Pure Neemo


I traced that yellow velveteen cape today (label inside says “PGD Hong Kong”) to make a pattern and recreate it in hot pink flannel.

Used some of the swarovski beads Mom gave me as faux buttons, so sparkle.

Those ice skates actually allow Betty Boop to stand all by herself :) She’s holding the purse that came with the Jackie Evancho doll, I’m pretending it’s a fancy muff ;)

Little Pullip X Picco Neemo S

As you can see the Picco Neemo body is very small compared to a standard Pure Neemo Flexion body.Some of the joints are the same, some are different. The standard size feels sturdy and strong. Picco Neemo is so small it feels very fragile. I also have optional hands for both dolls. I’ve never seen such beautiful articulation that is also so small! In the last pictures she is conquering her original rubber bendy body.

The Mega 1/6 Female Fashion Doll Comparison!

Being in the doll hobby, it can be impossible to find a good comparison of all the dolls out there. Being as its a hobby that largely relies on buying blind, we can too often get a doll only to find we don’t like the posing range or proportions. It’s in this spirit that we have decided to post the biggest 1/6 doll comparison we could, using every doll we have in our arsenal! Keep in mind, we have only included fashion dolls, this does not include ball jointed dolls! 

There they are! All laid out!  We used an edge to align the feet as straight and equal as possible. We had planned to use a cutting mat. but the doll line ended up being far too long to do so!
The dolls in order are as follows:
Azone Kikipop (Custom by Jade)
Azone Pure Neemo XS (Sweet Dreams Chiika)
Azone Pure Neemo S (Custom with Obitsu head by Nico)
Azone Pure Neemo M (Custom with Obitsu head by Jade)
Unoa Light Fluorite (Custom by Jade)
Volks EB Beauty Midi (Custom with Obitsu head by Nico)
Volks EB Neo Teens (Custom by Nico)
Ever After High (Custom by Jade)
Monster High (Custom by Jade)
Barbie Made to Move (Custom by Jade)
Original Effect Heyar Adas Teenie Body (Heavy Custom and Mod with obitsu head by Nico)
Obitsu 25cm Body
Pullip Body
Barbie Fashionista Body
Barbie “Spectra of Shimmeron” Body 

The azone dolls have only a bit of variation in their looks when it comes to the XS, S, and M varieties. The XS doll uses a different type of hand peg than the larger bodies, so it cannot swap parts with them. However, the larger bodies all use universal interchangeable hands (just be sure to match the skintone). They can also all share clothes, though the XS may not fit S and M sized clothing without looking a bit baggy and loose. The XS clothes, however, fit pretty well on the S and M sizes. Shoes are completely interchangeable between the three sizes.

Azone and Obitsu 25cm. They are very similar in measurements and can share clothing. The Obitsu are a bit larger, cheaper, and have a greater range of poseability, but the Azone bodies look much more shapely, with a soft matte finish and a solid weight.

From left to right:

25cm Obitsu, Volks EB Midi (with obitsu head), Volks EB Neo Teens, Unoa Light Fluorite, Pullip body

From left to right:

Azone Pure Neemo M, 25cm Obitsu, Volks EB Midi (with obitsu head), Volks EB Neo Teens, Pullip body, Unoa Light Fluorite

Clockwise from the top:

Volks EB Neo Teens, Unoa Light Fluorite, Obitsu 25cm, Pullip, Azone XS, Azone M (Flection hands), Volks EB Midi

Clockwise from the top:

Volks EB Neo Teens, Unoa Light Fluorite, Obitsu 25cm, Pullip, Azone XS, Azone M, Volks EB Midi

If you are looking for a more in-depth comparison of any of these dolls, we will be happy to help! Just send a message!