Push The Button

positives/negatives of the signs in friendships/relationships:

♈️aries: will make a rash decision and says or does the wrong thing when they’re emotional//will defend loyal friends and help people grow in life and stand up for themselves, will encourage you to push through and use change for good during hard times, will encourage you to be yourself
♉️taurus: won’t let you in on their real feelings, accidentally push the wrong button without knowing and they will demonize you forever//will be kind and affectionate and listen to you and help you work through things at your own pace, make you feel truly loved and great at calming people down and making them happy
♊️gemini: unwilling to commit to a deep emotional relationship/friendship or share their emotions//will make whatever you do a great time, really funny and intelligent and good to be around
♋️cancer: will always question your intentions and switch between sadness and happiness in your relationship/friendship at the drop of a hat//will comfort you when you’re sad, very sympathetic, will do a lot for you without asking anything in return
♌️leo: will become defensive and aggressive if you call out their flaws and may make you feel inferior to them//can help you come out of your shell and be more confident and go for your goals, always radiating warmth and happiness and energy
♍️virgo: may get upset and make you feel dumb if you can’t do everything perfectly to the way they had in mind, very hard to impress//will bring you down to earth, good at analyzing problems and creating detailed plans to fix them, can teach you to let emotions affect your decisions less
♎️libra: will not defend you if it means losing favor with many other people or having to be in confrontation//will be very friendly and accepting, will always put a positive spin on everything
♏️scorpio: will be defensive when their insecurities are called out and come back with how much better they are than you, may manipulate you to get what they want, very hard to gain trust/openness//can help you commit to your decisions and focus, charming and good at getting their way which is good when you both want the same thing, most likely to get you into a packed bar by smiling and winking, very interesting and loyal when they open up to you and trust you, good at balancing their feelings and thoughts
♐️sagittarius: may become distracted from you and infatuated with new people a lot, will be brutally honest with you in sometimes unnecessary ways//will encourage you to go with the flow and be honest with everyone and live in the moment, will teach you how to abandon what doesn’t make you happy right then, is great to have wild nights with, will give you constructive criticism and honesty
♑️capricorn: may take a long time to open up and have deep friendships/not want to have them at all, can seem like they care more about themselves than you//will help you succeed and have ambition in life, will teach you to take time and consider details in decisions, very witty and good with words
♒️aquarius: they can operate on a whim and may say irrational things or detach from people they cared about yesterday without really caring what others say//are great at coming up with new ideas and never boring, have very strong interesting opinions, will have long debates with you
♓️pisces: may ignore the bad side of things or blame it on outside sources without dealing with the issue//great with useful advice, very sensitive and understanding, will understand when you’re upset almost instinctively and attempt to help you

aemulo asked:

"Touch me again, and I'll break your fucking arm."

Hannibal touches the other arm again, only a gentle nudge, just to push his buttons. “no you won’t.”

Fic Rec!

I just finished The Wedding Planner and I don’t even know what to tell you tbh. I can’t do it justice with a one line summary. I died. Personally, I love angst as long as it ends on a good note but this one still managed to drain the life outta me….in the best way possible. I should mention, the smut is just- you’re gonna die. its a must read! 

Fav line ( more like paragraph but I can’t I have to) 

“Are you sure you wanna be with me? Like really fucking sure? Because I gotta warn you, Mickey, I can be a fucking handful sometimes. There will  be times when I talk way too much, or start fights for no good reason. I will  figure out how to push your buttons and I’ll definitely fucking push them. I can be a fucking slob. I don’t clean up after myself…at all. I’m stubborn as all hell, I’m a fucking psycho,” he continued once Mickey was standing in front of him, his tattooed hand reaching up to cup his cheek. He swallowed the thick lump in his throat and kept going, “I’m unpredictable. I’ve been okay for the past couple of months, but who the fuck knows when I’ll have my next breakdown. I’m a goddamn mess, Mick. I’m a mess. I just want you to be really  fucking sure that you want this, that you want me. That you’re not going to wake up one day and regret me.”

Mickey caressed Ian’s cheek with the pad of his thumb before leaning forward and pressing their foreheads together. “I want this, Ian,” he murmured. “I want all of this. I want all of you.”


STOP. I’m begging you.

I know about having one’s buttons pushed. But getting defensive when an anonymous nobody posts a numbered list of entirely unsubstantiated crimes committed by shippers is beneath you. It also makes you look nervous and guilty.

If you have nothing to be ashamed of, you have nothing to fear. And YOU, gentle reader, kind and romantic soul that you are, have nothing to be ashamed of. Nothing. Not one thing.

You can’t control what that harpie says, you can’t stop her from saying whatever inflammatory hostile made-up bullshit she chooses to, and responding in any way gives the appearance that you take her seriously. She is mentally ill, remember? There is no need to respond at all, let alone defend the (possibly non-existent) people she keeps calling “shippers.” Whoever she might be talking about, she is definitely not talking about you, so you need not respond any more than you might to that crazy lady on the bus who rants about the people always trying to steal her [fill in the blank].

Anyone who reads her posts and believes / sides with her is a complete idiot, anyway. Why do you care what a complete idiot thinks about you or anything else? You cannot make yourself look better by trying to make someone else look bad. NOR CAN SHE. Leave it.

I still have cake. And whisky.

My $.02


Nabsgan WIP….why can’t I finish drawings -_-

Trying to create a scenario where Ganondorf is trying to convince Nabooru to stay by his side like they used to. He knows how to push her buttons and knows what she likes, so you can imagine how hard this would be for her. But in the end..we all know where her loyalty lies.

