“So the queen laid the king in her own little bed, and he slept one day and one night without awakening, and when he awoke he looked round and said, ‘Good God, where am I?’

He called his attendants, but none of them were there. At length his wife came to his bedside and said, 'My dear lord and king, you told me I might bring away with me from the palace that which was dearest and most precious in my eyes– I have nothing more precious and dear than yourself, so I have brought you with me.’

Tears rose to the king’s eyes and he said, 'Dear wife, you shall be mine and I will be yours,’ and he took her back with him to the royal palace and was married again to her, and at the present time they are very likely still living.”

– excerpt from “The Peasant’s Wise Daughter” by Jacob and Wilhelm Grimm

dress: Eileen West

skirt: Black Peace Now 

parasol: Baby the Stars Shine Bright

bow: h.Naoto FRILL

necklace: Moss Märchen