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16. Written 12/5/16 for mermaids_feet, in response to the prompt: Homestuck, Any, Frogs.

questionably intelligent design (150 words)

“You know,” Jade said with a slightly distracted air as they watched Bilious Slick junior arrow toward its destiny, “I’m still not sure why it’s frogs all the way down; I mean, yeah, they lay a lot of eggs and there’s the metamorphosis symbolism, and they look very pretty in those big globes with the lily pads, but there must be better animals from a self-defense and general toughness standpoint, not to mention ones that take a more active interest in raising their young, which you’d think might be relevant from a universe-propagation standpoint – and you don’t even have to sacrifice the ‘lays lots of eggs’ factor very much to get those benefits.”

“I confess zoology of the non-cryptid type was never my strong point,” Rose said, “but you sound like you have a specific alternate animal in mind; why not enlighten us as to its name?”

“Well, I was thinking maybe alligators.”

Things to consider

I seem to have opened up some dialogue on fandom and fiction. This is not just about BSD/skk but in general.

Scenario: you come across a fic that may be questionable. Ask yourself what the contents are.

Are you OK with a man who corners a woman, drugs her, captures her, ties her up to his bed naked, abuses her and leaves for hours?

Yes? Because it’s a work of fiction? Okay. That’s totally valid. Do you believe the work should BE LABELED as possible non consensual (rape), and abusive? I sure hope so. Because the first step to stop rape culture and the propagation of abusive harmful behavior as NORMAL, is to RECOGNIZE things for what they are.

Labeling also serves another purpose that’s very important: it says to people “I recognize these things I wrote are harmful behaviors and I don’t want people to think this is normal and OK”

Now as a final thing to think about, in the above scenario, if the above man was Dazai, and the woman was Chuya, are you OK with it? I only mention this because it came out in discussions I had with people. Why are we imposing outdated abusive patriarchal roles on our ships? Well, some people seem to like it, and if you do, that’s fine because its your fantasy.

For myself and others, we have same sex ships specifically because we want to see a relationship where gender roles (real or imposed onto two same sex people) do not have a play in the interactions and relationships. And that’s the dialogue that I hope to bring into people’s awareness.

Est-ce que vous pouvez comprendre que j'ai une vie en dehors de ça ? Que je fais des études où je me casse la gueule ? Que j'ai une famille qui me rabaisse, ça se passe mal quand j'y vais, je me prends que des remarques. Je me sens bien nulle part. Et en plus de ça, ça va pas. Et vous voyez j'ai tellement d'ondes négatives que je veux pas en propager. Je veux pas être constamment en train de me plaindre comme je sais si bien le faire. Le soir je finis mes les cours à 18h. Je passe ensuite 4h à essayer de comprendre, et à bosser mes cours pour le lendemain. Mais j'y arrive pas. Je me démène, je donne tout, je dors même pas la nuit.

Alors excusez-moi de pas savoir contrôler ma vie, d'être loin de vous, de pas vous parler. Mais ça va pas, ça va pas et je gère rien du tout, je suis pas capable.

Novel silicon etching technique crafts 3-D gradient refractive index micro-optics

A multi-institutional research collaboration has created a novel approach for fabricating three-dimensional micro-optics through the shape-defined formation of porous silicon (PSi), with broad impacts in integrated optoelectronics, imaging, and photovoltaics.

Working with colleagues at Stanford and The Dow Chemical Company, researchers at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign fabricated 3-D birefringent gradient refractive index (GRIN) micro-optics by electrochemically etching preformed Si micro-structures, like square columns, PSi structures with defined refractive index profiles.

“The emergence and growth of transformation optics over the past decade has revitalized interest in using GRIN optics to control light propagation,” explained Paul Braun, the Ivan Racheff Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Illinois. “In this work, we have figured out how to couple the starting shape of the silicon micro-structure and the etch conditions to realize a unique set of desirable optical qualities. For example, these elements exhibit novel polarization-dependent optical functions, including splitting and focusing, expanding the use of porous silicon for a wide range of integrated photonics applications.

"The key is that the optical properties are a function of the etch current,” Braun said. “If you change the etch current, you change the refractive index. We also think that the fact that we can create the structures in silicon is important, as silicon is important for photovoltaic, imaging, and integrated optics applications.

Read more.

Today my friend and I were told by a group of guys that it’s “inappropriate” for her to wear a sports bra in our dorm’s common room because it’s almost a “place of business”. Yeah, a place of business were those same guys come back drunk basically everyday, a place of business where those guys talk about sex all the time, and sometimes border on propagating rape culture. Let’s be honest, all those boys wanted to do was shame my friend into thinking she HAD to cover her body. They had no real reason behind their claim except a “discomfort” they couldn’t define. Those guys hackled her, and if she were their type non of this would have ever happened. 

- Female, 17, NC

How to make succulent babies!

Step 1: Pick leaves
Gently twist the leaf near the base, it should snap off the plant cleanly. Good cuttings will be slightly rounded at the ends, and have no ‘open’ wound:

Bad cuttings will not grow, you need to make sure the whole leaf comes off in one go. Bad leaves are jagged, torn, or cut:

Step 2: Lay all cuttings inside on a piece of cloth.
I usually put a piece of old scrap material down on my desk and lie all the leaves out in rows. I try not to pile up the leaves, as this tends to promote rot. Do not water at all. AKA no misting the leaves, no watering the leaves, nothing. Everything the baby succulent needs to grow is stored in the mother leaf, watering may rot the leaf before the new plant is big enough to survive on its own! Make sure the leaves aren’t in direct sun, as they will wither before they form new plants. Filtered light from a window is strong enough!

Step 3: Waiting
After about 4 weeks you will start to see the first signs of life. The leaf may send out roots first, it may start to grow with no roots. Both are okay! 

Step 4: Planting (Start watering once a week at this stage)
After 6-8 weeks the baby succulents will be big enough to plant outside! I do this by placing the leaves on top of loose, sandy soil that has not been compacted. I do not bother burying the leaves, as it tends to do more harm than good (you may snap roots/damage new shoots in the process):

I place all the plants together, they don’t really seem to mind! These is how they look after about 10 weeks:

When the plants are big enough, the mother leaf will shrivel up and start to die off:

TADA! You’ve created baby succulents :)

April 23rd {18/100}

Day 18 of my 100 days of productivity! Today was another biology-heavy day. I spent most of my time re-writing my in-class notes and making sure that I actually understand all of the concepts. I was tackling nerve impulse propagation. As you can see, the notes I take in class are really rough and unorganised, all written in the same color and just general not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever. I wanted to show you guys that good looking notes, always started out as messy ones. 


Did some succulent propagating today! One of the pots with leaf cuttings are from a month ago.. Wanted to try it out before I started to cut up the entire plant (poor thing?). Now that they have grown some pretty roots, I was confident enough to do so. Let’s hope these baby’s are gonna be pretty little succulent plants! Not sure if all the forgotten leafs I collected from garden centers will be able to grow roots or a new plant, but it’s worth a try, right? 


October 11, 2015 - Three months’ worth of succulent propagation later… some parent leaves out of my 100+ propagating leaves have started to shrivel so I spent this lovely Sunday morning transplanting them into their own pots.

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