Pull Your Pants Up

Imagine: After a long night of snow fall you were ready to embrace your inner kid and go play in the shimmering powder. You hurriedly pulled up your snow pants and threw on your coat. You looked like a human marshmallow with the amount of fluff on your body, but that didn’t matter because you were ready for the freezing confetti. As you ran into the living room, Yuta looked up from the television to see what you were up to. He let out a small chuckle as he saw your appearance; you rummaged around the drawers of the in tables looking for your gloves. Yuta left the room and you could feel your hopes of playing in the snow slowly dying because without gloves there were no snowmen, snowballs, or even snow angels. As you were about to give up you turned to see Yuta standing in the doorway all bundled up and holding your gloves in his hand. You smiled as he grabbed your hand and pulled you out into the cold, but with him there you seemed to always stay warm.

The Signs as Brandon Rogers Quotes:
  • Aries: "fuck me right in the asshole"
  • Taurus: "you want to become what? a doctor? I wanted to become a ballerina, you know what i became? HIV positive."
  • Gemini: "well what are you supposed to be, a disappointment?"
  • Cancer: "three years ago my husband went out one night for a beer, but that beer was all the way in Tennessee and had much bigger tits."
  • Leo: "you are the cum-shot I should've swallowed"
  • Virgo: "Try me, bitch"
  • Libra: "I'm gonna shove these up my ass"
  • Scorpio: "boy pull up your god damn pants. I can see Pinocchio and he is tellin the truth."
  • Sagittarius: "suck my left tit, David, you just got yourself another hour."
  • Capricorn: "it's fucking colder than a witches tit out there"
  • Aquarius: "fifth one i found today. I dont know whos drawing these but I'll tell you what, if I had those tits I'd still have a husband."
  • Pisces: "yeah we sell organic kale chips theyre on the homosexual hipster isle next to the recycled toilet paper, you glitter dick"
Being a part of the Omaha Squad would involve...

#1 hacking their insta and twitter / them hacking you back

#2 Sammy being all flirty

#3 Having those days where you all just laze around in one room the whole day, dealing with your hangovers

#4 Nate constantly teasing you

#5 being mistaken for their girlfriend

#6 “Gilinsky, I need to talk to you about that last snap”

#7 Gilinsky being goofy with you

#8 wearing their clothes whenever they leave something at your house

#9 Johnson giving you advice

#10 getting high together

#11 them asking for your opinion on new music

#12 “Sammy, pull your pants up”

#13 them giving you the dumbest nicknames

#14 being in their snapchats

#15 skating with Sammy and Nate

#16 playing basketball

#17 being good friends with Gilinskys sisters

#18 them randomly showing up at your place and convincing you to come along with them

#19 having long talks with Sammys mom whenever you’re at his place

#20 them having serious discussions about your ass

#21 “No Nate, I haven’t seen your bob marley lighter”

#22 Gilinsky playing your boyfriend whenever you don’t want a guy flirting with you

#23 “Hey Jack?… no, the other Jack.”

#24 having seen each of them naked at some point, because of different drunk/high stories

#25 “Samuel, what the hell are you wearing?”

#26 them getting you the most random birthday presents nobody else would think of giving you, just because you never wish for anything and they know you prefer those random, funny presents

#27 shopping and girl nights out with Emily Wilk

#28 fans asking you to tell them hi / make them recognize em

#29 John being like a brother to you

#30 making fun of Nates clumsiness

#31 Nates younger brother having a crush on you and Nate being annoyed about it

#32 helping Jack & Jack making vines

#33 “Whoa Johnson, you need to talk slower, this is not a rap battle”

#34 “Nice boxers, Nate“

(I added numbers so you can tell me your favs haha ❤️)

Yeah cuddling naked is nice but there is something so sensual about laying together with your clothes on just to have them lift your shirt a little and grab your hip, then run their hand up and down your body to tease you. And by having just a small bit of your skin exposed, it leaves your body begging for more, and your nerves burn to have their hand pull your shirt up just a little more, grab your waist and caress your skin. Then the sweet and dangerous motion of their hand tugging your pants down slightly to give you false hope of satisfaction is dispelled by the sudden tug to pull your pants back up, and it gives you the feeling of dire need to be touched more. Clothes are great, actually.

Dating Nate

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-always seeing his dimples

-getting high with him

“no Nate, we are not smoking here”

-high sex

-rough sex

-being the first to hear his mix tape

-him spontaneously cleaning the house

-Stew flirting with you

-tracing his tattoos at night

-watching him perform

-getting to have lazy days with him

-Sam being your best friend

-“Pull up your pants”

-him teaching you how to play basketball

-randomly travelling to Omaha

-protective Nate

-being his ‘lil mama

-”I guess I love you”


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