I had a blast building and decorating my entry to @redhotchilisimblrs 2nd replica challenge today. I managed to do it all in one sitting, mostly because I was home alone and decided that the whole afternoon would be purely for simming! ^_^ 

I’ve named this lot Lorentz Bungalow. I decided to build it in Forgotten Hollow and it’s value landed on §77 300. It’s completely cc-free!

Lorentz is the name of my grandpa on my father’s side. He’s 89 years old this year and unfortunately he doesn’t remember much of anything these days. He was a carpenter when he was younger and he built the brick house that my father and his brothers grew up in. He loved gardening too which seemed fitting when this build required a vegetable garden. He always grew tomatoes and potatoes! Grandma and grandpa had the best raspberries and my brother and I spent many summer days playing in their garden. 

My grandpa on my mother’s side was also a carpenter actually and both he and Lorentz were very proud of me getting my architect degree last year. I feel very blessed to have had them all my life and I love them both dearly. ♥


Here’s my entry for @redhotchilisimblr Replica challenge.

I got off to a great start - I started last sunday.. but then adulting was required and I had to rush it tonight +_+

Mine is called Walter’s Nook.

I never got to meet him, but throughout his life, he was a butcher (cut off his finger too), a factory boss and an amateur boxer.

There is a large living space, a small tv room, a large kitchen and a man cave with a bar and a punching bag.

Many men tend to ask me, “Why do you care about how you look?”

I don’t mean to offend you males but I don’t think you guys understand how hard it is to be a woman in this society. If you do understand, then props to you, but I’m asking you all to just listen to what I have to say. You guys believe that we women tend to overcomplicate everything, whether it applies to relationships, friendships, or appearances. This is extremely true but only because we have to care about how we look and how we handle situations. It’s very easy to say “be unique” or “dress the way you want to dress” but you don’t tend to fully understand how damn impossible that is. We have to wear clothes that show the right amount of skin but not too much otherwise we’re known as sluts, whores, ugly, or even fat. It doesn’t matter if this is completely false, those labels will stick with us no matter how hard we try to dispose of them. We wear makeup because our natural faces are considered hideous, and no matter how many times you say we’re beautiful the way we are, we feel as if we aren’t. It seems like women are in constant competition with each other trying to prove who can fit in the best or who’s the prettiest, and while there are millions of women who are supportive, deep inside, we’re just a bit jealous. I can’t even explain how many women strive for bigger boobs and butts because we’re looked down upon for not being “thick” enough. We’ve fought so damn hard for equality and we’re still waiting for that day but it’s become so impossible because you guys keep craving more than we can ever give! Do you see children these days? Little girls lean towards makeup to try to be pretty! Yeah, it’s kind of fun to dress up, but that’s no longer the case. It honestly feels like women were only created to please men and the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach. Year by year, the standards keep piling on and on and on. It’s become so hard to keep up. Every year, more women are starving themselves, cutting themselves, killing themselves! I am aware that you men suffer through the same problems as we do and I am aware that this is coming to be a bit sexist of me, but I’m just so tired of having men ask me why I care about my appearance. The definition of “slut” and “whore” used to be a woman who slept with countless men. It then shifted to a woman who showed “too much” skin, but now, the definition has turned into a woman who has made a mistake. Not even a mistake, I can’t even describe the definition. Women who fall for somebody’s partner are considered sluts. Women who just like a simple photo of someone’s partner are considered sluts. Women who wear too much makeup (more so at a young age) are considered sluts. Women who are wearing clothes that show cleavage are considered as sluts. Now, this does not apply to all women. It applies to women who aren’t popular or women who don’t “fit in”. Maybe this doesn’t apply everywhere, but it definitely applies to where I live. This isn’t really your fault… I guess this is just how the world works. Anytime you men see a beautiful woman, that’s all you really see. You don’t see the pain it took to achieve that kind of beauty. The hours it took to perfect the makeup, the hours it took to put together the outfit. We really have come a long way and I’m so proud of the women who no longer care about the calories they consume or how they look, but the amount of women who are affected by society’s standards vastly outweigh those who aren’t. I fear to see what standards come next and what our future daughters and granddaughters will have to endure. I’m praying that it will get easier, but I don’t think it ever will. So if you have read this far, remember what I said before you ask a woman why they care about how they look. It’s not because we want to, but because we have to. There are so many of other things that I did not mention, far more painful things, but this seems to be the most common one.

Like I said, this has come to be a bit sexist of me. I know that some men go through these hardships too. Maybe you guys have it just as bad. We all hide our fears of society and its standards. I fail to understand why we have created these complications for another. Aren’t you tired of living this way?

—  To all the men out there who ask us women, “Why do you care about how you look?”

From design to costume: the Czech non-replica Hannibal Slavegirl

The Czech costumes were designed by Roman Solc. I adore the style seen in his sketches, and I also think they translated very well into the finished stage costumes. For the most, anyway. Still, it’s interesting to see the changes done.

The Slavegirl costume in the design has a full bodice rather than bare midriff, and there’s also both a backdrape attached to the arm as well as a front tab that was cut. But the skirt with apron and the various armbands (not worn by Christine, but by the other ballerinas) are very recognizable, as is the ornamental tiara. I love the stage costumes, but I suspect I would have loved them even more with the full corseted bodice seen in the design.

i think i’ve now upload all the entries for the replica challenge #2. they’re all so beautiful ! seriously. i looked at each pictures really closely and you guys are so smart and imaginative !

some of your lots even gave me ideas for future lots and taught me things about the game itself! while comparing all the creations, i realize how our personalities could came through our builds. it’s crazy. same house as a base, but totally different interpretations.

anyway, if i miss your participation it wasn’t on purpose. tumblr tends to don’t show up everything… it’s really annoying. send me a message asap so i can reblog your creation !

i’ll be right back with my entry. i’ll just take a bubble bath in the mean time.



Decided to enter this amazing challenge by @redhotchilisimblr​. I think I did well, and this time I did it without CC, which Im proud of myself^^


This house is called Luciano’s Corner. I built it in Newcrest and its priced at

§85 797 and as I said Its CC-Free!. *Thank you @allisas for the little idea of a sun room, I really liked that! <3*

Luciano, which is a portuguese name, is the name of my grandparent on my father’s side. He is 78 years old and sadly, he doesnt have much mobility as he did before and some problems such as not remembering things sometimes but thats the way life works… He works in his garden trying to keep him occupaded and sometimes he comes to visit us, which is good :D When I younger I would spend a lot of time in his house, in the countryside, specially during the summer holidays. I just loved staying there and helping him in his garden :D I still remember the milk with sugar he used to made before i went to bed…