In other news my friends and I are going to run a Shadowrun campaign. I’ve never done any D&D so I’m pretty excited! I’m gonna be a troll street samurai because I wanna be a big strong lady that punches things.

I’ve started reading Scott Lynch’s Gentleman Bastard series and I’m starting to think that Camorr is like the Florida of the City-States - except that any reports that may circulate with regards to “Camorr Man” are more often than not just the Misadventures of Locke Lamora in a Variety of Silly Hats. 

“Camorr Man Spends Entire Morning Being Strangled in Hopes of Attracting Lucrative Business Opportunity”

“Camorr Man Calls Literal Wizard an Asshole - Kills His Pet Bird”

“Climbing Down 100-Foot Trellis After Taking an Emetic Honestly Camorr Man’s Best Option Given the Circumstances”

“Camorr Man Lucky He Wasn’t Devoured by Giant Spiders After Nearly Drowning in Barrel of Horse Piss”

“Camorr Man Fakes Assassination Attempt in Order to Steal Man’s Pants”

“Camorr Man Punches Old Lady in the Face - Jumps out Fiftieth Story Window - Claims it was ‘Really Big Bird’“


look, I not saying I would like to see Dipper trying to punch Mabel in that relativity falls au, BUT I am saying I would like to see Dipper trying to punch Mabel and failing because Dipper being a wimp and Mabel the muscle of the team is something I love and will forever believe!