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ok fuck this is a true story it legit just happened right now. ok so im driving and whatever and there’s this guy in a red mustang just like tony’s (from 13 reasons why) and i opened my window and yelled IM LISTENING TO THE TAPES! and the dude turned to look at me and he yelled back IF ONLY CLAY WOULD TOO and i died it was the funniest thing ever


Trying to explain to your non-hispanic friends why you can’t go out

Today in history, March 22nd 1873, Puerto Rico officially, Abolished slavery. Although that date was the official date for the abolition of slavery, enslaved Africans and their descendants still suffered under the conditions of slavery for a minimum of three more years, while slave owners were given money, and land agreements in their favor to compensate for the incoming loss to their revenue. Even after that, previously enslaved Africans and African descendants worked under similarly harsh conditions under the same “employer” for low wages.

It’s now been 144 years later, and I would implore us, Puerto Ricans , to reflect on what the abolition meant, and how the effects of race-based social structure still lingers on in current day Puerto Rico, and the Puerto Rican diaspora. How are conditions like for Puerto Rican’s of African descent, what are conditions like for Puerto Rican’s who’s African heritage is worn on their skin? What can we do to continue fighting against anti-blackness, and ensure a more inclusive, and less discriminatory Puerto Rican culture?


When you “Talk Back” to your hispanic parents in front of your friends.

lemme just ask why puerto rico gets little to no representation….? we are an island of people. why is puerto rico depicted as an island with very few cultural practices? i cannot find one book on puerto rican history, on puerto rican social justice, nothing. is it because we’re too far colonized? we are always lumped together with beautiful mexico–but mexico is not us. it seems as if we have nothing. nothing.