TUE AUG 4 - 4:00 PM

4010 Blue Ridge Cut Off

Adams Mark March & Protest

Please come to stand up against racism and intolerance! We are marching and protesting at the Adams Mark Hotel. The March will begin at 4010 Blue Ridge Cutoff and will end at the Adams Mark Hotel. This is a LAWFUL and PEACEFUL DEMONSTRATION!! Thanks for standing up with us!! #adamsmarkdoll #blacklivesmatter

People in central Stockholm protest the decision by the local transport authority to allow anti-roma hate propaganda in the Stockholm metro. After an advertising campaign for far-right Sweden Democrats was displayed in the city’s metro stations, thousands of people came together in objection. The advertisements degrade the homeless as well as favor racism. They were recently torn down, then put back up as the party continues to pay for them.

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Photo by @adropofawesome via Fresco News

Undercover cops infiltrated, took over Tampa protest groups before 2012 Republican National Convention
TAMPA — A lot went into Tampa's trouble-free protests during the 2012 Republican National Convention: Intense planning. Lessons of past conventions. Big spending on extra officers, training and equipment. Even a tropical storm.

And then there’s this: An undercover police operation in which officers infiltrated and took leadership roles in the protest groups they were surveilling.

Normally, police wouldn’t acknowledge, let alone discuss, such an undercover operation. But Tampa police Maj. Marc Hamlin talked a little about the 2012 RNC efforts Monday because the secret was already out. Last month, a reporter for the Cleveland Plain Dealer, attending a maritime security conference in Cleveland (which is hosting the 2016 RNC), heard him describe how police managed to join and “take over” protest groups.

“They became, like, the leaders of the group,” Hamlin confirmed Monday.

News of the undercover operations came as no surprise to one protest leader.

“They did it in the 2008 RNC. Why wouldn’t they keep doing that?” said Jared Hamil, 27, an activist who helped coordinate plans for the Coalition to March on the RNC. “I’ll say about 2012, there were lots of people who came to help organize for the protests that I had never met before and that shortly after the protests I never saw again.”


Watch: Black Lives Matter protesters were pepper sprayed in Cleveland this weekend

The protest was part of a demonstration by the National Convening of the Movement for Black Lives, which met at Cleveland State University for a weekend conference on police brutality. Protests turned nasty, however, after the city’s Regional Transit Authority reportedly detained a 14-year-old for a seemingly minor reason.


July 25 2015 -  Haiti marked the 100th anniversary of the first U.S. invasion of the country with protests in Port-au-Prince under the slogans of “Enough” and “No More Occupations”. 

One hundred years ago, U.S. corporations turned Haiti into a source of cheap labor and 400,000 workers were forced to go to other parts of the Caribbean and work in U.S. enterprises. The anti-imperialist protesters demanded the withdrawal of U.N. forces and reparations for historical losses inflicted on Haiti. 

As one protester said “The goal of this march is to say: Death to the dictatorship. Death to the occupation. Long live Haiti and the Haitian people. The USA are terrorists”. [video]