Provost Marshal


Dominique Provost-Chalkley as Terri Marshall in Separated at Birth

#separatedatbirth premieres this Friday 8/7c on @LifetimeMovies! Don’t miss it! Starring @ItsPaigeTurco @britt_a_allen & @DominiqueP_C

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I will be making and posting gifs of the movie when it goes live on TV, keep an eye out on this Tumblr or my Twitter if you would like to join the live tweet or live gif fun!

It's Just Another Hallucination!

Context: My character (Expedition Commander, Victorian Era Marksman), the Provost Marshall, and another player are making our way through the Capitol city’s remote on Chult in an effort to prevent spellcasters from interfering with an imminent siege. We’d already passed through several chambers that caused characters unable to make the Will save to hallucinate that the other party members were either bad guys or had gone nuts and were trying to kill innocents or suddenly resurrected former characters.

We make it into a chamber with prisoners in cages and a single tribal guard.

Provost: He doesn’t see us. Let’s spread out and sneak attack him.

Me (Maj. Black, Sniper): No! Wait. It’s just another hallucination! *takes a few steps forward*

Apparent Tribal Guard: *turns, startled*

DM: *rolls dice* He sees you just standing there, looks at his spear, looks at you, and hurls the spear. Hitting… *rolls* The Provost in the chest dealing 28 damage and knocking him down.

Provost, from the ground with spear in chest: HE’S NOT A HALLUCINATION! YOU SAID HE WAS A HALLUCINATION!

DM: *cracking up* I’m so happy you fell for it!


Dominique Provost-Chalkey | Terri Marshall dominating in Separated at Birth

Part 1

For those who haven’t gotten the chance to see Separated at Birth yet, these two amazing ladies on Twitter (alwaysanearp & jodeco1968 ) had kindly recorded and uploaded the movie, please reach out to them for the link! 

If you’ve decided to share the content please don’t forget to give proper credit :)

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Petition not only for Dom to play queer characters always, but also evil ones, too. Or at least not always sweet and bubbly. Like Gooverly and Elle and that senator’s daughter in that movie that I can’t remember right now. More of that would be, like, really nice.

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