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dude… get a snickers.

              ❛❛ What a GREAT idea . Let me get a SNICKERS . Ya know , I fuckin’ hate sweets – but I hate candy even more , almos’ as much as I hate ya fer thinkin’ it can be solved with jus’ a damned snickers . ❜❜

Red Hot Chili Peppers' Anthony Kiedis Talks Having Sex With Hundreds Of Women - AlternativeNation.net

💡🤔I thought Trevor Dunn hated Anthony Kiedis. It appears as though the two Californians are alike in a few ways.😳💡

If you hate a person, you hate something in him that is part of yourself. What is not part of ourselves does not have the power to disturb us.

Whenever you are judgmental of others, you are, in fact, judging yourself. When you point your blaming index finger to someone, you point three fingers towards yourself.

Are you triggered by another person in a way that is obsessive and almost irrational?

When you hate the same kind of people wherever you go, what you dislike in them is likely something you dislike about yourself.

Sometimes what we consider an imperfection in other people pushes our buttons or touches aspects of ourselves that demand our attention.

Think of the homophobic person who hides homosexual feelings. We often despise qualities that we claim are not okay with us, which in fact we have not yet owned, and so then our buttons are pushed.

when others come along who act out one of these qualities we hate, they make us confront this thing about ourselves we are ashamed of.

But, what if studying those you hate was the right path for self-improvement?

Carl Jung said, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.”

Observing those you hate is as important to bettering yourself as studying your role models.

Everyone is your mirror. If you accept this and apply it to all your relationships, they’ll be positively transformed by this simple knowledge. Identify what it is about the other person that triggers such a heavy emotional response in you and you will know why.

Most of the time, we hold others to the same impossible standards we impose on ourselves. If your lazy coworker is getting on your nerves, maybe it’s because you created the idea that the only way to show you deserve your position is by working extra hard. You don’t allow yourself to slow the pace, and if your coworker doesn’t match your amount of dedication to the job, he or she isn’t good enough and deserves to be fired.

Through our interactions with others, we can start to understand ourselves better. When you can name what it is you hate so much about others and identify why it resonates so deeply with you, you can accept it. You can accept this is who you are and then work on what you could improve to be more at peace with the person you see in the mirror every morning.

Try seeing each person as unique and complete, just as he or she is. Start with yourself and extend the compassion to those around you.

Some people cannot help being who they are, just as you cannot help being who you are most of the time. The only way to live peacefully with the traits we like less in ourselves is to acknowledge them, own them and take responsibility for them.

You’ll only feel whole when you embrace all aspects of yourself.

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Can you do Seitarou, Nico, Uno, and Jyugo when they're jealous? Sorry my english is not very good..

Your English is perfectly understandable! Don’t worry about it. :)

Seitarou Tanabata:

  • Seitarou completely trusts his s/o and tries not to let himself get jealous too often.
  • However, at times he finds himself envious of others who he believes are better suited for his partner.
  • He wouldn’t voice his worries and keep to himself but he will become uncharacteristically gloomy.
  • It may take a while to cheer him up, but just make sure to give him a lot of affection and reassurance! 


  • Jyugo doesn’t show or tries to act on jealousy right away until that someone takes it too far, i.e making his partner uncomfortable.
  • He would also kind of…struggle to approach the situation. He wouldn’t know what to do and just sticks to his s/o’s side awkwardly. He may even glare when they’re not looking and have a deadpan expression if look his way.
  • Oh boy, once he cracks he’ll get really snappy. Witty insults here, there, everywhere! Only then would he openly express his dislike for whoever was riling him up.
  • Don’t even bother pointing out his jealousy, he always will deny it.


  • Uno is known to get into arguments just because someone breathed towards his s/o. Ain’t no one is gonna get anywhere near his partner without going through him first.
  • Unlike Jyugo, it’s obvious when he is jealous. He doesn’t even bother to hide his distaste towards the other person.
  • He’s not afraid to call someone out if they get way too close for his liking, this is usually how arguments start.
  • Afterwards, he would be even more affectionate than usual and flaunt his relationship to make sure that everyone knows his s/o belongs to him. 


  • Nico gets jealous easily, especially if someone is taking his s/o’s attention for too long.
  • He will try and butt in a conversation when he is feeling rather neglected and tries to talk to his partner more so that the other person doesn’t get a lot of time to talk to them.
  • If that doesn’t work, he will wrap his arms around his partner and pull them close, secretly giving the other person a deadly smile.
  • Like Uno, he’ll make sure to be extra affectionate and basically becomes a bit clingy for a couple of days.

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Okay, I still excited about that slap scene and I was wondering, how do you think Olivia and Negan could work?

Slowly, very slowing lol Please consider my answer completely AU, because I don’t see it happening in canon. Not because I don’t think they fit together but because I don’t think the events necessary for it to happen will ever take place (in canon). I’m also considering only tv!Negan and I’m pretending I don’t know what will happen in the comics to not be influenced by it.

Negan can be extremely charming when he wants and if he respects you the chances of him letting his guard down or showing another side increases, as we just saw with Carl. So I see it happening in a reality where she slapped him and afterwards they still spent a lot of time together (not just a few days or weeks).  

I think Negan, being Negan, would push her buttons at every opportunity. that’s what he does best lol and Olivia, who is not weak or stupid, would figure out a way to push back without endangering anyone else. And, with time, their banter would lead to some sort common ground where they could build some sort of relationship.

when I say relationship I don’t mean romantic relationship. I don’t see Negan seriously falling in love with anyone in canon. I mean, it could happen, but the way I see it the odds are incredible low. I see him with a partner he respects, likes and even admires. A partner with benefits, of course lol I don’t see them falling in love, running away together or stuff like that. I see them reaching a “mutual understanding”.

There’re so many possibilities for Nevia (!!) and that’s just one. I can see a lot of things happening between them, even love. This one is just what I think could happened without altering the cannon and the characters too much. I hope this made sense lol I didn’t want this to become longer than it already is, so please let me know if I didn’t make any sense and I’ll try again. <3

Dio continues to push nearly every button on the control pad long after the lift had come to a very sudden and shuddering halt. “What good is modern technology if it breaks down?!” He turns to Horn who had accompanied for the ride.  “We are stuck it seems and may remain so for quite some time. And here I thought vampires had overcome human error and inefficacy.”

SE answered my prayers and the upcoming update to FFXV will bring enlarged fonts to the game.

You might think this is a small issue but I kid you not when I say that it took me five minutes to start pushing the Regalia at the beginning of the game because the text saying to press R2 to push it was so tiny and so on the side of the TV that I didn’t see it. And I kept pushing all buttons and nothing.

So heck yeah, lord bless.

Oh and they’re adding NG+, that’s important too.

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"You seem like a capable fighter. Let's see some of your skills." The wolf Faunus said.

Ruby smiled and took her weapon out form behind her back, pushed the button and unfolded it to its full scythe form. “This is my baby, Crescent Rose. She is a High Caliber Sniper Scythe.” She took a few steps back and swung it around her body. She folded it to a smaller form and then took aim into the sky to show off the sniping capabilities. She puts it back behind her and looked to the faunus. 


NEW VIDEO: “Go Deep Throat a Hog Dog

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