So I posted this on my Facebook. I fully support gay marriage. The comment was left by my own father and yes he is serious. I love my father but he can be very ignorant sometimes. Besides, who are we to decide who has what rights and who does not. Everyone should have equal rights. It should not even be up for debate.

Protest against austerity, Quebec

My friend Margaux (skankatr0n) is planning a protest against austerity and hopefully inform people on both sides of the debate, and is hoping to get as many people involved as possible. But what is austerity?

As Margaux said, to simplify it is 

“The fact that the government is doing spending cuts to places that need it most, such as education, social programs and medicine, while big companies do not feel the pain of such spending cuts” 

“Quebec has one of the least expensive college tuition, but this is a matter of principle and general well being. It hopefully will help give a broader insight on the debate; it is understood that big companies do not face these cuts as it is a way to preserve an unjust capitalist society, and we, as the voice of a new generation, need to to make our society a better place and fight for those who need it most”

If you want to join the protest, message Margaux here and spread the word so your fellow Canadian followers can see the message!

Read the complete article at

Marine’s EPIC Sign Slaps Obama In The Face Over Bergdahl Swap

It’s no secret that former Army Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl deserted his brothers in arms before he was abducted while in Afghanistan, which is why so many people were outraged when Barack Obama brokered a deal with the terrorists who kidnapped him to get him back, and one Marin’s epic sign summarizes exa…

The skinhead look at white pride rallies really isn’t a good look

It sets you apart from the public you are trying to identify with. When I see Nationalists in Europe with normal haircuts, and normal everyday clothes, or even smart suits, they look much better. People can identify with them.

Skinheads with tattoos on their face and flight jackets stand out as different and thuggish and look like a different group to normal people. The image doesn’t work to attract supporters.

I‘m sure skinheads use that image to look tough, but they’re also intimidating to normal people, so people don’t want to associate with that.

Would you rather stand next to a scary skinhead or a normal looking guy in casual clothes?


The first video on Nessa and I’s YouTube channel! It’s a very short video, but it’s of the protest I attended in Indianapolis yesterday against the SB 101 bill. It’s of a group who were singing and playing music. :) sadly this was all the footage that I got, I forgot my camera. Feel free to give us a follow on this channel!


UPDATE: protesters marched to the spot where Martese Johnsons was arrested while chanting “If we don’t get it, shut it down”. The injuries and the stitches are clearly visible on Martese’s face. Thousands of people, mostly students, showed their support for him, after the horrible way he was “treated” (more like attacked) by the police while they arrested him for charges that are being proven wrong. The police were sent to shut down the rally. (source)