Make always sure, the punishments fits the wrong doing. Also make sure to discuss the punishments with your little, so he/she knows what he/she would expect. Never use spanking as punishments, because the chance is very high they will enjoy it.

Something also very important, make sure you separate punishment with sexual enjoyment of inflicting pain on your little. Otherwise your little will get confused and dont understand the purpose of punishment.


🔥 No sweets for a certain time.

🔥 A bar of soap in mouth.

🔥 Taking the phone away.

🔥 Time out.

🔥 Cold showers.

🔥 Early bedtime.

🔥 Kneeling on rize.

🔥 Writting lines of the wrong doings.

🔥 No use of apps like tumblr.

🔥 No netflix.

🔥 No internet for fun.

🔥 Not allowed to text to Daddy.

🔥 Eating or drinking what they dont like.

🔥 Speech restrictions.


🔥 No more masturbation and denying orgasum.

🔥 Wearing a big butt plug.

🔥 Being tied to a place naked and left there.

🔥 No panties while going outside.

🔥 Ice cubes in your princess parts.

🔥 Do what ever Daddy wants with you.

🔥 Getting naked in public.

🔥 Whipping her/his whole body.

🔥 Pleasuring yourself in public bathrooms.

🔥 Nipple torture.

❤ Never forget aftercare! ❤

Ministry wand-snapping shows some serious structural inequality in the WW. The Ministry tried to snap Harry’s wand for performing magic outside school, but wizards in magical homes can do magic all they want without being forever cut off from magic. The practice of cutting a student off from magic (and essentially the WW as a whole) for something as simple doing spells underage would mainly target muggleborns and half-bloods in non-magical homes.