You know what I’m sick and tired of more than anything on this garbage dump of a website? How people are constantly spouting how much they care about mental illnesses, but when someone like me who has a mental illness that can lead to communication errors or statements that aren’t clear then you’re demonized and treated like the worst human being once you slip up. And when you try to explain this to people or try to clarify what you meant, they don’t listen or claim you’re making excuses or backtracking.

As someone on the autism spectrum, getting across what I mean is not easy. I’ve gotten help with this, but I still have problems. Not to mention that I always worry that someone will take what I’m saying and turn it around because I didn’t make something explicitly clear. And seeing all these people on tumblr claim they’re supportive of autistic people and people with mental illnesses only to turn around and attack those same people they claim to support and slander them because they didn’t get their point across just pisses me the fuck off.

Because just about every time someone has started discourse with me, or sent me anon hate, it’s been because I didn’t get across what I meant to say properly. The 1shimaru sexuality bullshit is the biggest example of this, all because I tried to share my headcanon but worded things awkwardly, I was harassed, stalked, falsely accused of being on a blog I have never been a part of, called homophobic and transphobic, had tons of hate mail sent to me, and god knows how many of those people still bitch about me on their blogs after I had to block them. Not just because I thought a character was straight, but because these people took so much issue with how I worded my post because I didn’t word things the way I meant to in my head. And a number of these people claim to be mentally ill or autistic which makes things even worse!

Hell, I got out of a abusive friendship a few months ago and one of the things she’d do is get on my case whenever I wasn’t 100% perfectly clear with my words, something I can’t do! And I tried to explain this to her many times and she never listened to me!

And the fact that callout culture and the like is so prevalent on tumblr means that if you are one of those people who’s not good with words and communication who slips up? These people will make sure to tear you down and ruin your reputation OVER MISTAKES IN WORDING! Not only is that extremely abusive behavior, it’s downright ableist and goes against everything these so called supportive users claim to be for or against! Am I perfect? No, I’m not! So why the fuck does tumblr continue to persist in this abusive, ableist behavior?

Because the bottom line is, these are issues mentally ill people and people on the autism spectrum such as myself have to deal with constantly. And I’ve never seen more ableist behavior than I have on here, a website that people claim is all for supporting those who have these issues. But then again, what can I expect from a website that outright shoots down self-care and recovery methods as being “neurotypical”, tries to lie about having serious mental illnesses just to be special, glorifies self-destructive behaviors such as doing nothing all day long, claims that self-diagnosis is a great method, and other similar ableist behaviors?

Stop trying to act like you support us when we don’t even meet your standards of being good people. Fuck off.

Top 10 things I love about Paranatural

10) It pokes fun at common cliches found everywhere in literature, but still handles them seriously and makes full use of them. After all, cliche doesn’t automatically equal bad. They’re popular for a reason. It also has no problem making fun of itself, which I adore.

9) The characters and their flaws are all portrayed very well, especially considering they’re children dealing with a variety of difficult and heavy things. Like showing that Isaac’s behavior towards Max is very unfair and unappreciated, despite Isaac’s circumstances, and I think that’s neat.

8) The characters are all multi-facted people and have a lot of sides that I’m sure we haven’t gotten to see yet. I’m excited for all the character development we’re going to see as the comic progresses!

7) This image and everything it stands for

6) Johnny getting called out recently on his behavior. While he’s a relatively harmless bully (though a bully nonetheless), he could have developed into much worse, and I look forward to seeing the inevitable changes in his behavior in the coming days. Redemption arc(?) go!

5) The attention to detail in this comic is phenomenal. It’s really all the little things that tie the comic together and make it as enjoyable as it is, like the characters’ clothes changing every day when they could just remain static. Or the fact that everyone that participated in Hitball were different, detailed characters when they could have just as easily have been lackluster background characters.

4) Seeing Zack’s art develop from the very beginning chapters to now. It’s just plain awesome to see how much he’s developed as an artist from chapter 1 to chapter 5. And the comic is always so pleasant to read AND look at.

oh, whoops that’s a little less than pleasant

There we go. Again, should I mention that I love all the attention to detail?

3) I love all the questions and mysteries. We’re still so close to the beginning of the comic and all of the ground work of an amazing story, and I am beyond excited for what the future holds. I mean, also a little impatient, I’ll admit, but that’s not going to stop me from waiting to see this to the end!

2) I love the Tumblr community that’s sprung out of this comic. It’s the one I probably try and interact with the most and every time I do, everyone is always so nice. I have made so many friends through Paranatural, had so many laughs, and felt connected every time Zack Morrison tried to rip our hearts out. While it’s certainly not perfect, I’m very happy to be a part of it.

1) Lastly, I love Zack Morrison. Platonically, of course, and mostly just respectfully. I love that he produces such a high quality, funny, and thoroughly enjoyable comic for absolutely free. And on such a consistent schedule, despite the occasional, understandable hiccups. I love all of the hard work he pours into Paranatural and that he’s just as apt to communicate and talk to us as we are to talk to him. Zack Morrison is easily the best thing about Paranatural.


Death doesn’t discriminate between the sinners and the saints: it takes, and it takes, and it takes.


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Never lose hope in Allah and His mercy. Make dua, repent today and never fear that your sins are greater than Allahs mercy because Allah forgives those who are sincere even if the sins reached the skies. May Allah forgive us all and guide us to the straight path, ameen.

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totally-on-munday asks

3. Which of your ships on this blog is the fluffiest?

i don’t know if it is considered fluffy a lot of the time (well maybe it is in its own way), but the ship we have together is definitely the most developed i have and it has truly stolen my heart.

5. Have you made lots of friends on this blog?

Yes! I have made lots of good friends whom I talk to heaps ones I don’t talk with that much but I still consider them my friend. To name a few of those I talk with frequently: @you, @ofdiscord, @nevrotoxic, @communistofzaun, and @oblivisms ! But, also all my partners who chat with me on and off. I cherish each and every one of them,  there are so many this would turn into a biased list if i listed you all c:

6. What’s the one thing you especially love about roleplaying your muse?

The Void and Mal’z has so much potental which is not fully realised and so I have so much i can play with a expand upon. What was the voice that whispered to him and then he spoke with upon his ‘rebirth’? What is the Void planning? What creatures lie within and what are they like? Who is Mal’z after his ‘rebirth’ and how has he changed? 

These are the ideas that drew me to him as a muse (besides his many-a-year as one of my mains) and they are what keeps me writing him. And the more i answer or Riot gives hints if I can’t help but dig myself in deeper.

9. Got any memorable threads on here? Care to mention a few?

Of course I do! Gosh I have so many threads in my time but here are just a few. I remember a lot of my earliest threads with @silvestreaelurus and the interesting ‘friendship’ they had going. I remember one where Mal’z was teaching her to read and write and times where they would just sit and have conversations. Those were such sweet and calm threads.

I will never, ever forget my thread with @fxlgurkinesis which basically was a modern / crack au based around the magical girl genre which predicted the ‘plot’ of the star guardians when we only had the original skin. Never forget school friends L.ux and Mal’z who were also magical girl/boys. 10/10.

I am also a sucker for the threads I have going with @relentlesspower​. I don’t know how old a thread is meant to be before it is considered memorable but I know this one will be. And same with what I have planned with @voidvexedAND OF COURSE, all of our snippets writing together. I love reading through the older interactions and seeing the progression of my own muse and then their relationship ^^