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Eye Catching Lucky Knot Bridge

The Lucky Knot Bridge by NEXT Architects is a key project in developing the area’s public space, and was designed with recreational, ecological and tourist activities in mind. The bridge connects multiple levels at different heights (the river banks, the road, the higher-placed park as well as the interconnections between them). The final shape of the bridge is the result of -literally and metaphorically- knotting all these routes together. “The shape of the Lucky Knot was inspired by the principle of the Mobius ring, as well as by the Chinese knotting art. In the ancient decorative Chinese folk art, the knot symbolises luck and prosperity,” says John van de Water, partner at NEXT architects Beijing. The bridge owes its imaginative appeal to the combining of tradition and modernity.

“The Lucky Knot is more than a bridge and a connection between two river banks. Its success lays in bringing cultures together, and in the fusion of history, technology, art, innovation, architecture and spectacle,” adds NEXT architects Beijing partner Jiang Xiaofei.

The Lucky Knot connects, illuminates and entertains. The bridge offers a spectacular view of the river, Meixi Lake, the city of Changsha and the surrounding mountain range. Thanks to its remarkable LED lightshow, the bridge is set to become a landmark attraction in the light route that traces the path of the Dragon King Harbour River.



OK SO I REALLY debated putting up some of my school work, but with a nudge from another artist I decided I OUGHT TO! This was my final project for my publications class. One of the options was to design a book and since I’m an overachiever I chose to do an entire bookset. HANNIBAL.

The sleeve was laser engraved out of red touche paper. Since this was a publication class I also did the book jackets and some inside illustration/publication design which you can see {here} and {here}

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MAGD Show 2014 by Dario Gracceva & Sarah Krebietke

Drawing on experience and insight, a designer or writer decides on the content and the order of each page of a publication, working to create a finished piece. But this publication is not yet finished. In this MA Graphic Design Show, your task is to gain your own experience and insights to help you craft a publication of your own.

Like the graduates who undertook research in MA Graphic Design, you will piece through visual fragments from such diverse fields as design, science and technology, architecture, journalism, literature, and photography. Using the same research that informed the projects in this course, you will assemble your own work that is tied directly to your actions and experiences in this space. Driven by personal interests, your publication can take many forms and shapes.

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Columbia Abstract 2013/14 publication by Wade Jeffree

“This years Abstract is based on attraction and repulsion. A metaphor always present in the teachings of former Dean, Mark Wigley during his 10 year tenure. The University attracted students to NYC to study and then repelled them into the world to experience Architecture within the field, around the globe. The publication features an extruded PVC ‘A’ encapsulating iron shavings that can be moved around cover with the accompanying magnet. It also features a custom typeface entitled ABTRACT.”

Wade Jeffree is a New York based Designer, Art Director and metal-loving Vegan from Melbourne, Australia. He believes that the effectiveness of strong, clear, and visually arresting communication is the best way to reach an intended audience. Each and every project is approached with an insatiable amount of interest and enthusiasm, and yields an intricately constructed result. 

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A Smooth Sea Never Made A Skilful Sailor by Taylor Evans

“Publication design about my first year as a qualified graphic designer. The content is a compilation of my thoughts, achievements, failures and what I look forward to in the near future.”

Taylor Evans is a freelance graphic designer and junior art director currently based in Perth, Western Australia. She is a design all-rounder who understands both print and digital principles. Having worked with clients ranging from small startups to large corporations, she has found building brands that are the product of strategically conscious design is where she thrives the most.


A beautiful creative direction made in Croatia, for Podravka annual report with the title “Well done”. The trick is to bake the small book hidden inside in the oven for 25 minutes at 100 degrees, so the text recipes and pictures show up. It’s made from some sort of invisible ink that only appears in heat. Directions are given so you won’t overcook it. If you really want to know Podravka’s secret recipes you have to become a cook yourself for a start… Now if that isn’t interesting I don’t know what is! 

Client: Podravka Annual Report
Agency: Bruketa & Zinic Om, Zagreb Via