Pterodactyl Ghost

I have one thing to bring up about the GF episode:

You know how people were saying ‘I’m glad Mabel gets her own adventures but it sucks that they’re all side adventures with no real bearing on the plot while Dipper does Important Stuff’

There is a division there caused by Ford, ever since he appeared he’s been letting Dipper in on secrets alone. Whereas before Dipper and Mabel had each other’s backs, no matter what weird and creepy stuff happened, when Ford returned he took over the role of leader because he knows so much already, and he brings Dipper into his plans because Dipper wanted to REALLY badly, but in doing so, he replaced Mabel. He distanced them by existing.

And then Ford did something really irresponsible - right when Mabel was having a crisis about growing up, and agonised over leaving Gravity Falls, Ford offers Dipper exactly what she wants - for summer to last forever. No going home, no facing high school, just 100 years Ford and Dipper. Mabel wasn’t trusted or included in Ford’s secrets like Dipper was and then she gets locked out of the one thing that’s always gotten her through everything: facing life’s trials with her brother. They can tackle ghosts and pterodactyls and monsters just fine, but high school without Dipper alongside her would be worse.

Grunkle Ford’s whole plan to prevent the end of the world fell through simply because Mabel was upset. She was upset because of him. Because Ford’s been treating her brother as an apprentice, giving him preferential treatment, and telling him not to trust anyone. And if Mabel AND Dipper had been involved in Ford’s plans, if Mabel had just known what the rift was, she never would’ve just handed it over!

Ford is not only a smart guy, he’s a twin just like they are. And yet he’s been working against Mabel and Dipper’s bond the whole time. He offered Dipper the chance of a life away from his sister, knowing he’d accept it, because he sees himself in Dipper - someone who can’t wait to unravel mysteries. And Ford’s twin cost him the life he deserved. Ford sees Mabel as Dipper’s Stan, an unruly liability. He wants to give Dipper the tutoring he thinks they both deserved, and he’s pulled Dipper away from Mabel to do it, so she can’t ruin it like Stan did to Ford.

But the opposite happened, and by leaving Mabel in the dark about the importance of all this, all Ford’s own efforts were ruined. The rift between universes never would have opened if a rift between Mabel and Dipper had never been opened.