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Time travel au? Maybe with like Rose traveling through a portal from the future to warn them or sth? (Or disturbances like with Hixen Island)

WELL this piggybacks nicely onto that bad ending AU

Let’s say that the bad ending happens, but instead of just Lailah, let’s make it Lailah sacrificed herself, then Edna died trying to protect the group without the power of purification, then Mikleo fell to malevolence, and Sorey followed him. Dezel and Rose were the only ones still okay, and let’s say Dezel sacrifices himself so Rose can go back in time and warn them NOT TO TRY TO KILL HELDALF YET YOU LOSERS

Future Rose is desperate, she’s crushed and hurt and she lands in the middle of nowhere and has to hunt the party down. She manages to track them but not without earning the attention of Dezel, who recognizes her and is REALLY WEIRDED OUT because there are two Roses?

He warns the party that they’re being followed, but when they finally see future Rose they just all stop. And Rose is freaked out, and they all think it’s a trick, but Sorey agrees to hear the older, ragged, version of Rose out.

Rose tells her story, and no one knows what to do. Lailah remains rather stoic at the mention of her sacrifice, and so does Edna. Mikleo hears that he fell to malevolence and Sorey takes his hand, and Rose mentions that Sorey and Mikleo stayed together, not even causing any harm, they just turned their backs on the world entirely, and neither of them know how to feel about that. Rose really starts breaking down as she details Dezel’s sacrifice for her, their last-ditch efforts to change things.

They all decide they believe Rose’s story, or at the very least, there’s no reason to doubt it. They decide again that they need more information about Heldalf before they just up and attack him. Once they’ve made that decision, they realize they have no idea what to do with two Roses. The future Rose is pretty hurt, physically and mentally, but she wants to stay with them and make sure Maotelus gets his due.

[give me an au and i’ll give you headcanons about it]

me: *realizes that pidge is 14*

me:  why was this child in space training to begin with did they lie about their age to get in or is it somehow normal on earth to let preteens into official NASA-like school and like do the others on the team understand how young they are like most of the group are already pretty young but pidge probably isn’t even out of high school yet i mean can someone just pls protect this precious brave child 

So there’s this inferred plot point going around that when the crew realizes there ‘aren’t enough lifeboats’ (aka there’s a finite number of people they can save and it’s not everyone), decisions will have to be made about who gets a survival spot and how that will be determined. I’m really interested in how these decisions are going to be made, because there’s potential for an echo of the Culling where certain people decide to lay down their lives in order to ensure the survival of people they care about/give them a better chance. The Culling was such a traumatic and formative experience for both Kane and Bellamy, and after all their development I think Kane would campaign furiously against it, this time choosing to have hope that everyone can be saved. Bellamy, who destroyed the radio out of selfishness and inadvertently played a significant role in those deaths, is now the kind of person who would do anything – including laying down his own life – to protect the group at large.

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Team Jenny, sometimes known as the Officer Jenny Initiative, is based around the police officer character “Officer Jenny” from the Pokemon TV show.

Recently, with the release of Pokemon Go, we have seen an explosion in popularity leading to widespread usage and enjoyment that has led to a multitude of increases in physical, emotional, and social benefits for people around the world. Unfortunately, we have seen an equally fast increase in tragic events including accidents and crime relating to Pokemon Go gameplay.

Team Jenny seeks to help mitigate some of this negativity. While we are by no means a law organization and WILL adhere to all posted laws of our area, our goal is to look out for our other players, particularly those who might not be able to look out for themselves. We keep an eye out for younger players, make sure to report suspicious characters who might be looking to commit a crime, and generally just try to help out our community.

Anyone can be a “Jenny”. They just have to be willing to help those around them!

Want to be part of Team Jenny? Simply help keep an eye out for our fellow players who might not be able to do so for themselves.

This might include players young or old, or it might include individuals out to cause trouble or commit a crime. We aren’t vigilantes and we don’t take the law into our own hands, but we can certainly call the correct authorities and we can do our part to make our communities a little safer!

Last, but not least, Pokemon, Pokemon Go, and Officer Jenny are all properties of their respective owners. We do not own any of these characters but instead utilize them under the presumption of Fair Use legalities.

