“i did everything i wanted to do except win power of veto. i got here, i won hoh, i won battle of the block, i was a have-not, i got a punishment costume…”

the fact that he really was here for the experience and had a mental list of the things he wanted to do here before coming because he’s been such a huge fan for so many years is what’s really breaking my heart about this

While we wait for Season 2 of Daredevil @stpierreplumber gives us this amazing look at his Punisher Cosplay!
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randomshieldagent asked:

You ever cosplay as Frank Castle??

i have! there’s lots of pics in my masquerade tag. but also i’m gonna use this ask to show the evolution of my costume. 

i dont even have pics of the first time i did a frank cosplay. it was on halloween a few years back. basically i just wore a skull shirt and pulled some toy guns from my brother’s costume box. then, i think that same year, i went to a con dressed like this

the belt and shoulder harness were my brothers, and the combat boots i think i had gotten for a different costume. the guns again were just rando toy guns my brother had in his costume box (shout out to protonparker for being the real cosplay champion in the family. he made his own proton pack from scraps n shit)

then the costume evolved a little bit

i painted my own shirt, got a military issue thigh holster from an antique mall, got some gloves, a bunch of pouches for my belt which u cant see in this pic, and i got a better gun with a gun strap. not an accurate gun, but a better gun. and i also started doing gorey sfx on my face to make it look like i’d been beaten up. 

as of now my costume looks like this

i have a bullet proof vest now, in my thigh holster and shoulder holster i have airsoft guns instead of plastic ones. (the one i carry in my thigh holster is signed by sebsatian stan bcos i used it to punish him haha) i also carry a large airsoft rocket launcher assault rifle! it’s not perfect, but it’s grown a lot and gotten a lot better! i hope to keep improving it!