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so my mom isn't exactly Feminist of the Year but when we watch fantasy/ye olde/apocalyptic things on TV, two things always stick out to her: perfect teeth and hairless women. We were watching Game of Thrones and there's a scene where a prostitute flashes her perfect landing strip to a man and my mom was like "wow it must be nice to have a waxing kit in whenever the fuck this is set"

Hahaha that’s great.

I mean, they definitely had shaving tools back in the era that GoT is loosely set but they were primitive compared to now and I HIGHLY doubt pubic hair beauty standards, which ONLY changed in the last 40-ish years, would have applied in ye olde times.

Also watching GoT with your mom… you’re braver than I.

Sadie: Well, you’ve split to the right place. Frank, let’s save that dinosaur!

Pterodactyl Jones (P.J.): Oh, slow down, doll.

Sadie: Well, how fast was I going?

P.J.: About 90.

Sadie: Suppose I let my foot off the pedal.

P.J.: Let’s say you hit the brakes.

Sadie: Suppose I hit the gas instead.

P.J.: How fast can that thing go?

Sadie: Suppose we find out.

P.J.: Seems dangerous.

Sadie: Ain’t that just like a dame?

P.J.: Took the words right out of my mouth.

Sadie: Suppose I did. Want me to put ‘em back in?

P.J.: If you promise not to do it the hard way.

Sadie: Is there any other way- oh, Frank! You’re right! Talking like this is just infectious.


Pod #178

Beyond Belief, “Jones on Third

Recorded on August 2, 2014 at Largo, Los Angeles

Frank Doyle: Paul F. Tompkins

Sadie Doyle: Paget Brewster

Pterodactyl Jones: Thomas Lennon

Irma Cook: Maggie Lawson

Kirk Cook: Enrico Colantoni

Detective Corso: Autumn Reeser

Photo by Matt Harbicht

A portrait of Patton Oswalt as Pterodactyl Jones, the house detective of the most haunted hotel in New York City, The Opal, and his dinosaur-ghost sidekick, Harvey. Their adventures can be heard on the Beyond Belief episode “The Devil and Mr. Jones” on The Thrilling Adventure Hour.

Patton’s likeness still isn’t as close as I’d hoped, but Harvey makes up for it, I think.

Soon to be colored and turned into a cigarette card. Stay tuned.

- it’s 3 am and I’m still in the library studying for finals and I’m losing my grip on reality and I think I just saw a ghost

Frank Doyle was not, in fact, afraid of any ghost.  Spending your teens exorcizing demons and slaying sinister supernaturals will do that.  He could handle specters, spooks, werewolves, wolveweres, goblins, hobgoblins, gobhoblins, and nearly any other baddie you could care to name without breaking a sweat.  Without breaking into his flask, that was another matter, and no one’s business but his. So he was not afraid of any ghost. He was, though, afraid of no ghost. Because ghosts he could handle.  He could deal with ghosts, fight with ghosts, make fun of ghosts, send ghosts to where they should have gone when they died.  But he couldn’t handle no ghost.  If there was no ghost, that meant he was out of options.  That meant he was alone, and afraid, and unable to prevent it, because there wasn’t anything there. Having an empty flask at 3am didn’t help.  Studying alone in the library didn’t help.  Suddenly wishing Catharine was by his side certainly didn’t help.   He attempted to get the last few vapors of ethanol out of his flask.  Nope.  Nothing left.  Just like his life.  So what if he made it to college?  Catherine didn’t.  So what if he could face down anything from beyond the pale?  He was alone.  So what of anything?  He almost didn’t see the point anymore- A squawky cry cut off his maudlin thoughts.  That, unless he missed his guess, was a pterodactyl.  So there was a ghost! Frank slowly stood, grabbing one of the books from the table.  Martini’s Through the Ages, good enough.  He had a flashlight on his keyring, that would do for a candle.  But a bell, he might have to go downstairs to the help desk for a bell, and the dinosaur could be anywhere by the time he got back. Nothing for it.  Quietly, he pushed his chair out of his way, greatful that the carpet muffled the sound.  He tiptoed his way down the stacks, hearing no further noises, until the door to the stairwell opened. Behind the door was another student, wide-eyed and sleep deprived.  He looked left and right, then at Frank.  "I have,“ the student said, "a strange-sounding question, but I want you to answer it seriously.” Frank put his finger to his lips.  "Sure, okay, but keep it down, there’s the ghost of a dinosaur up here.“ The boy’s eyes lit.  "Harvey!”  he shouted.  He ran past Frank, weaving up and down the stacks.  "Harvey!  Harvey?“ Frank winced at each yell.  This kid was going to get himself possessed.  Nothing for it, he’d have to run.  He caught the door as it was closing, and bolted down the stairs.

Thrilling Adventure Hour Fan Art: Pterodactyl Jones and Harvey

This one only got complicated near the end when trying to get Harvey’s design just right. I’m really starting to push for more detail and less reliance on past pieces for the resources. I only reused two components from previous works in this one, see if you can spot them.

Many thanks to bunnicidal for suggesting this one. I’m still looking for more ideas about who I should draw next, so feel free to message me or reply to this post with ideas.


Pterodactyl Jones “Move On” (Music Video) Directed by Witcho x PTJ Films Off the “Pterodactyl Jones” album out now –>

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Pterodactyl Jones - Shimmy Shimmy Ya


PTERODACTYL JONES (Noa James & Curtiss King) - Shimmy Shimmy Ya