There is no such thing as an ‘easy life.’ Everyone experiences different struggles; whether it’s emotional or physical, personal or social, controllable or uncontrollable. We all go through rough patches, battles, and moments when darkness seems to be the only way. However, we each have each other. We have constant support. These are the times when we must come together and help fight through the darkness that may be present. So look to your neighbours when needed, and reciprocate unconditional love. You are never alone, and will forever be protected by those around you.
—  Nicole Addison @thepowerwithin
Witchcraft 101: The Basics of Wards & Warding

I tried looking for some informative posts about wards and warding, and there are a few out there, but I thought ‘hey, why not bung all of the information you’ve gathered into a nice little post of your own!’, and thus, this post has come to be.

So, what are wards? Well - to put it simply - wards are a means of protection against negativity, negative energies and any form of ill-will that seeks to harm yourself, your loved ones or your home. They are a form of ‘psychokinetic shield’ if you want to use the fancy terminology, - a thing to deflect nasties. Wards can be cast on objects and items, in the home or a space that you want to protect, such as a workplace or communal space, or they can be cast in certain rooms. Some wards can be cast around the whole perimeter of an area - grounds included. 

When is the best time to cast these, wards you speak of? Well, my hard rockin’ friend, the short answer is this: whenever you feel is best. I find that whenever your home has been busy, or a high-traffic area, you may want to take down old wards and cast new ones, or perhaps after you’ve had a mad deep clean in your home. That works best for me, anyway!

Alright, Rowan you’ve got me hooked. Where do I start?

The first thing you need to do is cleanse
Cleansing is used in witchcraft all the time; we cleanse our tools and spaces often to make sure no residual energies or nastiness is in, on or around our stuff. It’s the same with wards and warding. When warding, you’re essentially creating a shield using energy and this is often done by visualising and forming a sort of… bubble. Cleansing any tools you plan on using and cleansing the space you intend on protecting (if this is your aim, of course) will wash away any left over energies or anything that you don’t want with the bounds of your ward(s).

You can cleanse using any of your preferred methods, such as smoke cleansing using incense, or by washing your area/tools/items in a charged water.

Right, so I’ve cleansed my things. Now what?

You’re clean, and you’re ready. Okay, cool beans. Let’s get down to business (to defeat, the Huns!).
You need to decided on just how you want to cast your wards as there are various ways and means of doing so. You don’t have to stick to just one - you’re more than welcome to dabble and to experiment, or use combinations of methods as long as it’s safe and suits your wants and needs.

I like using sigils and symbols! 

  1. So, you like sigils, do ya’? Me too! Sigils are a great way of establishing wards in and around the home. You can either choose a sigil that befits your intent, or craft your own - either is fine, and using incense smoke, oil blends or simply your finger and a little bit of visualization and a lot of focus on your intent, draw your sigils on the doors and windows of your home (primary access points), and on door frames and windowsills. If you’re creating wards for a property as a whole, you can engrave or draw sigils onto gates and fence posts too.

Incense floats my boat, Roe.

  1. Ah, good old incense. Now, bear in mind that sometimes using incense smoke may not be possible or appropriate, or perhaps you don’t do well with smoke - totally understandable, lots of people don’t. If this is the case, you can cast wards using water and oil blends instead! This can be done by putting the blend into a spray bottle and then by ‘spritzing’ your object or area.
  2. When you’re creating an oil blend or an incense, try your best to make sure that your protection herbs (rosemary, bay, cinnamon, salt, etc,.), are authentic because the magick is in your herbs!

A Quick Step-by-Step Guide to Incense Warding: 
Smoke or spray/spritz your item, if it is an item that you are warding. If it’s a room/building or space, you need to pick a place to start. If you are not drawn to any area in particular, then starting by your altar (if you are that way inclined!) or at a doorway, would be best.
*If you’re warding more than one floor, begin at the very top and work your way down.

Next, begin smoking/spritzing the room. You do this by moving clockwise around the room (to the right). As you do so, visualise the smoke or spray enveloping everything it touches; forming an impenetrable layer on all around you - a shield, if you will.
If you have problems with visualisation, then simply focus on your intent: protection, protection, protection. If you’re setting up specific wards, e.g., ones to stop bad spirits or fae, focus on that.

