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Psycho-Pass Utopia Hound Chapter 1 « The Genesis of a Case — Inspector Kougami Shinya »    Part 5

– The character’s thoughts are in italic –

Analyst Maru was a former physician specialized in anatomy.

In addition to being busy, since his workplace did not allow to meet a lot of people, he wished for a female subordinate.

Despite a not bad eyesight, he would wear customized glasses, feeling a hero of an old age American comic (1). He cheerfully used to say, “If I take off these glasses, I’ll emit a beam from my eyes!”

However, as smart as he was, neither Kougami understood well that parody.  

"How was the judicial autopsy, Maru-san?” Kougami started asking.

Maru answered while maneuvering a console in the analysis laboratory.

“Some findings have roughly come out”

The speeding up of both judicial autopsies and identifications was proceeding due to the introduction of drones and micro-robots.

"The name of the subject is Shimono Ryūichi. The disassembled corpse has been arranged on the fence so as to bring it together again, and discovered in that state. From the wounds and the reaction of subcutaneous bleeding, I found out that he was cut into small pieces after being killed, and not while still alive.”

"What about the murder weapon?” Kougami asked.

“A drug killed him. A strong muscle relaxant drug and a solution of potassium chloride (2) have been detected … this is the reason why his heart stopped beating. I found a little injection mark on one of the parts. Then, what dismembered the corpse is a roller (3)”.

"A roller?” Kougami unconsciously repeated.

“An extremely heavy and huge roller. The type used for things like maintenance of sports grounds. Usually, it’s something dragged by drones.”

“Was he crushed and cut into pieces by that?” Kurata was skeptical. “Human skin is resistant against pressure. In normal conditions, I don’t think a corpse would be dismembered even with the use of a roller”

"Exactly.” Maru simply admitted. “Before crushing the corpse, this criminal made « cuts » on the skin with a blade. He cut it with the blade, crushed it with the roller, and cut it with the blade again … He repeated the operation over and over, not satisfied until every single part was shaped into cubes with sides of about 10 centimeters.”

"Didn’t that take more time than dismembering him with a saw and a hammer?”

Masaoka said a bit astounded.

“I wonder …”

Maru folded his arms and thought about it for a while.

“After all, he somehow managed to do it with the tools he had at hand, that’s it, right? Setting aside the other parts, a roller is not so bad a tool to smash the bones into small pieces.”

“Was that roller the one used at the sports gym?” Kougami asked.

“Yes.” Maru nodded. “The crime scene and the place where the corpse was discovered are separated by no more than ten meters or so. The body dismantling operation was carried out in the sports gym refectory. It must have been a bloodbath, but the murderer took the trouble to clean it with the cleaning drone.”

Kurata made a shocked face “Isn’t it odd to dispose of the murder evidence with a cleaning drone?”

“In an ordinary situation, it would have been odd. Normally, when people find a corpse, they automatically report it to the authorities. This time, the eyes of the cleaning drones were under the control of the criminal because the surveillance cameras within the sports gym, that is to say the security system, had been cracked”

“Are the places where the murder and body dismantling were carried out the same?” Kougami asked.

“Mm” Maru shook his head doubtfully. “I don’t know that far. The injuries on the corpse are too awful.“

"Anyway” Masaoka said “If the place of the body dismantling operation is that close, it doesn’t seem that he cut the corpse to pieces to make it « easier to carry »”

“Even so, I don’t understand the reason why he « brought it together » again … ”

Once said so, lost in his thoughts, Kougami let out a low groan.

“What about the cracking code « fingerprints(4) »?” Kurata inquired.

A program code can be analyzed through natural language processing(5) and machine learning(6) algorithms. These algorithms omit the parts not related to the program from the Abstract syntax tree (AST)(7), and recognize the author’s « peculiarity » , or « things beyond peculiarity ».

“It’s particular, isn’t it …? There is absolutely nothing unnecessary”. Maru said, deeply impressed. “The places where you can acquire cracking skills are limited within Japan. Sure enough, typical examples are the electronic warfare (8) units of the Ministry of Defense … Soldiers’ « fingerprints » are easily recognizable. Teachers and students peculiarities are also easily related because of their branch of study.”

“So, you say that this cracker has not those peculiarities.”

“Exactly. Self-education, isn’t it …? Well, just in case, I will try to investigate the programmers and system engineers whose hue has worsened the past few years.”

Kougami thought that line of action was unlikely to be successful.

If he had been a criminal able to trace and get fingerprints, he would surely have been unmasked as a latent criminal a long time ago. He is a skilled cracker, which means that he can even cover up the code fingerprints.

Kougami had the habit of training hard when he wanted to organize his thoughts.