Gay marriage plus k-lab fixing the love live translations, best week of my life

For those who don’t know what’s this all about:

A bit off-topic, but, personally, I can’t stand the term “LGBT”. It’s like segregating everyone into “the straight” and “y'know, those other ones”. :/

That and people tend to completely write off the existence of bisexuality in general much to this one bisexual’s chagrin especially in certain circles so it’s really more LG, and then there’s the T which is an entirely different beast altogether. GSM is a bit better in the inclusive department in that regard, though it still has the same problem you mention. It’s just a huge mess.

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I think it's really crappy for people to tell you what they wish you would or wouldn't do. Do I want to see more Sherlock from you? Yes. But you should write what makes you happy. Because if you write something you're not feeling it won't be the shame. I'm quite honestly looking forward to the Hobbit fic because it's something different and it will be great because you wanted to write it. Actually I'm hoping it gives me the motivation to read something other than Sherlock also! TY for everything

You’re welcome, hun, and thank you. I’m pretty sure 99% of my readers would rather I was writing something I enjoyed rather than something that just pushed their buttons (even better if I can write something I enjoy AND push their buttons, though!)

Believe me, anons complaining about what I write is unlikely to make me change my mind. If anything, it makes me stubbornly persistant :D

Thank you again <3

B xxx

  • Person:Miko can play electric guitar.
  • Me:... How does that make her a good character?
  • Person:Miko's obviously bilingual, coming from Japan and now living in America.
  • Me:... How does that make her a good character? When in the show has she ever spoken Japanese?
  • Person:she believed in her partner, even when was in a coma and probably wouldn't come back.
  • Me:It was her fault he was in a coma in the first place.
  • Person:she went off with her partners old partner/best friend to take revenge on the guy for her partners coma.
  • Person:and killed him herself.
  • Me:She pushed a button. How epic. What skill.
  • Person:and she wasn't afraid to yell at Megatron and threaten him.
  • Me:Yeah, because endangering a temporary truce and making threats that she clearly can't carry out makes her so compelling. Besides, we all know, had she been alone with Megatron when making that 'threat', he would of stepped on her and that'd be the end of that.
  • Person:Miko is one of the only female characters in the Transformers franchise and should be recognized for her strengths, not flaws.
  • Me:Male AND female characters need to be held to the same standards. Being one of the only female characters does not obscure the many flaws and annoyances of a character. Just as being male does not. Having fun and doing what she wanted always came ahead of the mission for Miko. This never changes.
  • Me:She, and I argue all of the children, were superfluous characters. Being female does not excuse this. Being HUMAN does not excuse this.

*collects all her dumb headcanons of these four tools because she can and they are all still alive so that’s a plus haha h a* (watch Kaidou not giving a fuck and just walking away tho)


  • reeks of machine oil (get your shit together man)
  • almost as easy to embarrass as it is to piss off
  • skull jokes would be his death
  • him and Franky could be bffs based on mutual interest in heavy metals obviously
  • he will fight the fucking sun, like, I can basically hear the Mortal Kombat theme playing right here, right now, as he gazes upon Kaidou and everyone else is shitting bricks, take a chill pill jfc you dont even have a fucking tactic at hand


  • reads a lot actually
  • also keeps up with all the news
  • basically he’d be on good terms with Robin is all I’m sayin
  • the emotional kind of drunk (leave him alone before you make him cry, bastard)
  • really modest, polite and also rather patient apart from the few times people push his buttons unlike someone around here
  • 90% of the time spent in battles revolve around him keeping an eye on mentioned someone so the idiot does not kill himself
  • kinda getting tired of it actually
  • luckily Wire and sometimes Heat fill in for him when needed
  • the capital letter Mom of not only the alliance but also the Kid Pirates


  • what do you mean him being Soul King trash is not canon yet
  • became a pirate just for the hell of it tbh; he was bored shitless
  • just between the two of us… don’t let the colorful appearance and loudness fool you- he’s one cunning bastard and his trust is hard-earned shit (if someone is gonna backstab an alliance… I have my money on him)
  • still probably the most fun-to-be-around supernova right after Luffy
  • in case the incomprehensible need to get into mortal danger under the label of “adventure” is fun by any stretch and you are also not Kid
  • one of the few men in the story who will bathe daily
  • also smells like a fucking field of flowers
  • he a playa, nuff said


  • Law  may be a bad luck magnet, but the doctor has nothing on Hawkins in this regard; he’s the best at bringing misfortune that there is, good thing he can use his odd powers to plan his whole fucking day in advance to avoid getting grilled too badly
  • his sword is also cursed btw there’s no way to convince me of the opposite
  • has done one of the things he definitely should have not done: he knows when he’s gonna die
  • the date is relatively close so no fucking wonder he’s cranky
  • his predictions are accurate as hell, with up to 2 per cents being off target
  • there’s still the rare 1% chance that they are entirely wrong
  • likes creepy things. likes cute things. and also creepy cute things (should make friends with Perona tbh)
  • probably also a fan of Brook
  • despite not being the one to crack jokes, he has, in a sense, a knack for dark humor similar to Robin and Law- although I’m certain none of these asshats have any intent to make those statements sound quote-unquote humorous in the first place and just want to mess with your head if not just stating the terrifying obvious
  • he may appear calm and patient, but if you keep getting on his nerves, man…. honey, you’ve got a big storm comin’
  • definitely has a sadistic side mmmhmmmmm
  • can we also talk about the fact that he’s a living BDSM tool???
  • like, he WILL use his nails in ~certain~ situations; yes, I mean THOSE kind of nails (and situations)
Владислав Сурков: «Голосуйте, как вам написано!»
В «Эксмо» выходит книга «Операция «Единая Россия», написанная журналистами Forbes и «Ведомостей». Forbes публикует главу о том, как Кремль укрощал последних строптивых депутатов


“who doesnt understand how things will work from now, look at YUKOS and explain it to your bosses. push the button and dont get ideas”