Gorgeous series of Aurora Borealis arcs over Tromsø, Norway - and I think based on the waves that all these clips are real time.


November 20, 1998 - the first component of the International Space Station, the Zarya Functional Cargo Block, was launched by a Proton-K rocket from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Zarya provided storage, electricity, and guidance systems to the space station during its early life.

Zarya was originally intended to be a component of the Russian Mir space station, but funding issues cancelled those plans. Through funding by the United States, the module was eventually repurposed for the ISS program; therefore, it is owned by NASA.

Timeline of ISS assembly:


“Aurora Living” shows how the aurora is experienced from within a city and urban areas. Although the best viewing experience is achieved somewhere without light-pollution, it is still possible to watch the auroras even from a city.
All scenes shot in or close to the city of Tromsø, Norway. The scenes shot were extremely challenging. Exposing accurately for both the aurora and the foreground city-lights is not possible, so you have to meet somewhere in the middle and work from there.
During the filming I was lucky to get some of the most extreme auroral displays I have ever witnessed. The amount of pink auroral-light directly overhead the city of Tromsø was almost unbelievable.
All scenes are much longer, and I have so many good sequences that did not make it for this short film.


Tracks made by atomic particles from a particle accelerator, a device that speeds up the particles. The eye can’t see protons, electrons, and other subatomic particles, but a camera records their frothy wakes in a chamber of liquefied neon and hydrogen at the Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory in Batavia, Illinois. Physicists study the tracks to learn about the characteristics of the particles that produced them.” - National Geographic, 1978.

Consider this. Night at the Museum meets Ghostbusters 2016.

Ghosts inhabiting the display mannequins, inhabiting the taxidermied animals, the priceless artifacts. Patty being chased by a squad of cavemen mannequins armed to the teeth. Erin being slimed by a fucking wooly mammoth. Abby having an existential crisis about having to shoot a priceless mummy with superheated protons. Holtz riding the mammoth that slimes Erin and fighting reanimated t-rex/dinosaur skeletons.