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Do you think Dylan cried before he killed himself or at least hesitated a couple of seconds before doing it?

Some slight hesitation as he held his Tec pointed at his left temple. Perhaps one tear silently slid down his cheek in his brave resolve and determination. But not full-on crying nor taking the gun from his head and then putting it back to his head a few times hesitantly. More like when he pointed the gun to his temple, that was It. And he knew that. He was paused at that pinnacle between life and death. It was the final moment..that exact point he’d been waiting for for years, and just hours leading up on that day. Now, all he had to do was pull the trigger in order to obtain the reward: the relief from the bondage that was this life, the infinite peace. The fear of doing the act was not as great as the dire, desperate need to get beyond it, to escape.

“Death..afraid?” - DBK