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Romanced companions react to Sole taking a bullet for them?? Not dying but just passing out? (Pls include Deacon, X6 & Nick thank you you're a doll)

Sure thing! 


Piper: Screams their name and after finding that they’re fine later on, fine enough to wake up and smile, she scolds them for an hour and a half. After the lesson she holds them for the longest time.

Preston: Has a small heart attack, drags them away, begging that they don’t die on him and that they shouldn’t have done that. He loves them and doesn’t want to lost them. 

Cait: Is furious at first, shoots all the raiders and punches a man to death. When she seeks refuge, and they wake up she whacks them upside the head and then brings them into a tight embrace. 

Curie: Hides them and makes sure the survive, keeping the blood loss at a minimum, using many Stimpacks (is that how you spell that?) and rocks them back and forth, humming until they wake up. 

Codsworth: Is angry at Sole for taking a bullet for him and angry at the raiders. Of course he takes it all out on the raiders and then finds a safe enough spot for him and Sole to hide. When they wake up he goes on a tangent on how he doesn’t want to lose them again and how he couldn’t bare the thought. They hug for some time. 

Danse: Holds them tightly, begging that they don’t leave him. Not now, not after everything they’ve been through. When they wake up relief consumes him and he hugs them for over an hour. 

Deacon: Waits silently until they wake up. They should be fine, he’d given them over ten Stimpacks. Yet guilt washes over her. How could they do that? He wasn’t worth a bullet. Not only that but he couldn’t lose someone else he cared so much for. When they wake up he puts on a smile hiding his grief and makes up a lie of how he killed all the raiders with a knife and some paint.

Hancock: He’s murmuring on all of this is his fault. He didn’t want to lose them, he repeatedly told them that, and yet they take a bullet for him? He wants to cry but holds it back in. When they wake up he kisses their face over and over, Sole laughing with his advancements. 

MacCready: Stares at his soldier, the one made of wood, carved and stiff. It’s the only thing keeping him sane. When they wake up, dazed and in pain, he smiles and holds them. Saying how much he loves them and that they should never do that again. Ever. 

Nick Valentine: Is sitting in a chair, left foot tapping over and over, just waiting for Sole to wake up. Oh, please let them wake up. He couldn’t lose them. and when they do he smiles, his eyes light up and he kisses them. Claiming that they shouldn’t die for an old rusted bot like him. They refuse his request. 

X6-88: When safety comes, after he’s killed every last raider he takes them to a shelter. Gives them a few Stimpacks and tries to hold his worry back. So he walks back and forth, like a caged lion, blinking repeatedly as if he were dying with them. When they wake up, to Sole’s surprise, he’s holding them and begging for them to keep that way for a while. 

Strong: Carries them away while trudging over the raiders like it were simple. He didn’t understand why the human always protected him, he never will, but nevertheless he takes them to safety. When Sole wakes up he’s there next to them, asleep, in a position as if he were waiting for them to wake up. 

Dogmeat: Drags them to safety, whining and goes out searching for help. He comes back with some travelers who help Sole. In the mean while he curls up next to them, head on their chest and ears down. Please wake up?

On August 22, 1933 Senator Huey Long had a little too much to drink and, finding all the washroom stalls taken, peed (accidentally?) on another man’s leg. That man swung a punch at Long and gave him a shiner that he couldn’t hide. Though the man was never identified, he made many of Long’s objectors, such as author Owen P. White, happy. The Klamath News, Oregon, September 26, 1933

(Two years after this incident Huey Long, who had just announced his bid for presidency, was assassinated at the State Capitol.)

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Are we just going to have Kylo Ren sing all the other Disney songs now... Wait... Is Kylo Ren the newest Disney princess? :b

Yes! Because faultless logic. 

Disney now own Star Wars. Leia Organa is a princess in Star Wars. Therefore Leia Organa is a Disney princess. Kylo Ren is Leia Organa’s child. Therefore Kylo Ren is Disney royalty. Therefore Kylo Ren is the newest Disney princess.

Frankly, let’s just turn Star Wars: The Force Awakens into a musical. Way, way, WAY too easy to do.

Poe helps Finn escape in the TIE fighter

You’ve got some power in your corner now!
Some heavy ammunition in your camp!
You got some punch, pizzaz, yahoo and how.
See, all you gotta do is shoot that TIE, and I’ll say:

Mister Stormtrooper sir, what will your pleasure be?
Let’s escape the Order, shall we now?
You ain’t never had a friend like me!

Kylo Ren staring at Darth Vader’s helmet, tempted by the Light Side

Now I’m the lord of the Order
The Dark Jedi VIP
I’ve tried to reach the top and had to stop
And that’s what’s bothering me
I wanna be like you, Grandpa
And stroll right in to fight
And be just like Darth Vader, man
I’m tired of fighting the Light.