In the training room of the Public Safety Bureau, he tormented his muscles thoroughly using the machines. Leg curls at the lat pulldown (9) were just the beginning. He forged big muscles through bench press and squat exercises (10) using a barbell.

He repeated dashes on a sloped treadmill and fervently punched a sandbag made of artificial muscle material, accustoming his body to aerobic exercises.


Once finished the usual schedule, he took a shower in the shower room attached to the training room. He washed away the sweat. The water drops skirted the bulges of his stiff muscles and fell.

While wiping his body with a towel, he ingested the latest order made proteins and took supplements to improve the faculties of his body.

They were not the powerful products athletes with strengthened bodies used, but amino acids and artificial hormones specially developed which were broadly sold among the public.

Kougami liked training. When he trained, he felt like he could reach a DEEPER (11) understanding of his own body.


(1) a hero of an old age American comic: this analyst Maru is a humorist for real. He bought customized glasses just to look like a comics hero. And that thing of the beam emitted from his eyes…. By the way, he is referring to Cyclops of the X-men.

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(2) A strong muscle relaxant drug and a solution of potassium chloride: these are components of the so-called lethal injection, used in different countries as a capital execution method. Lethal injection is the practice of injecting one or more drugs into a person (typically a barbiturate, paralytic, and potassium solution) for the express purpose of causing immediate death. The main application for this procedure is capital punishment, but the term may also be applied in a broad sense to euthanasia and suicide. It first renders the person unconscious, and then stops the breathing and heart, in that order.

Typically, three drugs are used in lethal injection. Sodium thiopental is used to induce unconsciousness, pancuronium bromide to cause muscle paralysis and respiratory arrest, and potassium chloride to stop the heart. (from Wikipedia)

When I read “solution of potassium chloride” I couldn’t hold back my curiosity, I guess this is the chemist part of me who’s speaking!

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(3) roller: the roller is an agricultural tool used for flattening land or breaking up large clumps of soil.

This thing could easily cut a corpse in pieces!

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(4) fingerprint: In computer science, a fingerprinting algorithm is a procedure that maps an arbitrarily large data item (such as a computer file) to a much shorter bit string, its fingerprint, that uniquely identifies the original data for all practical purposes just as human fingerprints uniquely identify people for practical purposes. This fingerprint may be used for data deduplication purposes. (from Wikipedia)

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(5) natural language processing: Natural language processing (NLP) is a field of computer science, artificial intelligence, and computational linguistics concerned with the interactions between computers and human (natural) languages. As such, NLP is related to the area of human–computer interaction. Many challenges in NLP involve: natural language understanding, enabling computers to derive meaning from human or natural language input; and others involve natural language generation.

Modern NLP algorithms are based on machine learning, especially statistical machine learning. (from Wikipedia)

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(6) machine learning: Machine learning is a subfield of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence. Machine learning explores the study and construction of algorithms that can learn from and make predictions on data. Such algorithms operate by building a model from example inputs in order to make data-driven predictions or decisions, rather than following strictly static program instructions. (from Wikipedia)

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(7) Abstract syntax tree (AST): In computer science, an abstract syntax tree (AST), or just syntax tree, is a tree representation of the abstract syntactic structure of source code written in a programming language. Each node of the tree denotes a construct occurring in the source code.

(from Wikipedia)

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(8) electronic warfare: (EW) is any action involving the use of the electromagnetic spectrum or directed energy to control the spectrum, attack of an enemy, or impede enemy assaults via the spectrum. The purpose of electronic warfare is to deny the opponent the advantage of, and ensure friendly unimpeded access to, the EM spectrum. EW can be applied from air, sea, land, and space by manned and unmanned systems, and can target humans, communications, radar, or other assets.

Military operations are executed in an information environment increasingly complicated by the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. The electromagnetic spectrum portion of the information environment is referred to as the electromagnetic environment (EME). The recognized need for military forces to have unimpeded access to and use of the electromagnetic environment creates vulnerabilities and opportunities for electronic warfare (EW) in support of military operations.

Within the information operations construct, EW is an element of information warfare; more specifically, it is an element of offensive and defensive counter information. (from Wikipedia)

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(9) Lat pull down: it’s a gym machine.

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(10) bench press and squat exercises: bench press on the left, squat on the right.

Note by @cleverwolfpoetry

(11) This word is written with dots on the kanjis in the original version, to insist on its importance.

By @oishiipumpkinblue and @cleverwolfpoetry :)

Psycho-Pass Utopia Hound Chapter 1 « The Genesis of a Case — Inspector Kougami Shinya »    Part 4

– The character’s thoughts are in italic –

At the entrance, Kougami and his team met Oribe who was coming up to the building.  

“I am Inspector Kougami from Division 3 of the Public Safety Bureau.”

He showed his holographic detective identification card.

“Yes …?”

