No se si realmente Cross estara en Metadora.. pero igual le dibuje~ >.> 
quisiera poder dibujar a Drainir ;u; pero por desgracia los humanos no son lo mio xDUu

Los fondos tampoco son mi fuerte, lo siento no supe que poner.. :’3

espero te guste! Jakei n.n

I Don’t know if Cross it’s about to be in Metadora.. though i’ve draw him anyway~ >.> I wish I could be able draw humans! D:

He looks like a taller bunny <3 wait.. does he have two legs anyway?! (?)

Cross © @jakei95 ❤


dreamt of @mayor-brandy’s tropical town pimonté! ♡ it was so fun and colorful, every bit of the landscaping captured the vibe of a beach town perfectly~ all of the flowers and fruit trees made it feel so lush walking around! ♪ the dirt paths along with the qrs were lovely and the shells and gyroids were very cute!

♡ 4A00 - 003C - 0A24 ♡

Info,Update, etc

Hiii everyone!!!!

Thank you so so so much for your messages about Cardinal Cross!

To be honest, that game has a sentimental value to me. I wrote the script of the game at a VERY difficult time for me, and it was my only escape for a time.

I gave it everything I possibly could, because there is a huge part of me hidden in the game. With my thoughts and some of my own feelings. Not just the characters, but the environments and the history.

So getting these enthusiastic responses really made my day. Thank you so so so much. =)

I was actually worried a little, because Chapter.1 is the calm/quiet one of Cardinal Cross. The rest of the script won’t be as happy. :P

Anyways, again, thank you so so much! I’m hoping to finish it as soon as I can, and in the meanwhile, working on my other VNs/games.

Linen Tale info:

So, since I promised I’d give you Linen Tale demo as soon as I can, I already started working on it.

I actually changed the resolution of the screen to 1920x1080, and so I had to remake the layout of the menus, GUI etc. But I think it looks way better than the old version, so that’s a plus. :)

Looks cute, right?

Until I have the rest of the artwork for CC, I’ll be working on Linen Tale, so expect some LT teasers soon! :)

ETD info:

I’m still working on the game during my free time, but I’m already WAY ahead of the alpha demo I’ve shown you already! RPGMaker really made things easy for me. You are worried about how it won’t be the same etc. But please don’t worry. =) There will be lots of cool CGs like this, made by PrinceOfRedroses who is also the artist of the Ascension manga. It’ll be pretty cool, imo. =)

I’ll cut this info thread short for now. =) I’ll write more when I have more info/updates.

Hope to see you again very soon! In the meanwhile, please enjoy Cardinal Cross demo! I can’t wait to hear more of your opinions. =)

Love you!