Oh, Anakin
I wanna be like you
I wanna walk like you
Talk like you, too
I’ll see it through!

Kylo Ren tells Rey he can be her teacher in the Force

I can show you the Force
Striking, fearsome, impending
Tell me, cousin, now when did
You last search your feelings inside?

I can open your eyes
Take you to the Dark Siiiiiide
Choking, killing, mind reading
Any enemies we find

A whole new world
A new fantastic point of view
No one to tell us no or where to go
Or say we’re only dreaming.

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tony's wearing the same suit/tie when he tells steve he wants to punch his perfect teeth when bucky tries to shoot him in the face...did bucky try to kill tony because he made fun of steve? how long has bucky been back when this interaction happens?????

i was just talking with @sgtjimbarnes about this tbqh

when i get stressed about fictional events i try to order them chronologically to try and lessen the pain right

so here’s how i think it went down

  • steve rescues bucky from the machine in the antman post-credit scene
  • bucky gets away, etcetc
  • cue road tunnel confrontation
  • steve gets caught, his gear taken from him
  • steve gets presented to general dickface for a lecture, you know the one
  • “some would call you a vigilante” that one
  • anyways movie continues, stark shows up. maybe he was there all along re: the sokovia accords idk
  • but he’s there, he comes to see steve, to either talk to him or to gloat who knows not me
  • “sometimes i really want to punch you in your perfect teeth”
  • he leaves the room
  • up the stairs comes bucky
  • bucky, probably irrational, angry, and worried at this point in time, sees tony leaving the room steve’s being held in
  • holds tony at gunpoint (aiming at the arc reactor that bucky wouldn’t know no longer exists) to get information
  • tony reacts, covers the gun, pulls the muzzle up for some reason idk
  • bucky, realising the bullet wouldn’t actually hit stark, fires as a warning

i mean it makes sense in my head idk



In this clip, CNN political commentator Donna Brazile tears into Sarah Palin for her absurd allegations that somehow President Obama is responsible for the arrest of her son Track Palin, who was booked after getting violently drunk (he blew a blood-alcohol content of 1.89), punching his girlfriend in the eye, and threatening to shoot himself with an AR-15. She is the latest of veteran advocates to take the Tea Party firebrand to task for turning her son’s implied PTSD into an excuse to take potshots at the President – who did not send her son to war:

“I care for all veterans — I am the daughter of a veteran. And to go out there and to insinuate that the president of the United States is trying to hurt veterans when in fact he is trying to put more resources so that we can give our young and old veterans the care we need, that’s just a damn lie. You can say Donna Brazile said it. I approve this message.”

She’s absolutely right. Brazile rightfully attacks Republicans in Congress for cutting $1.4 billion in veterans’ funds while they continuously disparage the President, unfairly accusing him of “disrespecting the troops” and for having a “weak” foreign policy. Negotiation and compromise is not “bending over backward to the enemy,” as Palin put it. It is how the leader of a global superpower should be behaving – in a sophisticated and pragmatic manner.

How to Play the Many Fight Dudes
  • Monkey Wrench Mike:Run around and cape people
  • Spanner Sam:Run around and poke people
  • Mike's Wife:Throw horrible diseased turnips at people and Andrew Ryan their faces in.
  • Giant Raph:BODYSLAM
  • The Good Dinosaur™:egg
  • Space Mom:Flail around and let your little star friend do all the work.
  • Normal Raph:Why is he in a car
  • The Legendary Ape Man:Beat people savagely.
  • The Legendary Tiny Ape Man:Good luck.
  • Good Silhouette Design:Give em THE NINE™
  • Tiny Fight Man:Don't fall.
  • Sword Elf McGee:???sword????
  • Zelda Fitzgerald:Be married to the guy who wrote "The Great Gatsby"
  • Ninja Dude:Run around.
  • One Punch Wizard:Wizurd Phut
  • Tiny Elf McGee:???sword????but smol??????
  • Metroid:Shoot everything everywhere
  • Metroid's Girlfriend:backflip always
  • Animangel:you're already dead.
  • Angel Mom:Taunt. That's it.
  • Anime Swordguy 1:count your counters. Is it 30? Not enough
  • Anime Swordguy 2:Probably the same.
  • Anime Swordguy 3:what
  • Dog:Kill people old style
  • Pink Roundman:Give everyone a concussion
  • Mr. Penguino:Hold down
  • Tiny Sword Roundman:If you believe you're playing Brawl hard enough, it'll come true.
  • No Items:Final Destination
  • Harvey Birdman:Prefer the air
  • Rat:Electrocute people
  • Goshzilla:Just play Big Raph
  • Goku:Just get hit a ton and do nothing else. You get stronger the more you suck
  • Pink Roundman 2 Electric Boogaloo:keep using your down B. It'll work eventually.
  • Robot:beep boop
  • Baseball Billy:Get a touchdown
  • Cpt. Falcon:The Falcon Punch has a long charge and short range, so it's best to perform that at the end of a combo of tilts or other smashes. Keep your distance and rush in for the kill.
  • Kid:don't
  • Spaceman Stu:Throw your guys at em
  • Fit Mom:I forgot she was here???
  • Chalk:Reely feel it
  • Medical Monkeywrench Mike:run around and cape people again
  • Ow the Edge:you're still dead
  • Anime Swordguy 4:literally cuter version of the first one
  • Roundy Old Guy:Throw a mediocre company at everyone
  • Magnum Man:Your whole body is a gun
  • Sanic:Go fast
  • Mooptoop:Get killed at 50%.
  • Anime Swordguy 5:what
  • Dead Mom Darren:Mom's dead
  • Going Turbo:You cannot lose. Cruise control for cool.
  • Anime Swordguy 6:WHY ARE THERE SO MANY
  • Combo Mom:Gun. Ask your mum before playing.

