this site makes it a real pain to make a useful separate blog that can use all the features of the site. what purpose does “side blogs cant send asks” serve? Why cant I manage all of my blogs as full featured blogs for real unless I log out of one and log into another one, get a whole other email, etc etc.

and I dont even run multiple blogs beyond some sideblogs that operate from a queue. I cant imagine what big RPers go through like what the fuck, its so tedious. Even just making one new one is psyching me out.

I didn’t psych myself out because of that, because I didn’t really know how far [‘Star Wars’] reached. I’m clearly one of the only ones in the world. I wasn’t trying to fit into a thing… it was not like I was like, “Right, I’m the Han; I’m the Leia; I’m the Luke.” I was just like, “Okay, I’m Rey, just trying to do me, just trying to do this scene, trying to do the right thing,” and I think that was a huge advantage because I think if not, it would’ve been a very different thing.




anonymous asked:

I take too long to cum and my boyfriend obviously gets bored / tired of it 😭 how can I speed it along?

Okay first of all, your boyfriend is a selfish baby if he doesn’t wanna take the time to make you feel good.

But try to relax and not psych yourself out. If I’m taking forever it’s probably because I’m stuck in my own head worrying that I’m taking too long. Is he doing things you like? If not tell him. Bring a toy into it that makes me cum really fast lol. You can get a good deal on one from @dirtyberd.

You don’t “take too long” you’re fine and your boyfriend needs to realize he’s blessed to be doing anything to you in the first place. 💕

Oh shit! Here’s another! Oc! Name: Lance Kronko Gender: male, male pronouns Species: human-demon hybrid thing. Powers: nah, proficient in thievery though Bio: this little shit is a black market entrepreneur and a master of theft. He prefers to take from who he knows that they’re rich, most of them being in different cities. And after a month of not being able to sell an item, he gives it out to charity, in his room there is a small wheel of fortune styled spinner with charity names on it. He tries not to be greedy, but sometimes he says “ his hands move without permission”, other than that he lives with Yuu and Al.

serena williams: *drinks some water*

tv commentator: is she trying to psych out radwanska? i’m pretty sure she’s trying to psych out radwanska. i don’t really see any other reason a professional athlete might want to drink water before a sports game, do you? let’s talk about whether radwanska, another professional athlete, will manage to cope with the intense psychological warfare of her opponent, who is drinking some water.