‘Al Williamson Forbidden Worlds’ was originally done as a PinUp piece that was penciled and colored by Al Williamson, with inks by Frank Frazetta. the PinUp was used as the cover of a Fanzine, and one of the colored versions that Al painted over the years was used for publication.

1965 paperback edition of Donald A Wollheim’s 1959 story, The Secret of the Ninth Planet.

An astronaut hero travels the solar system in search of the enemies who are stealing the sun’s energy. The evil white-furred spidermen of Pluto are behind it all. Their once bountiful home was captured from its passing sun by ours and trapped at the dark, frozen edge of our solar system. The Plutonians want to do something about that…

Wollheim (1914-90) was a prolific science fiction scribe and uber-fan. He was editor-in-cheif of the Ace paperbacks line and creator of the Ace Doubles. He was the first to bring the works of J.R.R. Tolkien into paperback. He also created the DAW imprint.


Oh Jarvis, you’re so weird. 

But somehow the idea of awarding yourself 20 golden records (that you hand drew the labels for) for 20 fake songs and staging a gallery show for said records lives up to your cheeky weirdness.