Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

 ”He who removes from a believer one of his difficulties of this world, Allah will remove one of his troubles on the Day of Resurrection; and he who relieves a person in a crisis, Allah will make things easy for him on the Day of Resurrection; he who covers up (the faults and sins) of a Muslim, Allah will cover up (his faults and sins) in this world and in the Hereafter. Allah supports His slave as long as the slave is supportive of his brother… “ 

[Reported by Muslim]

In Saheeh al-Bukhari (2222) and Saheeh Muslim (155), it is narrated that Abu Hurayrah (may Allah be pleased with him) said: The Messenger of Allah (blessings and peace of Allah be upon him) said:

“By the One in Whose hand is my soul, soon the son of Maryam will descend among you as a just judge; he will break the cross, kill the pigs and abolish the jizyah, and wealth will become so abundant that no one will accept it.”

Ibn Battaal (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

The reason for breaking the cross and killing the pigs is because they are part of the religion of the Christians who are fabricators and transgressors. Hence the Prophet told us that ‘Eesa (peace be upon him) will change what they attributed to him, as Muhammad changed it and told them that they were following falsehood in that regard. This indicates that ‘Eesa will come to confirm the corrections introduced by the law of Muhammad, and will judge with justice between people.

End quote from Sharh Saheeh al-Bukhari, by Ibn Battaal, 6/604 

An-Nawawi (may Allah have mercy on him) said:

This indicates we should object to evil deeds and remove them, and remove the symbols of evil, and killing the pigs comes under this heading. It is also indicative of the view favoured by our madhhab and that of the majority, which is that if we find a pig in non-Muslim lands or elsewhere, and we are able to kill it, we should kill it; and it proves false the odd opinion held by some of our companions and others, who said that pigs should be left alone if they are not causing any harm.

End quote from Sharh Muslim, 11/221

If you’re HURT by people, who share the same blood as you,
…remember Yusuf (alaihis-salaam), who was betrayed by his own brothers.

If you find your PARENTS opposing you,
….remember Ibrahim (alaihis-salaam), whose father helped build the idols.

If you’re STUCK with a problem where there’s no way out,
….remember Yunus (alaihis-salaam) stuck in the belly of a whale.

If you’re ill & your body cries with PAIN,
….remember Ayoob (alaihis-salaam) who was more ill than you.

If someone SLANDERS you,
….remember Ai’sha (radhi allahu anha) who was slandered throughout the city.

If you’re LONELY,
….recall Aadam (alaihis-salaam) who was created alone.

If you CAN’T SEE any LOGIC around you,
…think of Nuh (alaihis-salaam) who built an ark without questioning.

If you are MOCKED by your own relatives;
… think of Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alaihi wasallam)

Let’s take a lesson of patience & perseverance from them, in’sha’Allah!

Allahu Akbar!

When you feel lonely, recall how Adam (as) felt when he was sent to this earth alone.

When you can’t see any logic in what’s going on, and questions arise, recall Nūḥ (as) who built the biggest ship on dry land without questioning.

When you find your parents opposing you (in dīn), recall Ibrāhīm (as) who was thrown into a blazing fire by his father.

When you are hurt by your own, recall Yūsuf (as) who was betrayed by his own brothers.

When you are ill and your whole body cries with pain, recall Ayyūb (as) who was so sick that insects would eat from his sick decaying body.

When you’re stuck, and cannot find a way out, recall Yūnus (as) who was stuck inside the belly of a whale.

When you’re mocked, abused, and taunted by your own, just because you adopted dīn over dunyā, recall Muḥammad (saw) who faced much worse.

تُنْكَحُ المَرْأَةُ ِأَرْبَعٍ: لِمَالِهَا وَلِحَسَبِهَا وَجَمَالِهَا وَلِدِينِهَا، فَاظْفَرْ بِذَاتِ الدِّينِ، تَرِبَتْ يَدَاكَ

A woman is married for four reasons: her money, her family, her beauty and her Religion. Be victorious by marrying the religious one, or else you will be ruined.

—  Prophet MuHammad, peace be upon him

An-Nabi Sayyidina Muhammad SAW bersabda, “Aku adalah Ahmad tanpa mim (m)”. Ahmad tanpa mim (m) akan berarti ahad (Esa), yg merupakan sifat Allah yg sangat unik. Mim yg merupakan simbol personafikasi dan manifestasi Allah dlm diri Sayyidina Muhammad pd hakekatnya adlh bayangan Ahad yg ada di alam semesta. Mim adlh wasilah antara makhluk dengan Khaliqnya. Mim adlh jembatan yg menghubungkan para Keka

sih Allah dgn Sang Kekasih yg mutlak.

Dengan kata lain Sayyidina Muhammad adlh mediator antara makhluk dengan Allah SWT. Dialah mazhar al-Haq atau tempat kebenaran dan realitas Allah menampak didunia ini. Dialah Dhohirnya Allah di tengah makhluk-makhluk-Nya. Dialah aktivitas Allah yg dpt dilihat manusia dengan matanya, karena Allah SWT sendiri tak dapat dilihat .

Duhai Rosul Allah, Dengan Allah aku berbicara melalui tabirmu Denganmu tidak, Dialah Batinku, Dikaulah Zahirku.

Sayyidina Muhammad benar-benar berfungsi “mim” yg “membumikan” Allah dlm kehidupan manusia. Dialah “Zahir”nya Allah, Beliaulah yg memberikan syafaat, pertolongan dan rekomendasi antara makhluk dgn Tuhannya. Ketika anda ingin merasakan kehadiran Allah dlm diri anda, hadirkan Sayyidina Muhammad. Ketika anda ingin disapa oleh Allah, sapalah Sayyidina Muhammad. Ketika anda ingin dicintai Allah, cintailah Sayyidina Muhammad. Qul inkuntum tuhibbunallah fat tabi’uni yuhbibkumullah, “Apabila kalian cinta kpd Allah maka ikutilah aku (Sayyidina Muhammad) kelak Allah akan cinta kpd kalian.”

Kepada orang seperti inilah kita diwajibkan cinta, berkorban dan bermohon utk selalu bersamanya, di dunia dan akhirat. Sebab seperti kata Nabi, “Setiap orang akan senantiasa bersama orang yg dicintainya.”