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tbh the way they portray harry as an "angel" who would never smoke and a snob who can't stand to travel with his bandmates makes me sick of him, not of the others. bc then he goes out very publicly with celebrities who are known for taking drugs (this london crew) and it's all okay for people. but god forbid he would tolrate louis' cigs and weed. cocaine is so much more posh right.

Yeah, I don’t understand how you could agree with Harry’s public image and still love the boy to death. Harry’s public image is as fucked up as Louis’ but this fandom still considers Harry to be the “baby”, the one we should protect at all costs and we SHOULD but the boy’s 21. He knows what he does and he handles himself well. Just like Louis does. Liam, Zayn, Niall they ALL smoke. Do you see people complaining about them? I don’t at least.

Could it have to do with the fact that Louis is, as caroline watson described, this guy from up north? Kind of a chav? ohhh the sweet sound of elitism.


Italian TV show Che Tempo Che Fa released the first publicity images of their Madonna interview with Fabio Fazio, airing on Rai 3 next Sunday, March 8.
Madonna wears extremely refined coat from collection “Artisanal” S/S 2015 by John Galliano  for Masion Margiela, presented on defile in Lonon by Carolin Loosen (ELITE) ,look 13

what are some legitimate resources for royalty-free / public domain images and photographs?  i tried actually googling for the answer myself, but a lot of the top results seemed kinda shady, and i can’t find the post that was going around tumblr for a while, and i figure someone must know



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yeah you are right classism is so real which is completely ridiculous not only in itself but also cause harry and louis are from the same class but yeah thats the public image they project one is the perfect angel who dresses in ysl and the other is the hobo who only smokes weed and harry has to put up with i hate it so much and what the fuck smoking cig is not good for your health but its not a crime do these people live in the real world


Louis and Harry grew up in different environment, though. And don’t even get me started on how this fandom sees Jay because like… anyway

Yes, whether we like it or not, their public image influence us all. This side of the fandom included. It’s funny how the perception of how they handle their money changed. I distinctly remember an interview in 2012 where Louis says he is definitely the worst with money. Funny how that changed in less than two years, huh? 

"smoking cig is not good for your health but its not a crime do these people live in the real world "

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I saw that you liked Lisa's post, so I was just wondering if you had any ideas as to why Louis never lights up his cigs or doesn't inhale when they are lit up? Like what's the point in "smoking" then

In an ideal world, someone would create a comprehensive list of the times we’ve seen Louis with a cigarette. And then we could look at the circumstances of each instance — has he been papped with lit cigarettes, or only unlit ones? The times when his cigarettes were lit, did he know he was being photographed? Can we tell if he inhaled?

I’m not suggesting that Louis’s never smoked a cigarette — but I do wonder if he does it far less frequently than the fandom is led to believe.

It’s part of Louis’s public image — he’s the casual, Vans-wearing, athletic, laddy skater boy. Smoking fits right in. And so I’m interested in knowing how much the smoking thing is genuine and how much it’s a constructed part of what they merely want us to believe is genuine.

And oh my god, if nothing else, how many times have you seen people say, “Harry would never date a smoker! He’s so healthy! Also asthma!!!!11!!1”

Never stop questioning their public images.

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you know i love that we were a few days ago we were discussing the fact that harry was seeding a coming out while louis 'wasn't' and we said that this was because people outside the fandom have to be introduced to the general public before anything happens,the way they decided to do it is complete genius and not what i was expecting at all but what better way to introduce louis than as an "admirable LGBT supporter"?

I was vocal about thinking they would go straight from Harry seeding to couple seeding.

God, I’ve never been so happy to be wrong.

Louis has been painted as a homophobe for a long time. And look what this does for him!!! People who think he’s a homophobe get a new idea of him, and people who have no image of him in the first place are being introduced to a pro-queer Louis Tomlinson.

I am so, so happy for him.

This was in a Lord and Taylor’s print catalog in the 80’s that featured a “symphony”. Yep kids, you have on a suit and a contra, and play in an orchestra, you must be highfalutin & irresistible.

I can’t help but think that this type of use of the symphony & symphonic music is one of the reasons that people are scared to listen to Classical music before they’ve even heard a note. Folks obviously flock to soundtrack concerts. Is the image issue that makes for good product selling make for bad ticket sales?  

Pair with the most recent Lexus commercial where the “stuffy” musicians have to get out of the car.

ah well.

Additional things to ponder…

1. Is there such a thing as a contra bassoonist who looks this good?

2. Does the instrument even play? I mean look at the cracks in the bow!

3. Uhm, where’s your bocal and reed, buddy?

3. Is the woman thinking. “My what a BIG instrument!”? Will she be disappointed?

Your PG-rated thoughts?


Tripod Fish (Bathypterois sp.)

Bathypterois is a genus deep sea fish known as the tripod fish. As their name suggests, the fish stands on the sea floor using three fins as support. In some species, these fins can be up to 1m long.

The fish perch on the substrate with their heads facing the current. The fins allow for their heads to be at the right level to catch drifting crustaceans and small fish.

Due to the complete darkness of the deep sea, the fish does not rely on eyesight to catch prey. Instead, it faces its pectoral fins forward and uses tactile and mechanosensory cues to identify food. Once they feel prey and realise it is edible, the fins sweep the food into the fish’s mouth.