#77: industrial.

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η κοιμωμένη της Πτολεμαΐδας
Σε πύργο σε κλειδώσανε ψηλό, παλιό και κρύο
και μίσθωσαν τρεις φύλακες μεκίτρινες ποδιές.

Τα χρώματα σου ρούφηξαν –ασπρόμαυρο και γκρίζο-
σε τενεκέδες φύλαξαν τη νιότη σου που θες.

Τα βράδια σε φωτίζανε με λάμπες από νέον,
που έβαλε στο λίκνο σου μια Μάγισσα-οχιά.

Εισπνέοντας αέρια και νοθευμένο φρέον,
θα έβηχες στον ύπνο σου θυμούμενη πολλά.

Στα χέρια του λιγνίτη σου κάποτε θα ξυπνήσεις,
σαν θα λυθούν τ’ απόκοσμα και κίβδηλα δεσμά.

Φορώντας τις περούκες σου, να ζήσεις θα θελήσεις,
μα τόποι δεν θα υπάρχουνε και θα ‘ναι πια αργά.

Μονάχη περιφέροντας το πήλινο κορμί σου,
τα δήγματα του κάβουρα tattoo σου γοτθικό.

Τί ήθελες και ξύπνησες μπορεί να σε ρωτήσουν,
“τον Πρίγκιπά μου έχασα και ψάχνω να τον βρω”…

Ptolemaida’s sleeping beauty
You were locked in a grand cold castle guarded by three men in yellow uniforms.

They drained your colors and they kept them in a basket.

At night, you were sleeping in your crandle, which was illuminated by the neon lights of the evil Witch.  

You were hypnotized by smelling gas and Freon. You used to give a discreet cough while dreaming.

Until one day, you will wake up from the eternal lethargy and all the spells will be solved.

You will stand up and wear your wig wanting to live again, but place will not exist.

You will wander with your clay-body full of cancer bites and if someone asks why you woke up, you will state: “I lost my Prince and I’m looking to find him”

For all the talk over the past five years (and there has been a lot of it) about the need for sustainable development and a new green economy, one truth remains: that domestic energy production in Greece continues to be dominated by the dirtiest of fuels, coal.

The electrification of Greece following the Second World War was driven by coal from Western Macedonia which even today it continues to be the major fuel source for the production of electricity in Greece. Yet despite its importance to the Greek economy - and the associated problems - many prefer ignore what is keeping the lights on in the country.

Now new photographs released by the Athens - Macedonian News Agency shed new light on the Ptolemaida – Florina coal mine, the largest lignite reserve in Greece and one of the largest in Europe, and the people who staff it.