Reasons I Love Katsa

(spoilers? probably spoilers) ((vague spoilers))

  • she is raised to believe that she’s some inhuman killing machine, but despite that, she still manages to be a good person
  • she starts a group to protect victims of her uncle’s violent rule and becomes as revered in some circles as she is feared in others
  • her protective instinct for children, especially young girls
  • she goes out of her way in fact not just to protect young girls, but also to teach girls how to defend themselves
  • has zero tolerance for the male gaze, harassment, and objectification whether it’s directed at her or not, and is not afraid to call out male friends for it
  • she doesn’t want to get married in a society that doesn’t value women equally and positions wives subservient to their husbands, and she stands by that even when she falls in love
  • on that train of thought, chooses to fall in love and begin a relationship while never compromising her values or lying to Po
  • she dislikes dresses and traditional femininity but doesn’t judge women who feel differently
  • despite her opposition to marriage, when she is proposed to by a man who doesn’t understand or respect her, she still attempts to let him down easy
  • she dedicates everything she has to protecting a child who needs it despite not having any prior connection to the girl
  • is strong enough to fight mind control that no one else has been able to resist in order to protect her friends
  • overcomes a lifetime of being told she’s nothing but a murderer and begins to see her grace in a positive light
  • the entire reason everyone (including herself) thinks she’s a heartless killer is because she was harassed by an adult man when she was a child, and she realizes that she had the power to do something about that fear but others don’t. her entire life’s mission is based on this intense empathy she has for powerless girls.
  • I just love her. i love her so much she is so wonderful

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headcanons of the boys getting all jealous and protective of their girls?

personally, I don’t think the boys are very jealous since they all really love their girlfriends and wives and fiancees and are pretty secure in their relationships also I think they all really know their significant others can handle themselves so they aren’t that protective, but I’m sure they all have their moments!

  • cinder is honestly more protective of kai than he is of her, because of the reporters constantly around him BUT cinder now has plenty of attention being the lost princess from luna, and kai has become JUST as protective over her
    • hate groups start running awful programs and specials about her and about her being a cyborg and kai is just not having it at all
    • when they announce the engagement he’s like “this is my FIANCEE she is a CYBORG i LOVE HER.”
    • he’s protective of cinder by passing laws, getting things done, offering more protection to cyborgs. he’s protective of cinder by being proud of her and who she is.
  • jacin is more actually protective of winter because he’s always been, so it’s pretty hard to shake that habit. 
    • everyone knows about winter’s mental history, and when they’re doing work on luna someone always has to bring that up. “why should we listen to her? everyone knows the girls crazy.” 
    • jacin shuts it down every single time. “well, she has more sense than anyone here so maybe that’s why we should listen to her.”
    • jacin refuses to let anyone use winter’s mental history due to her own selflessness against her and basically is protective over her by shutting down anyone trying to be rude to her about it.
  • thorne isn’t necessarily jealous but when he notices some guy trying to hit on cress and cress being too shy/anxious to tell them off he comes over to do something about it
    • it’s not like a “no one can talk to my girl” think it’s more of a “no one can make cress uncomfortable because why are some men like this” 
    • he just comes over like “hey cress! i found that thing you asked me to look for let’s go see it” and cress has an opportunity to escape
  • wolf is just as protective over scarlet as she is over him. and they’re basically both protective over each other when it comes to people trying to get into their business
    • scarlet HATES reporters, so when they just crowd her or won’t leave her alone wolf just looks extra threatening and menacing because no one will believe scarlet that wolf is the most gentle giant in the world
    • he just tries to keep scarlet from being bothered by everyone who wants in her business, because he knows her comfort levels and he knows what she likes.

honestly?? pidge gunderson would not be ravenclaw they’re slytherin as hell

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NICONI EAT ALL THE INCOMING ASKS ABOUT KAYOCHIN DO NOT LET NYA SEE ANY OF IT. oh my god. y'all pls protect her shes very vulnerable rn just dont let her do anything stupid or destroy herself more than she already did until the case is solved pl ea s e

NICO: I know, but what do I do…!? She already saw Hanayo’s body…

RIN: Whoever did this better hope that Maki-chan and the others don’t find out who they are…! Because…! Because when they get here, I’m gonna…! I’m gonna…!

