Central Alberta: Red Deer

I just returned from a spontaneous trip around the province and I wanted to try my hand at a couple mood board-ish things for the places I visited. I’m moving to Toronto in a couple months, so this has been kind of a love letter to my home province of Alberta.

This is Red Deer shortly before that huge storm and the power outages that followed! Every time I pass through Gasoline Alley, I make sure to stop at the Donut Mill. Peter’s Drive In was something I’d long wanted to try, and I finally lived the dream :) I’m a little sad about Red Deer always and forever only being a pit stop in my life, but I’ll always love the open skies and the dramatic colours of the landscape on my way through.

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(this is directly copied and pasted from the document)


Brave, prideful, and pure of spark

Yellow-jacket wasp insecticon

Transformations include bot mode and a winged insect mode; wings have rockets built in at the base enabling him of space flight (considered giving him a pumpjack transformation)

High sense of family and loyalty; memorizes everything he can about current team members

Wired to enjoy the thrill of the hunt and refuses to be ashamed of this despite how bloodthirsty he gets at times

Easily carried away

Gets along extremely well with other wasp insecticons, has many dear waspy friends

Is extremely sad and mournful upon meeting a wasp decepticon and being forced to engage in hostilities (will sink into himself for months unless someone offers to listen to his sad thoughts)

He’s a smol boy

Feels the need to wander, to travel

Males lack a stinger; he will be all talk and no action, as well as not actually having a stinger.  He has various blades that pop out of his arms n shit but no real sting.  He looks scarier than he is.

Is a scout

Hopeless romantic and tends towards powerful women who could easily kill him.  Dreams of meeting the Perfect Woman or Perfect Effeminate Man he aint picky