As you work, follow the layout of the space you are warding. Work from room to room. If you aim to set up a ward that protects an entire property, you may want to establish a perimeter. You do this by walking full circle, including the ground and gardens, if applicable.

What if I work better with energy, Roe?

  1. Then, my friend, the bubble/wall wards will work for you.
  2. Some people are naturally very good at working with energy and so this form of warding may work best for you, if you are one of those people. Using visualisation, take your object (if, again, that’s what you’re doing, if not and you’re warding a space, apply the following steps to the space you are working in), and channel your energy into it. Do this by envisioning, as best you can, a cord or light or a tendril of some form, coming from yourself and into the object. During this time, focus solely and intently on your intent. Put as much power as you can muster into this.
  3. If you are a proficient energy worker, you may be able to build a dome/wall/shield of energy that is capable of warding larger areas.

To add a little… oomph, to your wards, you may want to chant or add some vocal spell-work into the mix. If you do want to do this, you’ll need to find an applicable chant or create one of your own and then, as you walk through your space, you will need to repeat it over and over, keeping your intent in mind. As you cover you home, or space, you’ll need to speak it in each room you wish to protect!


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The blood… it was everywhere

Your eyes felt like cinderblocks: Dry. Heavy. Unmoving.

The blood; was it yours?

As you tried to move your body, you were met with a painful realization: you were laying in a pool of blood, and, as you tried to gather any scrap of information about your surroundings, you found yourself to be utterly immobile. You collected every fiber of your willpower to pry your eyes open just long enough to scan your approximate area. Your breathing quickened and you fidgeted in panic once you saw something vertically, fatally lodged in your abdomen.


Your figure remained a solid brick regardless of your willful attempts to budge even the slightest. You felt a strange presence of heat to the left of your body as a faint light danced out of the corner of your vision.

Fire. There’s a fire.

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Before you could open your eyes, the repetitive sound of a hospital monitor reverberated in your head, the monotonous drone of it quickly unsettling you.

Why am I-

The soft, yet unpleasant sound of metal screeching against metal caused you to force your eyelids open, presenting you with the blurry image of a male nurse making his way through the doorway with a small metal cart.

Your head jerked up, wincing at the bright intensity of the overhead lights as you examined the cramped hospital room you found yourself in.

“How are you feeling, miss?” The nurse’s words rang in your head, causing it to throb.

“I’m- I’m-” You struggled to get a single word out of your system as your throat contracted dryly.

The nurse pulled up alongside the hospital bed and began to fumble with the medical instruments that lay sprawled out on his cart. “It’s alright, your senses will come back to you slowly. The IV you have right now should help with the pain.”

An IV?

Glancing down, a thin tube that protruded from your forearm confirmed the nurse’s statement.

“What- how-… Why am I here?” You brought your other hand to your hair, scratching your head in confusion.

Turning your head back to face the nurse, your heart lept into your throat. Upon reexamination, the staff-member didn’t seem much like a typical staff-member at all.. As your vision began to focus itself, the nurse’s hulking biceps and rippling muscles told your nerves that this man was significantly over-qualified to be working as a medical assistant. Lifting your gaze, you noticed the beginnings of a sinister tattoo along the man’s neck, the extent of its length as well as the design was obscured by the green medical scrubs. You squinted your eyes, drifting your vision all over the man’s body to get a read on who exactly was in the room with you. As he turned around from his cart, your colored, exhausted eyes met his black, beady ones.

Something’s not right.

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From the National Park Service Press Release: National Park Service researchers monitored wolf population dynamics for 22 years (1993–2014) in order to assess how two large-scale wolf control programs, which had the primary goal of increasing the size of the Fortymile caribou herd, affected a wolf population located within the adjacent protected area of Yukon-Charley Rivers National Preserve. The study is one of only four in North America conducted for this length of time. •

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Fun Fact 73

Namibia was the first country to explicitly incorporate the protection of the environment into its constitution adopted in 1990. Over 19% of the country is made up of national parks and reserves with protected status.