striped cotton cowl!

Hey, I made this striped cotton cowl from Purl Bee! Isn’t it lovely?

I used a bunch of Queensland Collection Pima Fresca I had left over from my Liesl sweater. Then I ran out, so I had to go buy another skein. So much for stash-busting! Luckily since it’s the natural color, I didn’t have to worry about dye lots or color matching. Here I am modeling it in the bathroom while accidentally throwing some kind of sign with my right hand:

I didn’t have any of the thread the pattern calls for, and I didn’t have much embroidery floss either, so I went with what I do have lots of: sewing thread! First I tried knitting with one thread, and that wasn’t colorful enough. Then I tried two, but I wasn’t into that, either. So I used three spools of thread at once, plus the yarn!

It was pretty tangly. Luckily I came up with a spooling system that helped. I put all three spools on a DPN, making sure the thread was coming out the same way on each spool, then capped each end of the DPN with point protectors.

As for the stripes, I just sort of decided where to place them as I went. I did pink, peach, turquoise, gray, and mustard yellow.

It’s something like 65" long, so I’m even able to turn it into a festive matronly hood!

I wish I were as happy with my sewing as I am with my knitting these days.