I discovered last night that if you run two pix_film objects into pix_diff like so:

External image

and stop one of them while the other one is still running, GEM freaks out a little bit, causing this really rad datamoshing effect. I’m not sure why this happens, but I’m guessing that pix_diff’s calculation of the absolute value of the difference between two inputted images may be similar mathematically to what happens when you delete i-frames from Xvid videos… I could be wrong. Anyway, that GIF above is the last scene from NIN’s banned Broken video (which seems kinda quaint these days, especially after seeing À l'intérieur a few times) “reacting” to a blank still frame or something…

Here’s a project I’m working on.  I’m pitch tracking the notes I play on my guitar through Pure Data to drive a software instrument in Ableton Live.  The Arduino is interfacing with Pduino in Pure Data and the sensors control parameters of the software instrument.  Currently, I have a force sensing resistor, a potentiometer, and a IR range sensor attached.  What’s missing is a Roland GK-3.  It’s a divided pickup that treats each string as a separate signal instead of summing the signals.  This will allow for polyphonic pitch tracking in Pure Data. 

I call it “Mess of Wires and Electrical Tape”.


Generative ambient music in Pure Data


01100110 01101111 01110010 00100000 01000101 01110110 01100001



just playing around with Pd today.

I feel like Data’s story is far more tragic than Spock’s could ever be. I mean I don’t think they are even comparable. I don’t think Spock is a tragic character. Hardly. Never-mind the is a lot to unpack there.But regardless Data is…trag-comedic. Almost Chaplin-esque. Data’s story is one of pure isolation, of forever disconnect. His existence is cruel: is he property? Is he a person? I mean those are almost irrelevant questions right? It’s more to me the sheer…artifice of his existence. He is physically stranded. My god he gets an emotion chip and can just SHUT IT OFF. He is in effect more isolated than the Borg, indeed the Borg are pure unification. Data is…alone. He’s just alone all of the time. A smiling machine amid forces just taking it and taking it and continuing.