I hope y'all understand why I emphasize that I’m Transgender in my selfies - I have YET to see Punjabi CISgender people in Western media. My Punjabi Transgender community is even more marginalized.


​It is hard to describe the unique bond between a father and his daughter. After years of nurturing and raising her to be a strong, independent woman, it is a very emotional moment for him to behold his darling daughter as a bride! On this day when she takes her first steps into her new life, every father wants nothing but the very best for his little princess. A film by Tanishq (x)


Sabyasachi’s Firdaus Collection 2016: Firdaus is the highest garden in paradise, and in Sabyasachi rendition, most of the ingredients in the garden have traveled from as far as Burma, Ghana, and Turkey. Forty-seven artisans and three fine artists worked on the making of a single coat for over 1,600 hours. There were dip-dyed brocades, vegetable-dyed silk floss, velvet couching, brass sequins and more handwork than is visible to the untrained eye.

I was ashamed of my skin
not knowing this was the fortune I inherited from my ancestors
For I come from fields filled with sugar canes
and the land of five rivers
In slow denial of who I am
I forget that my brown skin is defined by my father’s struggle to raise me in a country
where my melanin is unseen.
But he reminds me everyday
that my brown eyes are the colour of the soil his roots grow from
strong and upright,
like the women of his country
who carried lineages on their backbones
and history in their hips
my curly hair is the crown I carry
for those who lost their privilege
between the borders of two countries

For I come from fields filled with sugar canes
and the land of five rivers
skin so resilient
hair so free
eyes filled with such a deepness
even the galaxies haven’t seen

—  brown skin beauty
young women in brown culture

In the brown community you literally can’t make no mistakes as a young woman because aunties will insult you as an ‘slut’ and your izath (family name) will be gone.

But one thing they don’t realize is that they’re holding us back from what we aren’t supposed to do. If you are holding us back, we are gonna do it anyways. We are young, we experiment and we make mistakes. The mistakes shouldn’t you define as a person. 

But with brown aunties, once you make a mistake. It is with you the rest of the life. When boys do it, its literally no problem because they’re boys.

We need to make mistakes in order to get our lives on the right path. These mistakes makes us an adult. In order to tell our future kids about all the life lessons we had, we have to experience. Our parents can hold us back, but if we don’t make mistakes, what are we gonna tell our kids about? Are we gonna be like the old generation?

We are young, we are growing and we make mistakes. But it shouldn’t define you in the rest of your life.

For my brown girls out there, live your life, don’t fear to make mistakes because one day u will be the woman u always wanted to become.