In incidents across the country, reported misconduct by black girls at school prompts a seemingly disproportionate — and often violent — response by school and local authorities.

Columbia University law professor Kimberle Williams Crenshaw and her associates, Priscilla Ocen and Jyoti Nanda, set out to explain why in their study, Black Girls Matter: Pushed Out, Overpoliced and Underprotected.

Study: Black Girls Are Being Pushed Out of School

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I remember the first night I spent with you, you fell asleep first and you looked so handsome. I couldn’t stop staring at you. So many emotions were going through my head. You woke up a little and asked me what I was doing, then put your strong arm around me and you put my head on your chest and fell back asleep. In that moment I realized I was going to love you soon. Really soon. Almost too soon. And I was scared, but safe.
—  Excerpt from a book ill never write #9

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You’re in your bed, I’m in mine.
I’m in the wrong place.
Here I am laying in my bed,
Wishing I was in yours
Cuddled up in the protection of your arms
Where I can feel your warmth,
Hear your heart beating steadily,
You’d kiss my forehead
I’d feel your arms tighten around my body
And you’d whisper
I love you