De ceva timp nu mai simt nimic,nici iubire,nici ură,nici dor,nici nepăsare.Mi-au trebuit persoane,mi-au trebuit lașități,mi-au trebuit speranțe călcate în picioare,mi-au trebuit..Azi nu-mi mai trebuiesc!
Mult timp credeam c-am să fiu singură pe veci,când,de fapt,ce era mai important rămânea mereu,eu rămâneam.M-am ajutat fără să-mi dau seama punându-mi încrederea la sute de kilometri depărtare,în brațele unor persoane de la care nu așteptam nimic la schimb,deși simțeam nevoia de ele,și ele nu au vrut-o,dar știi ce?de data asta n-a durut,n-am fot dezamăgită,nu am avut orgoliu.Am crescut!
—  G.

When they said “one day, you’ll wake up and realise he was just a douchebag” I never believed it.
But today, today you weren’t the first thing that popped up in my mind.
I didn’t imagine you next to me or check my phone to expect something from you.
Today, I feel better, like I’ve taken one huge step.
Because today, I feel happier.
Finally, happier without you.

taylorswift I know you might never see this, but I want to tell you this because for the first time in a long time I´m proud of myself. Last week I got 2nd place in an academic contest at school. I tried so hard to get to this moment since I started middle school, and I finally got it

Throughout all of my years of going to school people always told me “Oh you don’t look hispanic, you look white” “You don’t act hispanic, you act like a white girl” and those comments always made me believe that trying to give off the impression that i was white would make me look better. I believed those comments were compliments. I never liked admitting to being hispanic because then people would begin to say idiotic things. After years of trying to act like a white person I noticed that those comments were never compliments. They were fucking insults. Telling someone that “They act white” will never ever be a compliment. I am proud of the skin I am in. I am proud of my ethnicity. I am proud of being Hispanic.

there are 26 letters
of the alphabet; an
uncountable amount
of words; and an even
bigger amount of phrases.
I could sit here and tell
you a phrase to explain
exactly how much I care
for you. but there is one
small phrase that sums it
all up. one phrase of three
words that I could say to you:
“I love you”

and with these 26 letters
and the unimaginable amount
of words, there is a phrase of
three that you would say to me:
“I love her”