Lin thrust the trophy into the air and said, “Take pictures!”… before handing the trophy to Anthony Ramos (John Laurens/Philip Hamilton) and saying, “Now take pictures of Anthony with it!” (x)

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There's a Puerto Rican Superhero and She Can Fly
Meet La Borinqueña, Marvel Comics' Puerto Rican superhero who discovers she can fly when she visits Puerto Rico.

“She is a patriotic symbol of hope for Puerto Rico and Puerto Ricans. We don’t need to look outside of us for the power—we have it inside,” says La Borinqueña’s creator.



International Cooking : Puerto Rico [Part 3 - Las Últimas Recetas]

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I know that all the Puerto Ricans already know what the dishes are in Spanish and everything, but I just put description so everyone can be on the same page 

1. Jibarito Sandwich: this is a sandwich where plantain replaces the bread, and its usually made with a cut of beef but I made it kind of like a BLT with cheese and mayo-ketchup

2. Polenta  : this is cornmeal cooked as a savory dish and other times as a sweeter dish (funche). Often times its cooked and then fried, but I left as is, and molded it as a side dish.

3. Alcapurrias : I heard this is like a beach food, along with bacalaitos. It’s grated yautía blanca (or malanga) and plantain, made into a mix, filled with meat and fried. To me…I could be tasted just like fried pasteles 😅😅

4. Ponque (Bizcocho Puertorriqueño) : this is kind of like the American pound cake, soaked with a brandy sugar syrup and frosted. I tried my best to do you guys’ flag lol. Hope it looks decent enough 😅😅.

5. Arroz con Pollo  : chicken and rice, estilo puertorriqueño (puerto rican style)

6. Coquito : it’s like an eggnog with puerto rican rum ( I used brown because I prefer it, but people use white too) I know this is probably coming out because Christmas soon reach 😁

7. Arroz Mamposteao : this is simliar to a Guyanese cook up, it’s like a mixed rice with all kinds of wonderfulness. Mine had cut up plantain, chicken chorizo, turkey bacon, onions, sweet green and red peppers, and black beans. 😍 

8. Pastelitos de Guayaba, Polvorones or Mantecaditos, and Quesitos : pastelitos de guayaba are a pastry made with a very light and flaky puff pastry dough and filled with guava paste. Mantecaditos are like shortbread cookies. & Quesitos are little pastries made with cream cheese and sometimes also has fruits like pineapple or guava.

9. Papa Rellena : Potato boiled enough to make into kind of a dough to stuff with meat and fry. Unfortunately I rolled it in too much cornstarch and there were bits of white even after frying. 😒

Me encanta comida puertorriqueño. Todas las comidas eran tan sabrosas y maravillosas. I’m sad to finish but then again..I still make a bunch of stuff still’s all good 😎. .

The next country..or rather countries I’m doing are Ayiti & República Dominicana. Also does anyone want me do anything specific?

Muchísimas Gracias 😘😘😘

This one is for all the little girls in Puerto Rico who have been told that they’ll never make it to the big leagues. For all the little Puertorican girls who have been told that other countries will always be better at sports. For all the little Puertorican girls who give up sports because the world tells them they’re not good enough. For being a girl and for being Puerto Rican. Thank you, Monica Puig.
Esto es para todas las chicas en Puerto Rico que han escuchado que nunca van a llegar a las grandes ligas. Para todas las chicas Puertorriqueñas que han escuchado que otros países serán mejores en deportes. Para las chicas Puertorriqueñas que dejan los deportes porque el mundo les dice que no son lo suficiente. Por ser una chica y por ser Puertorriqueña. Gracias, Mónica Puig.