Seeing it, Oribe frowned in a puzzled way. It seemed that he still didn’t know about the case. Shimono’s death hadn’t made news yet, and the people involved had been warned not to reveal information related to that case.

Oribe was brown-haired.

He had soft facial features and he was wearing glasses with red frames.

He had a boyish face —— or rather than it, it was difficult to guess his age. One may be right assuming that he was a college student, because he looked like one. However, saying he was older also seemed reasonable in its own way.

Oribe fixed his eyes on him.

Thereupon, Kougami experienced the illusion of being disassembled in parts.

And being entirely ANALYZED(1). ——

“The Public Safety Bureau…? Did a latent criminal appear nearby or something?” Oribe said.

"Excuse me.”

Using a function of the inspector’s portable terminal, Kougami checked Oribe’s hue. Pale turquoise. It’s a beautiful color. It’s impossible that a high crime coefficient comes out of this hue. Oribe is innocent too.

“It’s not about a latent criminal, there is a real murderer,” Kougami said.

“I am truly sorry … but Shimono Ryūichi-san passed away.”

They couldn’t keep on talking while standing in the doorway, so they moved to the sports gym waiting room. Kougami and Oribe sat at a round table with a cold design. For some reason, Masaoka and Kurata kept standing.

“Now … where is Shimono-san … where is his body?”  

Oribe opened his mouth nervously.

“We have already transferred it to the judicial autopsy at the Public Safety Bureau,” Kougami answered. “We have taken care of the crime scene preserving it as a three-dimensional model.”

“It’s a murder … right?”

“If it weren’t, the Public Safety Bureau wouldn’t move, don’t you think?” Kurata said, from the side.

“You are right …”

Oribe’s gaze moved around restlessly, without calming down.

“Shimono-san … How was he killed?”

“It’s something related with the investigation, so we can’t tell you.”

“Aah …” Oribe let out a breath between a nod and a sigh.

“We have some questions for you, Oribe-san,” Kougami said. “Do you mind?”

“All right, if they are questions I can answer …”

“You were Shimono-san’s trainer.”

“I was his counsellor as well.”

“Were you under exclusive contract with him?”

“No, I wasn’t. You cannot make a living with only one client nowadays, you know. Unlike in the past, the sports stars have decreased. Because of the breakdown of public order overseas, no international competition is organised, in whatever sport… Besides Shimono-san, I am under contract with tens of athletes with built up physiques.”

"Is what we call a sports counsellor different from an ordinary counsellor?”

“It’s considerably different, I dare say”

Was it because the conversation had shifted to his field of specialisation? The tinges of anxiety and puzzlement faded from Oribe’s voice.

"As a general rule, sports where two fellow humans compete with each other « as professionals » are currently forbidden. The reason is that competitiveness inevitably worsen the hue. Thereupon, professional athletes purely aspire to break records while simulations and fights against robots have become a standard during matches”

Oribe went on. “However, much as athletes are considered fit by Sibyl, it can happen that their records do not grow as expected, they seethe with jealousy for the good results of other athletes and their hue worsen. We sport trainer counsellors anticipate this kind of feeling and work to allow our clients — the athletes with built up bodies — to focus on the matches as much as possible.”

"As his counsellor in charge, how was Shimono-san’s hue before his death?” Masaoka asked.

“It was clear, for sure. His records stalled but … it’s something very common among the athletes around his age. He was not supposed to worry that much about it.”

“Did he incur in someone’s enmity?” Kurata said.

"Weren’t there athletes he was on bad terms with?”

“I think there were some … But not so as to lead to a murder … it’s a bit too …”

“Well, I guess they could have also pretended to be on good terms with him outwardly, right? …”

There was a cynical side in Kurata’s mentality.

"It’s such a waste…” Oribe said regretfully from the bottom of his heart. “It was such a fabulous « body »”


Those particular words were faintly stuck in the back of Kougami’s mind. Why were they stuck? Kougami himself didn’t understand well.

The discussion with Oribe didn’t go any deeper than that, and Kougami and his team went back to the Public safety Bureau.

Seen from above, the Public Safety Bureau headquarters was an octagonal tower building. Its height exceeded 60 stories and it looked like a tower with a gothic architecture from a distance. The days the weather was good, it was over-embellished with holograms. Its solemn appearance made it look just like the cathedral of atonement. They entered through the front entrance guarded by security drones placed on either side of it. Sybil’s symbol and the MWPSB logo stretched out largely on the floor of the entrance hall. Within the Public Safety Bureau, they headed for the analysis laboratory inside the enforcers’ isolation block.


(1) This word is written with dots on the kanjis in the original version, to insist on its importance.

By @oishiipumpkinblue and @cleverwolfpoetry :)


when something impossible happens, there are only two possibilities.
either your assumptions are wrong,
or you have gone crazy.