Push The Button


Oh no!

…… hm.

I mean you pushed the button, right?

And you did the goofy countdown with hands to ears thing, right?

… Idk.



I didn’t do it.  xD

I assume Cara’s gonna go gum on one of her family member’s exposed limbs, so… I mean whatever.  xD  It’s fine.  It’s NOT.  But it’s fine.  xD

That was all I got up to.  xD  Aaaaaand now I’m done.  Probably won’t post anymore gameplay tonight because I gotta go in and test.  If I’m successful for some reason I may put up a queue for tomorrow, but Idk how long situating things will take, so… be prepared for nothing again, though I may do a status post.  :X

jesstherebel  asked:

Hi! What do you think Dean enjoys most in bed? Personally I think it's when a woman has the confidence to take control and call the shots. Tell him exactly what to do to her to get her screaming for him! Even though he already knows Would I be right

Oh, yeah. Dean knows what he’s doing, but he loves when you tell him exactly what pushes your buttons. He wants to know you’re as into it as he is.

Hook “won” (she’s not a prize) Emma’s heart through deceptions and lies...

so i’m currently re-watching OUAT 3x07, re: Hook’s sneaky comment at Neal (i.e.: evil plot), mentioning his “daliance” with Emma. LMAO. this douchebag has done so many fucked up things to Neal as a child, and he still has the nerve to mindfuck Neal, push his button deliberately, WHILE on a mission to save NEAL AND EMMA’S CHILD.

if you don’t find that hella fucking TOXIC, then i’m questioning you… captain asshole is a manipulative, conniving, sneaky, shameless abuser… having been recently in an abusive relationship for 2 years, it’s fucking difficult to even explain the charm of an abuser… how an abuser manipulates everyone’s reality in order to CONTROL everyone’s way of thinking. THIS is how Hook won Emma’s heart. he literally cornered each and everyone in Emma’s life TO PAVE WAY for his subtle manipulation to attain his goal: owning Emma.

just ugh.

there’s your answer

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what is your Type of character like. do you have a specific Thing that draws u in? like when u see/feel it ur like 'UNFAIR. OK. IM A GONNER' ??

things that are guaranteed to push my buttons:

  • genuine love, festered. abject. when someone doesn’t know what to do with their love anymore. hero worship or adoration so consuming that it turns into a kind of hate. a cain that loves abel, and kills abel, and somehow both those things can be true.
  • characters w/ bad tempers and gentle hearts, who are frustrated easily and that frustration undermines their ability to express themselves, who lash out and act like a prick because their pain is too big. who know they’re being an asshole but can’t fucking stop themselves, especially when they want to
  • prophets, and the subversion thereof. i like righteousness in those who are supposed the least righteous by those around them.
  • characters who embody their narrative. like walking microcosms of their environment. 
  • machiavellian streaks.
  • characters who adhere to their own moral code so strictly that it degrades or destroys them
  • stubborn bitter dickheads who’re repelled by compromise, who feel on an essential level in their hearts that they deserve better. and they do deserve better, only they’re not the shiny people the audience is supposed to root for, so. 
  • who are so, so tired. a profound threadbare weariness.
  • and all of my most essential characters are grieving. but their grief isn’t marketable. 

sara @monsterharvest has said that i’m “magnetized to the despised”.

that includes characters that despise themselves. especially if that self-contempt exists alongside a strong ego. it’s those superficially conflicting core beliefs — i am worthless and deserving of pain vs. i’m a good person, i deserve better than this & i’m right but everyone around me doesn’t get it — that create a schism in the character that is difficult or impossible to repair. they don’t know how to reconcile the different directions of their heart.

my favorite story is that of the judas who loves christ, and betrays him knowingly, because christ has a destiny that will not be realized without that betrayal. he helps to enact christ’s martyrdom because that is his role in the story, and it’s necessary and righteous in its own way. societies need pariahs. heroes need villains. 

Lipstick on the Mirror: An Organized Chaos Drabble


Ginny was in a foul mood.

It could have been the hit she’d taken from a Bludger earlier that morning during practice, or the row she’d had with her Team Captain shortly after. It could have been from the impromptu lunch date with her brother Ron, because only he could ignore the emotional cues she was all but shouting at him and go about pushing her buttons until she left in an angry huff. It could also have because she hadn’t seen a certain someone in so long she thought she might die. It could have been a number of things that had happened on this Godric forsaken day, but it didn’t really matter what started it. The only thing that mattered was getting home.

She dropped her bag on the floor the moment she entered her flat, not bothering to kick off her shoes as she made her way to the bedroom. Maybe if she took a shower she’d feel better? She shed her clothes as she went, shoving the bathroom door open as she threw her bra somewhere by the door jamb. She was bending over to yank off her socks when a flash of color caught her eyes. She straightened up, a smile breaking across her face as she stared at the mirror.

There was a note scrawled on the smooth reflective surface in a red lipstick, deep maraschino cherry, a sultry voice chided in the back of her mind, that read,

Meet me at nine, in the place where it all began.
Wear something sexy. ;)

The foul mood from earlier evaporated as she reread the note, grinning madly at its implications. It had been three weeks since she’d seen her lover. Three weeks of sexual frustration and longing that left an unhappy feeling in her gut. Witch Weekly was expanding the brand across France so of course her girlfriend had to be the one to negotiate the deal. She’d been gone three weeks, three weeks too long, but it was over now. She was back, and obviously had been since the morning if the note was any indication, so she could stop wallowing in self pity.

She quickly turned on the shower and stepped into the steam, letting it cover her skin like a warm embrace. It felt good. Not just washing the dirt and grime from the day off, but the anticipation of what was coming later. She even shaved her legs and took the time to fix her hair. When she rummaged in her closet her eyes caught on a thin black shirt with a plunging neckline. It was tight, but that was kind of the point. She squeezed her B-cup sized breasts into the obviously A-cup sized shirt and slid on a pair of her favorite dark jeans. A pair of boots finished the look and she gave herself one last appreciative look in the mirror before apparating away.