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“Where the hell is she Sam?!” Dean yelled, blundering through all the rooms in the bunker. His heart was pounding against his chest and he had a pit the size of a black hole in his stomach. All the ideas churning around in his head making him feel sick. Sam ran towards Dean. Dean ran his large hand down his face, not knowing what to do.

“I don’t know! she was here before we left. You don’t think she went by herself do you?” Sam asked, eyes wide with horror. Dean slammed a door shut.

“That’s what I’m fucking afraid of!” Dean shouted angrily. Sam flinched at his brother’s outburst.

“I’m gonna go check the garage to see if she took a car.” Sam said quickly, sprinting in the direction of the garage. Once Sam was out of earshot and sight, Dean punched the wall as hard as he could. The pain shooting up his arm snapping him back into reality. The three of you had tracked down a demon that had killed one of your best friends from your old life, you were absolutely and irrationally bent on killing it. Dean had told you to be patient, he told you that him and Sam would help you but the whole car ride home you had a hateful scorn painted across your face. Dean should have known not to leave you alone. He should have known that you would do something stupid. He took a deep breath and reached for his phone, dialing your number.

“Dean?” You answered on the third ring.

“Y/N! Where are you? Please tell me you’re not going after that demon by yourself.” He said breathlessly, surprised and relieved that you even answered the phone. The sound of your voice was the best thing he could ever imagine at that moment.

“Dean I left you a note on the fridge. I said I was going out to grab some coffee, we’re all out…” You said calmly, trying to sooth the panic from Dean’s voice. Dean looked at his bleeding fist with wide eyes.

“You- you went to the store?” He asked, relief knocking the breath out of him, he stepped back with one foot to steady himself.

“Yeah I just needed to get out. I was going crazy thinking about that demon, and the lack of coffee was not helping the rage.” You laughed a little.

“In fact, I’m just outside the bunker now, I’m pulling in. I’ll see you in a minute Dean.” You said quickly, hanging up. Dean heard the garage door opening in his peripheral hearing, he quickly hung up his phone, and ran to the garage. He met Sam who was in the hallway, on his way back to talk to Dean. Before Sam could say anything Dean assured him.

“She’s- here, alright- I mean she’s okay, she’s in the garage.” Sam sighed with relief at Dean’s explanation.

“Thank God, left my phone in the kitchen. I’m gonna go get it and I’ll meet you two in the garage.” Sam said slyly. Continuing towards the kitchen. Dean sprinted the rest of the way to the garage. The sight of you getting out if the car with the plastic grocery bag was the most beautiful sight he’s ever seen. He couldn’t help it, he ran to you and enveloped you in a crushing hug.

“Dean, what’re you-” He squeezed you tighter.

“Shut up. You gave me a fucking heart attack.” He breathed into your hair. You gave up and hugged him back, appreciating the opportunity to be close to him. You were pleasantly surprised by his panic. After he let you go you saw his bloody hand, you gasped, taking it into your two hands.

“Dean what the hell did you do?” You asked in horror. He sucked in through his teeth when you checked to see if any of his fingers were broken. Seeing that none were, you cleaned the blood off with an ugly sweater from the back of your car.

“I thought you went out to get yourself killed… I got a little… mad.” He grunted. You looked up at him and smiled.

“I wouldn’t do that to you. I don’t have a death wish.” You paused and grinned a little wider.

