Essays in Existentialism: Punches III

Maybe you can do another Punches chapter? It would be so intresting to see Clarke meeting Anya, Clarke seeing Lexa fighting and strugling to accept that Lexa willingly fights and gets hurt. Thank you so much, you are my favourite fics writer :)

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The city was frozen, though the thaw at its heart began to change it. Buildings dripped and streets cleared of ice, for a day or two, and the next wayward storm would blow its way through, punishing it for believing that it had a chance at all to reach the sacred gates of summer. But still, the city did its best to usher in the changing of seasons. The snow didn’t pile high anymore, but came in wisps and dustings, and the ice didn’t pepper the roads or sidewalks, but relegated itself to puddles and gutters. The city tried, so hard, to escape the perpetual winter, that it did not even notice or care at all, about what would happen on the other side of the world.  

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Essays in Existentialism: Punches II

Jfc that boxer au slayed me. Could we get more maybe? Clarke meeting Anya and they gang up on Lexa or maybe the first time she watches Lexa fight?

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Before dawn, the snow that came on city streets was crisp and clean and pushed into piles on corners and hiding curbs. The city was soft, was frozen through its clothes and tucked safely beneath the fluff of a long night of precipitation. Even the sun was slow in coming up beyond the horizon, between the buildings, as if it too, was stuck, boiling beneath a sheet of ice that was slow to melt.

Despite the early hour, and despite the snow, Lexa ran through the city as it just began to shake its coat and rid itself of the weather that’d accumulated while it slept. Her breath turned to daggers in her throat and her limbs grew frozen and burned despite how cold it was, but still she trudged along, her thoughts keeping her warm and occupied.

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