Being a witch had its perks. Basically teleporting from one place to another saved time and patience, there was practically a charm for everything from a stain in your blouse to wrestling even the most unmanageable hair into something beautiful, and the fact that they could get into just about any club or establishment they wanted. Yes, being a witch was nice.

The Silver Python, and yes she was aware of the irony, was busy when she arrived. Of course it was always busy. It was one of the most popular clubs in Wizarding Britain. It had the perfect blend of magic and muggle commodities, a fact didn’t go unnoticed by its pureblood patrons but they let their prejudices go in the name of getting ridiculously drunk. In fact that was how she’d hooked up with her girlfriend in the first place.

She’d been in her brother and Harry’s class in school so Ginny didn’t get much interaction with her besides the random times she’d seen her doting on Draco Malfoy, but she hadn’t been on her radar back then. She hadn’t even come to terms with her sexuality at that point. That had all changed two years ago when they’d crossed paths on the dancefloor. Ginny had recognized her but neither said anything about it. They were drunk and enjoying their youth, why ruin it by bringing up the nastiness of war?

It hadn’t started out intentional. It was just a few harmless flirtations, a few well timed smirks, and then it was just dancing. Sexy, dirty, dancing. She couldn’t recall who started it, but there was a brush of lips on her ear and her hands ventured down to rest on a perfect arse as their hips swaying in time to the music. They fit together perfectly, like they were meant for each other, and sure that sounded really sappy but she’d done the whole crush thing with Harry in school. This was different. It felt real. It felt right. What had started out as innocent fun had turned into a kissing groping fiasco and they’d ended up dancing until their feet ached and were drenched in their own sweat. Ginny wasn’t going to let her get away so she’d offered the woman a shower and an amazing finale if she went home with her.

Needless to say she’d quickly agreed.

They hadn’t even made it Ginny’s king sized bed, or the shower for that matter. Round one played out in the hallway on the floor, and while there wasn’t much finesse, Godric did it feel good.

She smiled to herself at the memory and asked the bartender for a Long Island. The man nodded and soon the music was thrumming under her feet. By the time she had a drink in her hand she’d already been caught up in its beat. It was lively and she soaked up the atmosphere like a sponge. It really was reminiscent of the first time she’d come there, lights flashing, bass thumping, bodies dancing, and the smell of a combination of sweat and cologne that called to her. She downed the shot in her hand and set it back on the bar, letting her eyes scan the crowd. She knew what she was looking for and she found it a moment later, sliding across the dancefloor like a snake. It was her. There was no mistaking that slight body with long black hair and a milky complexion. The woman turned around and smiled. Her lips were stained the same shade as that left on her mirror earlier and her dark eyes flitted from one person to another, a look of mischief and desire in them.

Ginny hopped down from the bar and pushed her way through gyrating bodies until a pair of arms slipped around her, familiar hands moving down to rest on her hips. “Did you miss me?”

Ginny smirked and twisted around, kissing the woman hard. “What do you think?” She groaned against her lips.

“I think that somebody is trying a little too hard to get laid,” She broke away from her girlfriend and motioned to the skin tight top Ginny had chosen. “Not that I’m complaining.”

The redhead rolled her eyes. “You’re the one who told me to dress sexy, Pansy. You knew exactly what you were getting into.”

“Oh, I was counting on it.” Pansy admitted, molding her body into hers. “I’ve thought of nothing else for weeks.”

“Well that makes two of us,” She snorted, stretching her arms above her head and bringing them back down in time with the music.

Pansy’s hands roamed over her body as they danced. “Circe,” she moaned when Ginny bit the sensitive part of her neck. “I’m never letting Draco talk me into taking another one of those business trips again. Distance does not make the heart grow fonder.” She slipped her slender fingers under her girlfriend’s shirt. “It just makes it hornier.”

“Oh, I don’t know. I think he may be onto something.” She half sighed, “I have a feeling the I-missed-you sex is going to be fantastic.”

Ginny felt the smirk resting against her temple. “You don’t have to be proficient in Divinations to foresee that.”

“Do you have to be to see us getting the fuck out of here?” She asked haughtily. “If you don’t shag me in the next ten minutes I may do something that will cause us both to be barred from this club for life.”

Ginny didn’t have to tell her twice. She took her hand and dragged her through the doors at the back of the building. As soon as they hit the chilled air of night Pansy kissed her hard, pushing Ginny against the now closed door. Her tongue slipped easily into her mouth and hands moved from her stomach to her neck, fingers tangling in the ginger locks. “You feel so good, Gin.” She hissed when they broke apart. “Can’t wait to take you apart.”

“Well, you won’t even make it past second base if we keep getting distracted.” She replied, gently pushing Pansy back. “Let’s.” She tugged on her hand. “Go.”

Moments later they were shedding their tight clothes and snogging on the living room floor, neither patient enough to make it to the bed; she tugged off Pansy’s knickers, smirking to herself because it wouldn’t even be the first time.

I know Inside Out is already used to explain mental illness, but I feel like instead of anthropomorphic emotions in my head, it’s just straight up anthropomorphic mental illness.

There’s BPD, who’s in charge. Depression takes over when I’m alone, ADHD when depression takes a break. Autism just kinda slips in a button push or two at random times. And then there’s just some sort of weird creature made of chaos and TV static who comes for a visit every now and then.

The Ever-Locked Room, A Draco Malfoy x Astoria Greengrass Story - Chapter 07

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Draco and Astoria and their adventure at The Department of Mysteries

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