“I’m not a Winchester.” You added, laughing. Dean chuckled, but his eyes were serious, staring into yours in a way you’d never seen. He leaned his whole body into yours, needing to be closer to you. He cupped your cheek with his other hand and traced tiny calloused circles on your cheek with his thumb. Your breath hitched at the tender action.

“Dean-” You started but he quickly silenced you by slanting his mouth forcefully against yours. You gasped as you felt his tongue on your lips and his hot breath against your cheek. You dropped your bag to the ground as you wrapped your arms around his neck, raking your fingers through his short hair. He groaned as you pressed yourself into him, deepening the kiss as you opened your mouth, allowing him to slide his tongue inside, you grabbed the back of his shirt to steady yourself. His hands slipped away from your face and made their way down the sides of your body, wrapping themselves around your waist.

“Don’t ever scare me like that again.” He said breathlessly against your mouth, grabbing your wrist authoritively and pulling you back in for more. You moaned softly at the force and groundedness of him. Feeling blissfully helpless as he took control of your body, his wandering hands hanging on tightly to your hip bones, then loosening to cup your ass with his large hands, groaning into your mouth as he squeezed it. You felt on edge and vulnerable but you didn’t want it to stop, you wanted this for so long. You wanted him to touch you and care about you in this way always. When the two of you broke the kiss, Dean’s hands had moved up to your lower back, yours to his shoulders. You both struggled to catch your breath, the hotness from each others mouths still in close proximity.

“Wow.” You whispered, feeling stupid as soon as you said it.

“Yeah… Wow.” He said back, smirking at you, his high cheekbones tinted with red, you didn’t want to imagine how flushed you were. You felt like you had just been out on an hour long run.

“I uh- think we should go back inside Dean.” You cleared your throat. Your legs were weak, and you weren’t sure you could handle anything more standing up in the garage. Dean nodded his head, and bent down to pick up the bag you had dropped. The two of you silently made your way to the kitchen, finding Sam on his phone at the table.

“Hey you two. What took you so long?” Sam asked smiling, mainly in Dean’s direction.

“Y/N was checking to see if my hand was broken.” Dean replied sure and sharply. Sam’s smile widened annoyingly.

“Really? Because it looks like she was applying her lip gloss to your mouth Dean.” Sam laughed. Dean spun around and wiped his mouth with his hand, seeing your lips gloss on the back of his hand. You covered your mouth and began snickering at the sight of Dean with sparkles on his lips. You threw the bag of coffee beans at Sam who was pointing at the two of you and roaring with laughter.

After you went to go put the coffee beans away, you saw Dean leaning against the sink, watching you with dazed eyes and his mouth parted.  

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(Started up Fallout 4 to play my wrestler built SoSu. Doing the introductory Railroad quest so I have Deacon and Hancock as my pals. get stuck in a corridor with deacon being in my way and he won’t move. Hancock is at my back and he won’t move. I’m sandwiched in. My sibling is laughing at me as i yell and beg deacon to move his ass forward. This is how it went:


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so I'm looking for a fic where it's like soulmate au where you know you met your soulmate as soon as you make some sort of contact. so after hermoine punches Draco in the face he knows and He's like "shoot"


Edit: Possible answers:

elantil-arcacia: The Endless in Between by DarkRiverTempest has the scene where she punched him and they both realised they knew each other from past lives.

@maraudermappp: It’s called the thin white line by @colubrina

Long Time No Talk


Please don’t punch me. Please don’t shoot me. Please just…not kill me. 


He needed to find his friends again. Reconnect. The crew at Eden were fine enough, but it wasn’t like talking with his old Guardians. Part of him wondered if Zada even considered him a friend. There was always the chance that she might recognize him and the bounty on his head. He could see it now. Bam. Dead. Quick and clean, he imagined. 

The Warlock was sincerely hoping that he didn’t have to fight her

“You hungry?”


Latest cosplay project! Some phone photos from yesterday’s shoot :)

Sorry I haven’t been very productive here the last few months. Much life things that had to take priority.

I started making Rey on tuesday night and managed to get something together for Sunday. I Definitely underestimated the amount of work for this haha “Looks like an easy outfit” hahahaha /punches myself

But at the end, I had so much fun shooting with a friend who I’ve been wanting to cosplay with for ages! He was such an awesome Kylo ren! It was wonderful to see his hard work on his costume in person :) thank you for shooting with me and battling it out :D

Rey - @christie-cosplay
Kylo Ren - Andrew Scott
Thank you @1unione1, anna and andy2 for helping out at the shoot! And hopefully thank you andy1 for some awesome photos :) can’t wait to see the final shots! ^__^

Hope you all are doing well this year so far! Make it an awesome year guys :) <3