Rin’s cries were cut off when someone embraced her from behind.

NOZOMI: Rin-chan…

RIN: I-it’s not fair, Nozomi-chan…! I thought this was over…! But now Kayo-chin is…!

NOZOMI: … … …

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Have you noticed that black men mainly riot & March for looks/stereotypical black men that would be labeled as "thugs" "gangstas" & the getting no where in life, after being killed by white police officers? Like Alton sterling, Eric garner & Trayvon martin. Trayvon is a little more complex because he was a teen with a hoodie so you know how they label us thugs just for certain clothing. Had it been a gay black man, trans black man or a man like Jesse they would be silent.

I find it ironic because they pic apart the images of gay black men, trans black men, black women, and other groups in our community as a reason why we don’t deserve support and protection. Our groups are constantly bombarded with respectability politics because we’re not the “Right type” of victims. But cis hetero black male victims are never placed into these categories. It’s not the victims fault, they deserve their protection and love, but black men are extremely hypocritical and all about self because they dare you to criticize their images as into why they can’t be seen as human beings no matter what, but bash the hell out of non-respectable or conforming gay black men, trans black men, black women and others in our community. It’s not fair at all.

@bxmbsxaway gets a models thing bc i need iiittt

clarke crossed the room when she was done with another round of 
questions and selling herself to important other companies, and slipped 
in to place at monroe, her pa’s side. she gave the girl a soft smile. “how 
has it been going, mon? nobody giving you too much trouble?” 

Title IX

Title IX is one of the most significant laws in the protection of trans students throughout the United States. In states that have additional laws helping trans students, many of those laws clarify or build from the protections stated here.

Title IX is a federal law prohibiting sex discrimination in schools. Courts and the U.S. Departments of Justice and Education have concluded that discrimination because a person is transgender or gender non-conforming is illegal sex discrimination. Title IX applies to all schools (K-12 and post-secondary) that accept federal funds, including nearly all public schools. Complaints of discrimination or harassment can be filed with the U.S. Department of Education.

from the National Center for Transgender Equality website

However, Title IX doesn’t explicitly list transgender people as a protected group – the Obama administration has interpreted it that way. This reading has remained unchallenged for the most part, and a federal appeals court supported the interpretation in a ruling last month. But the policy is still vulnerable to political changes, especially as it comes months before a presidential election.

Now, the stance that transgender students are protected is being challenged. North Carolina recently passed a controversial law requiring people to use the bathrooms consistent with their “biological sex,” including in schools. The Department of Justice threatened to block implementation of the law; the state sued the federal government last week. The Justice Department then sued the state as well as public entities such as the University of North Carolina, alleging that they are violating Title IX.

from this article by the LA Times

*Cracks knuckles*

Get ready for some SU theories/headcanons based on the episodes so far.

-Rose alive? Or at least just her consciousness in another being. We saw Steven place his consciousness in Lars,So can it be safe to assume she could do the same and be alive somewhere? She gave up her physical form,not her consciousness.

-The diamonds launched the nukes. Its blast was like radiation, I guess,corrupting the gems. Roses’ shield/bubble was only strong enough to protect a small group.

-All this world building,and having beach city citizens have special episodes,could mean they do matter and aren’t filler and having us get attached to them. All I’m saying is. Gem destabilizers only work on gems so why not have a human army go up against them. Also it seem homeworld gems are easily stumped by human tech so why not.


im d one 

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NI are horrible for family planning. If they stay in the UK, the DUP, with a misogynist homophobic party line that fight very hard to take away rights of women and LGBT+, will have free reign to bring us even further back into the stone age. Another reason is that cultural heritage groups and sites in NI, eg the mummers and volunteers that upkeep neolithic sites, as well as environmental protection groups, were getting grants from the EU and are in a bucketload of trouble at the minute.

Would the DUP not still exist in NI if we united or how would that work at all?
I mean personally I’d like to maroon them on a very small island with nothing but a Monopoly board game and enough food for two people for a week, but ye’know.