The Feds Almost Used A Pesticide That's Harmful To Pregnant Women To Combat Zika In Puerto Rico

Why has nobody been talking about the fact that Puerto Rico was going to be fumigated by the United States government using an unregistered pesticide called Naled which is extremely toxic insecticide, particularly to pregnant women, in order to “combat the zika virus”? If it weren’t for the protests in front of the island’s Capitol building and the governor agreeing to deny the use of it, the chemical would’ve been spread all over Puerto Rico.

Why should we let the U.S. Government continue using us as guinea pigs for their science experiments? We’ve been abused for way too long, and all Puerto Ricans should stay woke 👀 they’re still after us
Peaceful And Violent Protests Today Versus Yesterday
19th century strikes that resulted in strikers being shot by police, housewives protesting the high price of food (1917), garbage workers refusing to haul garbage (1911), political prisoners in the U.S (1922), protesters against the passage of the ERA (Equal Rights Amendment, which would have guaranteed women equal rights - 1970's)... the United States has a long and diverse history of protests and strikes. Do you know about the following demonstrations? Test your knowledge of U.S. history, good and bad.

Warning: the photo on page two of the bomb victims from the 1908 anarchist riot in New York is gruesome.


HAPPENING NOW: Protest against Donald Trump in Roanoke, Virginia, July 25, 2016.

Photos by Bryan G. Pfeifer

Protest Donald Trump at the Hotel Roanoke & Conference Center. (Doors open at 1 p.m., Trump scheduled to speak at 4 p.m.). Gathering spot for those protesting Trump is at Wells Ave. NE & Williamson Rd. SE at 2 pm.

Donald Trump and and his Vice Presidential running mate Mike Pence are the racist enemies of all poor and working people. Both candidates attack women, the LGBTQ community, immigrants, Muslims and the Black Lives Matter Movement. And they don’t speak or care for white workers either. Trump is long known for attacking workers and their unions. Indiana Governor Pence, like Scott Walker in Wisconsin, has waged Jim Crow war on workers in Indiana with specific attacks on unions eviscerating many hard won worker protections and rights. Both candidates promote the privatization of public education and other public services.

Roanoke is a working class diverse city that needs union jobs and resources for our neighborhoods not the racist anti-worker hate and division that Trump and Pence are whipping up.

Join a diverse array of labor-community members to say NO to the bigotry of Trump and Pence!


Black women got in formation in Public Square to underline issues that really matter.
Open Letter to DNC Protesters: We Need a Revolution, Not Just a Third Party
Issued by the Moorehead/Lilly Workers World 2016 Election Campaign

Polls show that 60% of people in the U.S. voiced the need for a third party. Millions more mobilized by Sanders are now turning away from the Democratic Party and are open to new possibilities. Another poll of young people showed two-thirds were open to socialist ideas.

Since Sanders’ endorsement of Clinton, the Green Party’s Jill Stein has seen a rise in popularity. Stein’s political program represents many of the major reforms that Sanders fought for. But her program goes beyond Sanders in some ways, essentially addressing left-wing Democrats and those who have shunned the “undemocratic” party.

It’s likely that millions will vote for a progressive third party this year. No doubt, a progressive third party would be a historic step forward for the class struggle in the U.S. Many other third-party campaigns have been popular in the past, yet often their long-term vision of revolutionary change has been limited.

We believe that we need a revolution — a transformation of the economy, the political system, and all of society, where workers and communities control their future. While building an electoral third party is helpful, building a revolutionary organization, working with broad social movements and guided by a clear perspective to bring on that revolution, is fundamentally more powerful.
South Koreans protest U.S. missile system

By Lyn Neeley

“We oppose THAAD with our lives!” shouted thousands of angry south Korean farmers during a July 13 protest. The demonstration followed Washington’s July 8 announcement that it would deploy the anti-ballistic Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) system in the protesters’ county of Seongju by 2017.

Daily anti-THAAD protests have continued around the country. Local leaders in Seongju started a hunger strike and cut their fingers to write the words of the chant in their own blood. Some are refusing to send their children to school. The farmers vowed not to lose the land of their ancestors to THAAD.

“Behind the SJW Bullhorn” New cartoon

A lot of dirty tricks are being played by Hillary, the establishment Republicans, and globalist goons such as George Soros. He funds many of the leftist protestors including the young people who mindlessly attack Trump because he’s not polticially correct. Fortunately, there are also a lot of young people out there who support Trump. He could be the last, best hope to stop the tyranny that is the New World Order.

—Ben Garrison