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Hi! I saw some comments on this about being ignorant and not knowing what atoms are made of. And I realized...I have no clue what atoms are made of. I like to learn. Sorry for being ignorant, but I would really like to know. I don't anything know Physics (hopefully, I will soon). Thank you!

Haha you’d be surprised how many people have asked me what atoms are made of XD. In the nucleus of an atom (which is in the centre) there are protons which have a positive charge and neutrons which are neutral. The ratio of protons:neutrons in the nucleus is roughly 1:1.1 which becomes more clear in heavier atoms. There are also electrons which are essentially just wavelengths with a negative charge that orbit the nucleus. If we consider neutrons and protons to have a mass of 1 (protons would actually be more like 0.9986) then electrons would be 1/1836 of the mass of a proton. Now electrons are a fundamental and are a type of lepton. Protons and neutrons however aren’t fundamental particles and are made up of 3 quarks; a neutron is made of an up and 2 down quarks and protons are made of 2 ups and a down quarks. However the quarks only make up 8 mega electron volts (MeV which is a measurement of mass) while the entire particle weighs about 938MeV (neutrons are about 940 MeV). The rest of the mass comes from a process called quark confinement where quarks in a given hadron (a hadron is any particle made up of 3 quarks) rapidly exchange gluons, which are a type of force carrying particle known as bosons, which hold the quarks together and give the hadron most of its mass.

atknifepoint replied to your post ““No. Open your eyes. You need to watch.””

“Aww…you really don´t want to give him the honour of looking into your eyes? It will probably be the last thing he sees.” He smirks, his knife ghosting over the chest of the grunt, feeling Archie shiver under the blade.

He shook his head harder, tears escaping his eyes. Archie knew the problems he had with his mask. He wouldn’t be hurt by him refusing, since it sounded like Proton was planning on killing him anyway.

Oh gods, this was all his fault…

Send a ⁂ for my muse to take a bullet for yours.

It must have been an accident (after all, bullets didn’t really kill toons). That had to be it. Because Peter would not have a bloodstain bigger than a breadbox on the front of his shirt if it could have been avoided. At all.

He must have walked into an old fashioned, wild west gunfight. And him without his John Wayne costume. It must have happened like this: he stepped into the saloon, wide stance, proton gun drawn, stupid grin. Yakko was beside him, because for now, they were partners in crime. The ghost gang at the bar turned and drew their guns. Big deal, they were cartoons too.

Well, Peter had a big head, and before Yakko could shoot a proton stream at the head honcho in the middle of the bar, Peter stepped in front of him and shot. Well, apparently they were packing real bullets. Whoops.


Tracks made by atomic particles from a particle accelerator, a device that speeds up the particles. The eye can’t see protons, electrons, and other subatomic particles, but a camera records their frothy wakes in a chamber of liquefied neon and hydrogen at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. Physicists study the tracks to learn about the characteristics of the particles that produced them.” - National Geographic, 1978.