I Forgot

I forgot how it felt to run the pencil across the white pages of my sketchbook.
I forgot how it felt to make the pencil dance back and forth the page filling every empty space with lines and shapes that at the time made no sense.
I forgot how it felt to get lost in the world that me and my pencil created,the world in which we can make time stop and stand still forever. Not moving, stationary,frozen,something that not even scientist have been able to achieve.
I forgot the feeling of standing back and realizing that those lines are not only a picture of my imagination. Those lines,dots, and squiggles are part of a greater story, my story, the story if my life.

I haven’t cleaned out the kitty’s litter box in a few days and I think cherish is pissed, she unravelled a whole roll of toilet paper to get even. I think she is smarter than I give her credit for or evil, can’t decide.