Fendar's Legacy (Passages 6: From Adventures in Odyssey)

Fendar’s Legacy (Passages 6: From Adventures in Odyssey)
Panicking in an unruly crowd, Danny, Wayne and Michelle tumble head over heels into the icey waters of Trickle Lake. But when they come up for air, they’re shocked to find themselves in a large public fountain - in a time and place far from Odyssey!When the trio attempts to escape from the police, one is seized and taken to the king’s palace. Given the choice of escape or the enticements of this correupt kingdom, she decides to stay. Meanwhile the other two join forces with an exiled prince intent on leading his people to freedomCaught on opposite ends of a weary nation’s struggle to break free from oppression, the kids must now make a terrible choice. It may tear them apart and lead them down separate paths to life-threatening ends. Will the Unseen One give them a safe escape?

its still so weird to me that its an acceptable and even normal thing in the south for kids to go into public fountains to play???? like if you were to do that up here youd probably be arrested, or at least heavily fined. but no its just expected that kids will go into the fountains what the fuck is this????????

it’s easy to guess what the strategy was: make bottled water appear more desirable than tap, do everything to get bottled water widely distributed. once bottled water goes mainstream, it’s easy for whatever authority to point at it as the replacement for public water fountains, and conveniently it’s one they won’t have to pay for. of course, the inefficiency and brand markup on bottled water leaves thirsty people considerably worse off, but nobody gives a shit about that.

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Splash! With Jin! ♡♡pretty please you beautiful being☆☆


For you, you adorable being! :)

Hide and seek sounded like a good idea, at least it did when Y/N asked him if they could play. Now, crouched down behind a tree trunk, trying to ignore the judgmental looks from several five year olds walking by, Jin thinks maybe they should’ve played a different game. Not that he really cares what a child thinks of him, but he really doesn’t appreciate the way these kids are turning their nose up at him and staring in their innocently unabashed and rude way.

The way their mothers hurry them away isn’t exactly comforting either, but it could be worse, Jimin, Jeongguk, and Taehyung just got kicked off the jungle gym by a few angry mothers and now he and Hoseok are the last two that need to be found. Namjoon lost right away because he tripped on a tree root on his way to home base.

And Yoongi? He’s sitting on a bench, shoving a cherry red popsicle into his mouth. He didn’t even bother hiding and instead disappeared to buy everyone ice cream while they finished their game.

“Is she close?” Hoseok think he’s whispering, but it’s more like a quiet inside voice and Jin is tempted to slap his hand over his friend’s mouth, but it’s too late. Y/N’s appears from behind and she squeezes his side making Hoseok scream.

Later on he would deny it and say it was a yelp, but they all know it was a scream.

Jin doesn’t hesitate and before Y/N can grab him, he’s running past home base, where Jimin, Kookie, Tae, and Namjoon are sitting cheering him on as he runs across the field and towards the large fountain in the middle. He can make out Y/N sprinting towards him and he’s kind of thankful she’s wearing shorts and a billowy t-shirt.

It’s nearly impossible to not admire the way her hair falls over her shoulders, pretty eyes squinting against the bright hot sun, and the spray of the fountain between them. He makes a mental note to kiss her stupid as soon as they’re alone.

“Jin, this isn’t fair! You’ve got really long legs!” She huffs and leans over on her knees, chest heaving a little and loose shirt exposing her shoulder and the bare side of her graceful neck.

“You’ve already got everyone else…I think you’ve already won…”

She shakes her head and with a bright smile replies, “I haven’t won a thing until I have you…”

The comment makes him blush, it’s greasy and silly, but it still makes something in his stomach twist and his heart thump. She just has that kind of affect on him, no matter how much time goes by.

“Come and get me,” he’s smiling at her, baring his teeth and eyes squinting. He sees her dash to her left and he’s already running to his right. What he doesn’t see is the sharp turn in her footing and just when he thinks he’s home free she’s barreling straight into his arms, feet bumping, ankles tangling, and careening into the shallow fountain.

When Jin sits up he’s trying to catch his breath, Y/N is leaning against his chest, hair plastered to her face and cheeks coloring as red as the popsicle Yoongi was eating. She’s tossing back her curtain of wet hair and she mumbles a meek, “Sorry…”

Jin doesn’t look angry though, he’s still smiling, his full-mouthed laughter bubbling past his lips and in between them. A large hand cups the back of her head and he pulls her closer, cold wet lips pressing soft kisses to her cheeks that make her even shier.

“It’s ok…I like it when you get competitive…”