Hades and Persephone- Part I

Prologue, Part I, Part II


It’s here! I’m going to try to post on Thursday nights. No promises they’ll always be on time because of work/school. But Thursdays are the goal.

I had a lot of technical difficulties with this. My home monitor is really crappy and the one I used at school is great… but it made the colors have a lot of inconsistencies. I’ll be getting a new monitor soon, so maybe I’ll come back to older chapters later and retouch them.


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Prolouge Part I Part II


Here’s the prologue to my version of Hades and Persephone 

didn’t get too creative with the title haha 

I’m very nervous to post it. I saw other artists do a much better job with the story, but I really didn’t want to give up all the work I did just because of that.

The first actual chapter will come out soon! I’m looking forward to sharing it!

I’ll probably post here and on Tapastic eventually, so if you like Tapastic’s layout better than tumblr’s, there will be that.

I will have to re-size all these pages because I wasn't thinking

Anonymous said: That last post for nini has me thinking. What she has a full blown affinity for magic but just never developed it due to more tangible interests. Can you imagine how solas would react?

solas is already in her shadows for the sake of the fade hand, if he found out she had latent magic she wasn’t using….



The Pantheon | Persephone, goddess of nature and queen of the Underworld.

The earth provides. And then takes your soul.

Proserpina, consort of Hades, the mixed daughter, harbinger of spring, mother of the dead, produces and destroys everything, the savior maiden, bringer of fruit.

“say what you want about sparkler, but he was the first one to get pina to laugh–really laugh, like she didn’t have to hold anything back for once. i’ll take that over some worried human rumour any day.”

best friends are extremely important