FEMA To End Food And Water Aid For Puerto Rico
The Federal Emergency Management Agency has delivered millions of meals and gallons of water since Hurricane Maria devastated the island. Four months later, it says that help is no longer needed.

Puerto Rico, Day 131:
—More than 1 million people still w/o power (31% of the island)
—Hundreds of thousands still w/o clean water
—Still a humanitarian emergency

FEMA has decided to “officially shut off” food and water aid on Wednesday.

hey uh…. just a quick um what in the entire fuck?

You won’t see it in the news, but Puerto Rico just had a national strike. It was in protest of the federally imposed Fiscal Board. They want to take away education, health and pensions. The local government made sure to turn a peaceful protwst into a violent one. Senior citizens, children, students and teachers, that were there expressing themselves ran for their lives as cops closed in and threw tear gas at them.

Now, there are more extreme people protesting who caused trouble as well, but what has transpired today was deliberate by a suppressing government.

Our country is hurting, our country is crying. We are alone.