Psych Still Needs More Help & Viewers!

Thank-you to all the #Psych-Os who watched #PsychRemake live last Wednesday! We managed to climb up a bit in ratings and trended during the east coast airing! But Psych is still struggling with the new crap timeslot at 9PM! I saw FAR too many Psych-Os say they couldn’t watch live. Things happen, I know there’s; work, family, sickness, afterschool sports/clubs, etc but the problem is we don’t have enough people watching Psych live right now. We don’t have enough new viewers to fill in for Psych-Os who are missing it. If you DO have to miss it live you can STILL help the 7+ days ratings by: recording new episodes, rewatching new episodes on your DVRs as many times as you can, rewatching new episodes as soon as available On Demand, downloading the new episodes on itunes, Amazon Instant & Google Play! Also when the repeated episode airs on TV! Every little bit of extra love & support helps psych!

So keep talking about Psych with everyone you see, keep tweeting about watching Psych Wednesdays at 9PM every day, keep reminding people to watch Psych live over other shows because it needs the ratings more! Even if you don’t live in the USA, you can help by spreading the word! We need all Psych-Os to keep tweeting about psych, posting on FB walls, re/blogging it on Tumblr & wearing your Psych Gear out in public! Try to get someone started on watching Psych now so they can catch up & watch season 8 live! Seasons 1-6 are available on Netflix & On Demand. Season 7 episodes can be found online by Googling and the DVD can be found $20-25 at some stores. Just keep watching, supporting & loving Psych! If this really is Psych’s last season, is this the way we want the final season to go?! Psych season 8 is supposed to be for us Psych-Os let’s keep it that way! 

I’ve never been a part of something where the fan base was so present and such a huge part of the overall experience. I mean it got to the point where we would start a new season and just sit down and say ‘what do you think the Psych-Os wanna see? What do they want?’ and then we actually started asking you what you want… and you would tell us and then we would do it! I dunno, I can’t imagine ever working that way again. But, you know, you guys were sort of our thirteen man; I felt like we could always feel your presence while we were working. There is no us without you. That, for me, is what made it different than every other crummy TV gig that I had.
—  James Roday on what made working on Psych a unique experience (x)

Yes, us Psych-Os are still sad our show isn’t on anymore but whenever it’s Tuesday the 17th we pop out from under the snow like daisies (yes Mushu) 

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greet each other with “Happy Tuesday the 17th” & rally cries of “Let’s Twist This!”, rewatching of the episode, and suddenly Psych gifs on Tumblr are active! It’s sort of a Psych Holiday for us. Anyway, hope all the psych fans out there had a great Tuesday the 17th! 

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 (I’m never gonna give you up, Psych). 

I remember that some time ago, I wrote a post about Shules fanfiction. I mentioned the non-finished ones. Well, a week ago I got a profile on to have all my favourites stories under my control, and without numerous file on my PC.

Anyways, i started to add all my favourite stories. This story that I really like btw, was stopped for 6 months… i wanted at least ask her why… I had some thought in my mind… like 3 or 4 reason.

Anyways when i saw this… i was really really happy. I mean she said that for me (or anyways i helped her) she continued this story. :D

Really happy. :D

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