We continue to indulge in the prismatic psychedelic on our next one. This time around, we’re not visiting Australia, but we’re re-visiting England as Kettering four piece Temples regale us with their first new song in quite some time. Certainty glistens and winds entrancingly, a stupendous first taste from a sophomore album to come. Dissonant streaking synths and a serpentine twisting melody leave me wondering if Temples is donning far more electronic threads on all of their forthcoming new album. Either way, Certainty has certainly taken my breath away. The enthralling song is brilliant. You can be certain I’ll be looking out for more news about Temples’ sophomore album.

If it’s some glitzy glamorous psychedelia you crave, be prepared to fall for the latest sensational jam from fast rising Australian trio Rolls Bayce. Unknown Mortal Orchestra kaleidoscopic soul meets crunchy funking Tame Impala rock on Inside Out, the first glorious single from this band’s forthcoming debut album. Inside Out was recorded with producer Miro Mackie (The John Steel Singers, Babaganouj, Born Joy Dead). Though Inside Out is a propulsive banger, it also has its smooth lilting curves and glossy simmering solos. Rolls Bayce just impressed a whole lot of people with their amazing set at BIGSOUND. I’m ready to watch the buzz over this band balloon manifold as the last months of this year approach and a new year begins. 


                                              FOREVER 27

Robert Johnson: May 8, 1911 - August 16, 1938, 27 years, 100 days.

Brian Jones:  28 February 1942 -  3 July 1969, 27 years, 125 days.

Jimi Hendrix:  November 27, 1942 -  September 18, 1970, 27 years, 295 days.

Janis Joplin:  January 19, 1943 -  October 4, 1970, 27 years, 258 days.

Jim Morrison:  December 8, 1943 -  July 3, 1971, 27 years, 207 days.

Kurt Cobain:  February 20, 1967 -  April 5, 1994,27 years,  44 days.

Amy Winehouse:  14 September 1983 -  July 23, 2011,  27 years, 312 days.