Now introducing, Moana- Glow in the dark Heart of Te Fiti replicas! They’re in limited supply until after the holidays, so snag yours quick!

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Kingdom Hearts

Y'know I was gonna write a story of how I got to this point, but sometimes it’s nice to just look at the pictures and remember the past, look to the future.

Oathkeeper - Sleeping Lion

Star Seeker - Bond of Flame

Hero’s crest - Way to Dawn

Hidden Dragon - Brightcrest

Pumpkinhead - Kingdom Key

Skull Noise - Kingdom Key D

Axel’s Chakrams - Young Xehanort’s Key



Young Xehanort’s keyblade v3 primed!

As promised, here are the pictures of the keyblade primed with carving finished. There are one or two spots that I’ll go over with high grit sandpaper once it completely dries. I’ll put on the white primer tomorrow before I go to work so I can spraypaint it without the gray showing through.

What do you think?


And finally for my dearest Lavellan, to whom I promised something special. A proposal. Will you marry me?