Moneque - Atlanta, GA

Moneque: When I was young, about twelve, I seen my sister and mother smoking crack together. I seen the spot where they hid the pipe at. I went behind them after they left and tried it. I got hooked. I was sneaking doing drugs when I was twelve, all the way up to now. 

My sister used to get dressed up and put on makeup and go out when she was young, prostituting and all that . She had her first child at thirteen. So, I was trying to go with her all the time. Trying to be grown but I was too young and they wouldn’t let me go with her. But when I finally got up in age, I ran away from home and end up doing it myself and getting stuck on the streets. 

BW: How old were you when you started [as a sex worker]?

Moneque: Thirteen

BW: Did guys know you were that young?

Moneque: No. I wore makeup and grown clothes and I lied about my age. 

BW: What’s the hardest thing that’s happened on the street?

Moneque: Somebody actually took me way out to Six Flags and took me in the middle of the woods and told me to get on my knees. Told me I might as well say my prayers cause they was fixin’ to shoot me in the head. I started crying and they just left me in the middle of the woods and drove off. But, I thought they was gonna kill me…

BW: Have you ever been clean for any period of time? You started so young…

Moneque: Yeah I have. Actually I was married. I’m still married. I tried to get clean and stay clean. I look really skinny and bad probably right now but let me show you these pictures of me fat and plump and working and doing the right thing. You wouldn’t even know it’s me because the person… I look so beautiful in these pictures I can’t even believe it’s me. 

fuck y'all that don’t want to hear about women and children being trafficked and prostituted and abused in the sex industry.

fuck y'all that detach the harm and misery from such an experience by calling it “sex work”.

fuck y'all that only listen to the privileged few cam girls, high class escorts, sugar babies and porn stars that “love their jobs” and not the 91% that want to be out of the industry who are raped, attacked, murdered, drugged, addicted, pimped, homeless, starving or struggling to support themselves and their families.

you are not feminists if you only care about a few select women’s voices whose opinions you agree with and are comfortable accepting.
Iceland: the world's most feminist country
Iceland has just banned all strip clubs. Perhaps it's down to the lesbian prime minister, but this may just be the most female-friendly country on the planet
By Julie Bindel

This is sick…Iceland is “the first country in the world to ban stripping and lapdancing for feminist, rather than religious, reasons.” Sex work like stripping, which often employs poor and trafficked women, is not empowering as some might argue: it’s degrading and poses women as objects for sale. Kudos to Iceland for setting such a bold example.

“choice” is buying a burger because you’re hungry. “choice” is beginning to play a team sport to get healthy. “choice” is not entering prostitution because you’re 18 and been kicked out of home with no money and a drug addiction.
What's Current: Dutch driving instructors can legally offer lessons in exchange for sex - Feminist Current
Yet another disgusting result of legalizing prostitution, male driving instructors in Holland can now ask women pay them with sex in what’s been dubbed the “ride for ride” law. Muslim women urge people who wish to be allies NOT to wear the hijab in the name of interfaith solidarity. They state: “To us, the ‘hijab’ …

Thanks Holland now women and teenage girls have to worry about being propositioned for sex by their driving instructors.