Things to note: main colors are blue, black and orange.

This differs from the normal Galra uniform, which is traditionally purple, yellow and red. With the exception of Weblum Galra, they also appear to wear sarouel pants, which is not something we see in the Empire’s uniform.

(Admittedly, Weblum Galra was in space, and just like Keith and Hunk, they were probably wearing a suit designed for space, not their traditional uniform, which may involve the sarouel pants. We don’t know for sure yet if that’s their go to uniform or an adapted one.)

It also differs from the Blade of Marmora uniform, which is purple, black and gray.

But we also know for sure that whoever these people are, they’re definitely Galra and definitely associated with the Empire.

But They’re definitely not BoM and although they seem to be affiliated with the Empire, they’re most likely not part of the Empire itself.

Like the BoM, I believe they’re a group of Galra that branched out from the Empire on their own. But unlike the BoM, they still seem to have ties with the Empire.

And here’s the thing. We know for sure that Lotor is part of it, or at the very least is disguising himself as part of this new Galra group (for reasons unknown at the moment). We don’t know for sure yet that Lotor is Galtean, but the possibility is so high we might as well consider him to be. We also know that Galteans are taller than humans, but shorter than Galra.

In the picture where this new group rescue/kidnaps Matt from the Empire, They appear to be taller, but not tall enough to be pure Galra. Weblum Galra, whether they’re Lotor or not, also appears to be similar to Keith in terms of size, rather than a normal Galra size.

If Lotor is indeed this group’s leader and he’s Galtean, it’s probably safe to assume all members of this Galra group are also Galtean.

This entire group might be whatever remained of the Altean’s civilization when it was still in speaking terms with the Galra civilization.

anonymous asked:

aphobes; "the ace flag is stealing purple from bis and the black/white bit is bad bc thats on the straight flag!" me; "purple is on the gq flag, black/white are on the neutrois flag, and purple AND black/white are all on the nb flag. so are you being implictely exorsexist by completely ignoring your rhetoric splashing on us nb and gq ppl or are you shitting on us DIRECTLY by redesigning those flags as well? take your time!"


aroranger  asked:

boy i sure love the ace flag good old purple grey white and black. and that aro flag with its green lighter green white grey and black. wow glad those r the only ace and aro flags that exist.

Yep. No other flags ever.

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Name: rowan, syd

Nickname: i guess syd counts as a nickname

Zodiac sign: leo

Hogwarts house: hufflepuff

Height: 5′2″ i think?

Orientation: pan

Ethnicity: white.

Favorite fruit: strawberries, kiwis, oranges, bananas

Favorite season: autumn!!

Favorite book series: idk lmao i dont rly read dsfgds

Favorite fictional characters: DIO!!, jonathan joestar, jotaro kujo, kakyoin noriaki

Favorite flower: roses

Favorite scents: nail polish, sharpies, scented soaps, any fruit, and anything sweet smelling

Favorite color: rose gold, pink, brown, orange, red, black, purple

Favorite animal: DOGS

Favorite artist/band: the weeknd, gorillaz, beach house, the neighbourhood, camellia, okame-p, marina and the diamonds, bts, nn thats all i can think of

Coffee, tea, or hot cocoa?: coffee 

Average sleep hours: 6-8

Number of blankets you sleep with: i just sleep under one thin sheet bc i get hot rly easily but if im cold then i sleep under one (1) single blanket

Dream trip: idk tbh id love to go anywhere, just not something like the countryside

Last thing Googled: leo venus compatibility

Blog created: remade from my old blog in early january

How many blogs do I follow: 759

Number of followers: 410

What do I usually post about: warm aes, jjba, memes

Do you get asks regularly: NO but i wish i did

What is your aesthetic: warm colors, comfy bedrooms, sunsets

EDIT: im not actually 5′2″ im shorter than that idk how short tho

i tag @anodynedreams @y97 @charmyjouta @trans-boy-michael-mell @giotrish @goodmutual @worstmutual and anyone else who wants to do it!!

In Depth Aura Readings!

I’ve had a blast doing short aura readings for my service dog fundraiser! Now I’m all inspired to offer more in-depth, healing, aura readings. 

What the Readings Are: 

Having an aura reading is not just an exploration of the colors you glitter with, but also a deep and powerful understanding of your spiritual needs. 

Aura readings will tune into the frequently changing colors and tones of energy around you (your protective and emotive energetic shell, if you will). They represent personal issues we’re dealing with, energetic strengths and weaknesses, and things we need to balance and address in our life. 

How These Readings Work: 

  1. We’ll plan a call (or text/IM through Skype/tumblr messenger if you’re not a fan of phone calls) that will last around 15-30 minutes.
  2. I will email you a palette of the 6 primary colors in your aura before the call.
  3. During the call, I’ll go through what each color means, why it’s in your aura, and how it relates to your current life, as well as advice for healing it if the color’s a little funky.

Cost of the Readings:

For the whole package, it’s just $45! 

Payment is in USD and is done through a PayPal invoice (which accepts PayPal, Debit, Credit, and many other forms of money transfers).

How to Request One: 

Email me at sopherielspeaks@gmail.com with this info: 

  • Your legal name
  • Your preferred name (if different from your legal)
  • Any relevant information (like if you’re struggling with a particular issue, I can see if your aura has anything that can help you with it)
  • And of course mention that it’s an aura reading you’re interested in! 

This should be real fun!! Feel free to share this post, as well–there may be others looking for this exact type of reading. :)

Those proposed new ace and aro flags were created by aphobe exclusionists and the flags are gross as hell, like seriously ew.

Gray, purple, white, black, and green are the ways to go. No one owns all the colors.

Aphobes/exclusioniats say we’re stealing from the gay pride flag but that could be said for any other pride flag.

Personal Style
  • Aries: Bright, daring, lots of red, may choose comfort over style, likes to be able to move freely
  • Taurus: Earthy colours, elegance with minimalism
  • Gemini: Summer flirty, experimental, youthful, colourful
  • Cancer: Darker hues, mauves, purples, blacks, can be self conscious or protective about stomach
  • Leo: Expressive and creative, colourful, dapper
  • Virgo: Earthy tones and whites, comfort with grace
  • Libra: Colours that complement, natural style, emphasis on natural beauty
  • Scorpio: Reflects personal likes and dislikes whether these are fashionable or not, blacks, leathers, chokers
  • Sagittarius: Mismatched with cool, casual flair, tartan, earthy tones, casual
  • Capricorn: Polished and complementary, highlights natural features, stylish
  • Aquarius: Modern, uniquely styled, alternative, quirky
  • Pisces: Darker, purple hues, blacks, dark blue, mauve
  • (can also be coloured by the ruler of the 1st house)