listen I’m actually kind of terrified of ghosts but for Holtzmann I’d do my best 🚫👻

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Ghostbusters (2016) - Awesome Build

How did Jim make the proton packs?

Daiso Ghostbusters Cosplay Haul

My roommate and I are going as Ghostbusters for Halloween this year and naturally want to make the costumes as cheaply as possible.  We went to Daiso (the Japanese $1.50 store on the US West Coast) to see what we could find.

1.) a Barbeque Grill Gate (for the base of the proton pack, something to attach straps to without worrying foam or cardboard might rip or give way.  Also will hopefully help it keep it’s shape)

2.) Wire basket/colander (for the faraday cage)

3.) Water tank cleaning pump (for the neutrino wand hose)

4.) Super Strong Magnets, pack of four (we intend to use these to stick the neutrino wand to the pack when we’re not holding it.  They’re REALLY strong magnets)

5.) Carabiners (I’m not sure yet but we figured they’d be a good idea) 

6.) Zip ties! 

All this for one pack would cost $9+tax

For the two packs we spent $15+ tax

We still need foam for the body of the beast and probably various pipes and doodads but we are pleased with what we have so far.  I will post construction pics when we get there.

A lot of folks have remarked that Holtzmann’s proton-pistol gunkata scene in the final act of the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot feels gratuitous, and to an extent I agree, but I also got another feeling from it.

Namely… well, I’ve been a dedicated cinemaphile for going on twenty-five years now, and in that span, I can count without running out of fingers the number of times I’ve seen a female action hero throw down where I genuinely felt like I was being invited to vicariously identify with her badassitude, rather than appreciating it as a voyeuristic spectacle.

That was one of them.

 Proton pump found to regulate blood pH in stingrays

Researchers at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at the University of California San Diego have discovered the same enzyme used by “boneworms” to dissolve whale carcasses, and that helps promote photosynthesis in corals, also regulates blood pH in stingrays. The study could help scientists better understand the enzyme’s function in human kidneys to regulate blood and urine functions.

The findings, published in the August issue of the American Journal of Physiology - Cell Physiology, show that the detection of blood pH levels is happening directly in cells that are specialized for pH regulation, and not in the brain or by hormones.

Caption: Cells isolated from stingray gills showing the protein (green) are moving to the cell membrane when activated. Credit: Scripps Oceanography/UC San Diego


I got this adorable mini proton pack at the book store today and spent far more money on it than I should have but it came with cute stickers and a reference sheet for the pack so I can build a life size one with LEDs for cosplay purposes so all in all a great purchase I think.

The wand lights up and it makes the noise I am such a child this is the best thing ever.

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*ahem* ...Ghostbusters movie screenings at the castle though.

(Lance, running through the dark halls of the castle at night: “I AIN’T AFRAID OF NO GHOSTS. OH GOD. OH GOD WHY.”)

Pidge and Lance spend the entire time trying to convince Coran that the movies are documentaries, based on totally true events that actually happened on Earth. Yes, absolutely, there are statues of the Ghostbusters all over NYC. Yes, the Ghostbusters reboot with the girls also happened. Heroes come in all shapes and sizes, you should know this by now, Coran.

Hunk decides he’s going to build a proton pack. Or two. He ends up with seven, one for each of them, once Pidge figures out what he’s up to. Coran’s excited to have an Earth weapon of his very own. Keith pretends he doesn’t care but he absolutely finds a hidden part of the castle and whispers, “I ain’t afraid of no ghosts” before pretending to fight ghosts.

Lance wears his for a week straight, claiming to be ready the next time the castle decides to act up on them. He tries to keep it on during training, but Shiro just tells him to take it off. He puts up a fight, Shiro promises there’s no ghosts in the training room, Lance finally gives in.

After training, Pidge runs into the lounge yelling about ghosts in the hangar. The next three hours are spent with all of them running around the castle, screaming and fighting ‘ghosts,’ aka holograms from the castle’s projection system that Pidge hacked because this was absolutely something that needed to happen.

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Hi! I love this blog and i've finally decided to cosplay again! I'm fairly new to this game, but both time and effort are no problem to me (the only big roadblock is my budget). I came to you to ask if you know any tutorials for the new Ghostbuster's (2016) Proton Pack? I've been looking around but they almost always refer to the original movie.

Hi @syubed

Glad to see you back in the cosplay community! I’m just starting to see tutorials pop up for the proton packs. Here  is one such pack. However if you don’t have access to sintra just use thick craft foam. He does have access to some tools and pieces that aren’t in everyone’s toolbox. But he does have a lot of really good ideas about the base shapes and how to create them. 

Awesome breakdown by the creator Paul Feig on his designs for the movie ( I’ve seen where they are refered to Feig Proton Packs or Feig Packs)

If you need to 3d print any parts

This thread was a treasure trove of info

Like this one :

and this one

Hope that helps