo, L & A

Some Harmless Shiro and Matt Headcanons

- Matt and Shiro knew each other since middle school and would often hang at the Holt’s house

     • Shiro basically lived at the Holt house bc Matt is the best

- Before the Garrison, Shiro was the type who didn’t have many friends because by the time he had his first Existential Crisis, everyone else around him was still in their Cooties phase and he just couldn’t relate. The fact that he had a not too common obsession with space did not help his social graces

     • Matt was the one who actually had social skills. Matt was the popular kid

     • Being at the Garrison helped Shiro blossom into the Golden Boy we know

     • He is v embarrassed about his awkward phase; Matt capitalizes on this

     • “I’m not doing your paper for you, Matt.”

       “bitch i will expose u and tell everyone that you made star trek fanfiction”

       “You wouldn’t fucking dare.”

       “i would d a r e”

- Matt is v aware of he and Shiro’s height and build difference. It didn’t really bother him. Lean and Short just made it more satisfying for him when he beat the jock types in class. He was fine until The Incident when Shiro was mistaken as his babysitter


       “Don’t make me put you in the corner, young man.”


- Due to The Incident Matt decided payback was necessary and began the whole leap year baby joke

     • Pidge started it up again with the Voltron Team  

     • Space Dad is still Space Mad at Matt after all those years

     • As soon as they find Matt he’ll nail him with a babysitting joke so hard

- Matt is quick to defend Shiro when someone insults his best boy. Only he is allowed to roast Shiro. Only he

     • “shiro is such a dweeb”

       “Yeah, Shiro isn’t that great of a dude as the teachers sa–”

       “don’t come near me or my son again blocked and deleted i will fig–”

- Shiro and Matt never fought about the legitimacy of aliens, but they did constantly fight about how said aliens would be like

     • It got so bad once that Matt marked his house as a “No Shirogane Zone”

     • The ban was lifted after Matt grew bored with no Shiro to hang with

     • Shiro wasn’t done being salty tho

     • One week passed before he caved in, he missed the peanut butter cookies

     • “Let’s never fight like that again. Promise?”

       “yea ill promise when you say that purple aliens with robo tech is cooler”

       “What no. A royal race of humanoids with magic is much better sounding.”

       “we go to a futuristic scientific institution why are you like this”