Self love Canna-spell

CAUSE YOU’RE AMAZING! *ahem* On to the spell.

Originally posted by novice-heartbreaker


- Cannabis of choice (I’d recommend a sativa for this, but whatever you enjoy or have will work)
- Smoking tool of choice (As always you can sub out for any type of cannabis usage, whatever makes you more comfortable.)
- 3 photos of yourself printed out; a silly one, a laughing/smiling one, and a neutral face one.
- white prayer candle (the tall pillar ones in glass jars, they sell them at the dollar store)
- white ribbon
- your altar space or where ever you prefer to do spell work


- Place all three photos of you on your altar with the white candle behind them
- Set up your smoking piece (pack a bowl or roll your blunt/joint)
- Light the candle
- Begin your smoking session, with each puff you say things you notice in your photos that are nice, that you love, that makes you special. The sparkle in your eye when you’re laughing, how silly you can be, how your hair falls a certain way, how beautiful and amazing you are. Time to boost yourself. 
- Once you’re done smoking blow out the candle and let it cool (so not to spill wax everywhere)
- Wrap the three photos of yourself around the candle and tie on with the white ribbon.
- Keep on your altar space, this is now your self love candle. When you’re feeling down or less than self confident you can light the candle and remember all the nice things you said. 

Remember, you are not the sum of your mistakes, you are not the terrible things you or others say about your, you deserve happiness, you are enough, and you are an amazing person. Please take time to practice self care and self love, it’s very important. Puff puff pass my fellow canna-users.

Brightest blessings

-Your friendly Canna-witch-