Psycho-Fes Live Reading Drama: Scene 03 (part)

** make sure you’ve finished PP S1 before watching this **

Just before the year comes to a close, here’s a small something for you all :D

This is part of the Psycho-Fes event footage included in the DVD version of Psycho-Pass 2 Vol. 1. I’ve put subs on the third scene from the event’s live reading drama (this includes some cuts from S1 Ep22). Here’s the first part of scene 3 for your viewing.

You can get the subbed version of the entire third scene here.

I apologize for the low quality, but I hope you still enjoy. Please do note that this is only for preview purposes and personal use. Thank you, and Happy New Year to everyone~

NOTE: the download link above will only be public for a few weeks. Thank you for your understanding m(_ _)m


Resident Evil Aesthetics - Rebecca Chambers {9/?}



So, I wasn’t too thrilled with what she told Akane in the movie….but hey, that’s just me. Saw an edit similar to this a while back and decided to do my own version

Kill me if you like, Shimotsuki fans.

Despite Saiki’s best attempts to keep his monthly check-ups/hang outs/bitch-fests with Shigeo a secret, and despite the younger boy’s best attempts to acquiesce to the surly high schooler’s need for privacy, the two boys were interrupted their 4th month into the arrangement, halfway through snack-time at a local cafe in Spice City, by a surly middle schooler attempting to loom over the two. 

Cluing in to the recognition on Shigeo’s face, and, more tellingly, the harried ‘Nii-san’ that scuttled across Saiki’s mind space, Saiki determined that this was the time for introductions and not for making a swift exit via teleport. Shigeo had warned him regarding the alarming number of ESPers in Spice City who were anything but friendly, but, honestly, Saiki didn’t need Mob’s ability to see psychic auras to know that he could easily take this kid down if his assumption turned out wrong. 

More stuff for the Mob Psycho 100/Saiki Kusuo crossover I’ve been thinking about. Since I’m out a tablet atm this is mixed media, for once. It’s been a while. 

Please, please, consider this crossover. Come talk to me about it anytime.