This Week In Revolution: 

Tensions flare again in Hong Kong as authorities obtain permission to remove democracy protestors from crowded protest sites

Ferguson, MO now in a ‘State of Emergency’ in anticipation of the grand jury decision regarding the indictment of Darren Wilson

Outrage in Mexico over missing students and government corruption peaks in the wake of protestors setting fire to the Mexican president’s palace 

I find the lack of Ferguson posts on my dash disturbing. Guys, DO NOT LET THIS DIE. Don’t let this be one of those things where we all just post and talk about it for a few days to make ourselves feel better. This is so important. A revolution is happening, keep the word alive, keep talking about it, keep doing EXACTLY what they don’t want us to do. Don’t succumb to complacency just because it isn’t directly affecting you at this moment.


This video is important and everyone should watch it.


what the media isnt showing you


This is Mexico right now
Where teachers are treated like criminals and criminals are treated like royalty
A peaceful protest is no longer an option we live in an oppressed system full of corruption and injustice
Please everyone know what is happening in my country dont let the people be silenced… Theyre threatening to do a huge shut down to the whole city so they can “clean” the streets with no one watching

Re: that sitting for the pledge post, some advice for high schoolers who want to defend their right to sit
  • get all your emotions out now so they don’t impede you later. Visualize the situation, visualize yourself lashing out or yelling or crying and the negative reaction that gets. Then visualize yourself keeping your cool
  • Practice saying “Tinker vs. Des Moines” until it rolls off your tongue, then you’re less likely to blank. Maybe read the Wiki page so if your teacher gives you a hard time you can show that you’ve thought this through
  • Visualize the worst case scenario as well and visualize yourself keeping your cool throughout it. The worst case scenario is not likely to happen but even if it does you can handle it
  • Don’t expect the reaction, if there’s any reaction (and there might not be, be ready for that, too) to follow any script you have. Just stick to your guns and remember your ideals and adapt to the situation. White people, non-black people: always put Mike Brown first in your mind before your own emotions.
  • Remember that you’re not doing anything wrong by doing this, or by getting emotional or not knowing everything about the case or anything: teachers who try to stop you are doing the wrong thing