176. Hufflepuffs are expected to get jobs such as healers and herbologists because “they’re too soft to do anything else” or “They only care about looking after things” and although this may be true in some cases, the reality of it all is that Hufflepuffs make badass aurors and hit-wizards, they’re loyal and dedicated af and let me tell you they have a mean aim with spells.

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Tired Puff
  • Puff: Oh my gosh it has been a long day
  • Slytherin: You're being silly. All we did was visit the pet store...
  • Puff: It takes a lot of energy not to kidnap every single one of the adorable animals in that pet store! I'm so tired
  • Slytherin: Well, you may have to stay up a little later because I may have stolen a turtle
  • Puff: *eyes widen*
  • Slytherin: Or maybe I didn't?
  • Puff: GIVE