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Providence, RI USA

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During our brief visit to Providence last week we got so into the idea behind RISD Second Life, a secondhand art supply store run by RISD students. Because who has leftover materials after finishing art school? Answer - every person ever! 

The store is in downtown Providence and lets poor students and us, non-student cheapskates alike sift through a well organized selection of used/partially used art and design materials. Every art school should have one of these stores. 

Picked up a couple of of old hippie newspapers from Providence circa 1969, I was hoping for some old record store ads but no luck. Some Black Pather stuff, a ton of hippie political ramblings. A nice ad for The Columbus Theatre showing “I am Curious (yellow)” @columbustheatre #providenceri #columbustheatre #extrapaper

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Waterfire! Every Saturday night in downtown Providence RI this beautiful “Waterfire” display is put on in the summer.  We are one of the only places in the whole North America that does this, Italy being the only other place (where it’s originated from).  You’ll find thousands of people surrounding this huge scene,  Beautiful music playing in the background,  amazing flame throwers in the water, and free Gondola rides touring the waterfire. Its really a sight to see, so if you’re ever around here in the summer come down on a saturday!  Catch me there tonight. (Also another view below!)